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John Fogerty Quotes

John Cameron Fogerty

John Fogerty quotes: CCR founder sets down the gee-tar to school us.

“Sometimes I think life is just a rodeo – the trick is to ride and make it to the bell.”

“I’ve always felt that with true talent, and a commitment to hard work, it is possible to achieve an enduring respect and appreciation.”

“I’ve long ago learned that if an idea will stand on its own, it’ll stand having the light shone on it.  But if you shine light on it and it kind of withers, then it probably wasn’t a very good idea.”

“Sometimes you get an opportunity that’s just too cool to turn down, no matter how difficult or inconvenient it might be.”

“I’ve always thought you’re supposed to take care of yourself and bring yourself up by your bootstraps.  I think that’s my parents’ generation teaching me.  But the idea that we’re obligated to our fellow is certainly ingrained in me.”

“I have loved music my whole life and have been amazed at the healing power of music.”

“But I think beautiful is simple and elegant, like a ballad with simple harmony.”

“I’m much more energetic now; you might say live performance is my mission.”

“I’m like a 22 year old kid in a new band trying to get noticed and break through, because the vast majority of people have never seen me play live.”

“I’ve also become much more the musician I’ve always wanted to be.”

“As a child I didn’t wish to grow up and be a lawyer.  I wanted to be a musician.  It was frustrating and even embarrassing to be part of such a non-musical three ring circus.  I am very happy now and hardly ever think about that stuff but as Yogi (Berra) said, ‘It ain’t over, till it’s over.'”

“I practice really hard, every day.  I started that about 13 or 14 years ago; it’s a discipline now.  But the writing is a whole other thing.  It’ll come from handling a guitar, mostly; thinking up little guitar riffs.  I was born and raised a rock ‘n’ roll guy, and that’s the rock ‘n’ roll ethic, at least through my experience.”

“To me it was a competition.  Why would I go to all this trouble and only sell one record to my mom?  I wasn’t embarrassed that I was ambitious.  We wanted to be the best we could be.”

“There were times that I thank my lucky stars that I just did what I felt in my heart should be the music that defines me.”

“As a songwriter, I try not to be sloppy; same with the music.  You can be very lean, very efficient, so you’re not wasting a lot of time getting to the point.  You’re saying it with as pure a word or phrase as you can.  That’s the part that was craft.  You refine and refine and refine.  Maybe that’s why the songs still hang on, because they’re very pure.  For one thing, they’re very short.  ‘Bad Moon Rising’ is like two minutes and 12 seconds.  I would try to do everything as quickly and with as little extra as possible.  It was a challenge.”

“I forced myself to write songs.  It became a habit with me.  Once I got that mindset going, I wrote a whole lot of songs in a really short period of time.”

“Whenever I had an inspiration, I’d find a napkin or crayon and tried to write it down.  It was kind of hit or miss.  I thought I needed a notebook, and I got a small binder and wrote my ideas in it.  I decided it was going to be my song titles book.  The first song title I wrote in that thing was ‘Proud Mary.’  I had no idea what it meant at the time.”

“That’s the thing about this wonderful, mystical part of songwriting – you don’t realize it’s there, but it is there, and when it’s right, it shakes you and shocks you and you know immediately.”

“For me, writing songs was life and death.  It’s a phrase I used a lot throughout my life to explain how I felt as a fan and also as an artist.  I realized that we didn’t have all the other things successful bands had, meaning a manager, a big label and a big bankroll behind us.  When you are lying in bed alone with your thoughts, it’s a time when you can be really honest with yourself.  That was kind of my challenge – we had to be the very best – whatever that is.  I think it was that obsessiveness that I absolutely couldn’t rest because if I stopped flapping my wings, I was going to fall to the earth and crash and burn.”

“When you’re not writing for a while, you remember that you’re a musician… and you’re not really working.  Then you start working on writing these songs and there is a lot of anxiety about finding good stuff.  It’s just daunting until, if you’re lucky, you come up with something that’s good.  You don’t get there without going through that realization that what you’re doing right now is not very good and then forcing yourself to keep working.  I go through the same stuff every single time.  It just blows my mind that it has to work like that, at least for me.”

“I feel happy about the songs I’ve written.  I’m a great lover of the craft of songwriting, and I sure admire it in other people when I see it – past and present.  I feel comfortable with what I have accomplished.  I feel happy to be able to work in that environment, and that I have a lot of songs left to be written, somewhere.”

“I think at times the very strong feelings I have about my country coincide with my musical ability, and I’m able to actually turn it into music, a song, or even – hopefully – a memorable song, sometimes.  You may find it surprising, but I’m a very intense, proud American.  I love being an American.”

“Aside from playing music, I love being with my family.  I get the most joy in life from being with my family.”

“I’m very thankful to have been able to speak about my life at some length and to be able to express how I feel.  I’m humbly thankful that there was this human being that loved me and was able to get me out of the morass and quicksand that I was in.”

“When I’m standing at the Pearly Gates, I want to say to God, ‘Don’t look at the records.  Look at my family.  I’m much prouder about that part.'”

“I am a very happy man.  That is my secret.  I am so lucky to have Julie (that’s my beautiful wife) in my life.  The love we have shared together and with the family we have raised is the best tonic in the world.  PS, I run six miles a day.”

“There’s no way to overstate how cool this is.”

“I can’t believe… 50 years.  It has been quite a ride.”

“Other people want a career or success because they think that will help them find their personal life somewhere.  I’ve done it the other way around.  What I have is what everybody else is looking for.  I know I’ve got it made.  I know I’m a very lucky man.  That came first.  Then the music and the career just kind of took care of themselves.”

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