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Carly Fiorina Quotes

Cara Carleton

Carly Fiorina quotes: the ex Hewlett-Packard CEO schools us.

“Love what you do, or don’t do it.  Don’t make a choice of any kind, whether in career or in life, just because it pleases others or because it ranks high on someone else’s scale of achievement.  Make the choice to do something because it engages your heart as well as your mind.  Make the choice because it engages all of you.”

“Courage is not the absence of fear; courage is acting in spite of fear.”

“Choose to be brave and to keep moving forward.  Don’t let your options paralyze you.”

“Human potential is the only limitless resource we have in this world.”

“All that matters is, how big do you want to dream, and how hard do you want to work?”

“You have to master not only the art of listening to your head, you must also master listening to your heart and listening to your gut.”

“Everyone truly does have God-given gifts.  Find them and use them, and don’t let anyone else tell you that you are less than who you are.”

“When you challenge other people’s ideas of who or how you should be, they may try to diminish and disgrace you.  It can happen in small ways in hidden places, or in big ways on a world stage.  You can spend a lifetime resenting the tests, angry about the slights and the injustices.  Or, you can rise above it.”

“Whatever the consequences of staying true to yourself, they’re much less than the consequences of selling your soul.”

“The difference between people who succeed and people who fail, I think, in many cases – it’s not fear.  Everyone experiences fear.  The difference is what do you do with your fear.  Do you work to overcome it or do you let it defeat you?  And I think that is actually what distinguishes very successful people from others.”

“Do not be afraid to make decisions, do not be afraid to make mistakes.”

“We cannot always choose the hurdles we overcome, but we can choose how we overcome them.”

“Any work that’s worth doing has its challenges as well as its opportunities.  That’s true if you’re running a business.”

“I come from a world where accountability and accomplishments matter, and where titles and rhetoric take a back seat to results.”

“Ultimately, strong branding is not just a promise to our customers, to our partners, to our shareholders, and to our communities; it is also a promise to ourselves.  In that sense, it is about using a brand as a beacon, as a compass, for determining the right actions, for staying the course, for evolving a culture, for inspiring a company to reach its full potential.”

“People’s ideas and fears can make them small but they cannot make you small.  People’s prejudices can diminish them but they cannot diminish you.  Small-minded people can think they determine your worth.  But only you can determine your worth.”

“Leadership comes in small acts as well as bold strokes.”

“The hard truth about leadership and success is that it can never be taken for granted.  It must always be invested in.”

“The highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential of others.”

“Distilling truth from overwhelming amounts of information is the essence of leadership.”

“If someone believes they are limited by their gender, race or background, they will become more limited.”

“The data is clear: if you give a woman an opportunity, she will make a huge difference.”

“So what will define greatness for your generation?  I believe it is to use the knowledge that you have earned here to find ways, not only to connect to computers, but to connect to people; not only to bridge gaps in science, but to bridge gaps between cultures; not only to use numbers and formulas to create, but to use words to lead, and in the process, to close that canyon between ignorance and understanding.”

“The pace of change is so great, there is always something else going on.  What that says to me is that you have to have strategic vision and peripheral vision.  Strategic vision is the ability to look ahead and peripheral vision is the ability to look around, and both are important.”

“This world is clearly emerging before our eyes.  The shifts ahead, the opportunities ahead… are massive.”

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

“Teaching entrepreneurship, innovation, risk-taking, and imagination comes with local control, and we have to maintain this in our school system.”

“My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled.”

“When you don’t respond to bad behavior, you get more of it.”

“If you have a line of business… I know this as a CEO… or if you have a teenager… I know this as a parent… who have a spending problem… what do you do?  You quit giving them money.”

“The truth is, I was afraid the day I walked into Stanford.  And I was afraid the day I walked out.”

“I started out typing and filing and answering the phones for a little nine-person firm.  And that nine-person firm gave me my chance to find my own way.”

“Had anyone told me that I was going to have a career in business, I would have said, ‘No way.'”

“A feminist is a woman who lives the life she chooses and uses all her God-given gifts.  And always remember that a leader is not born, but made.  Choose leadership.”

“Once I dive in, I dive in all the way.”

“Life is not measured in time, but in love, contribution, and grace.”

“I have been tested.  My faith has been tested.  I have battled breast cancer.  I have buried a child.  Through it all, the love of my family and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ has seen me through.  And on this journey my family and my faith will see me through as well. I will not falter, and I will not shrink from this fight.”

“I’ve traveled around the world.”

“My story is the American story.”

“What I have said to people is that I’ve lived the American dream, because I have.”

“The truth is, I’m proud of the life I’ve lived so far, and though I’ve made my share of mistakes, I have no regrets.”

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