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Andy Frisella Quotes

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Andy Frisella quotes: 1st Phorm phenom’s coolest quotes.

“I’m a regular dude who made a daily list of critical tasks that needed to get done, and I did them.”

“People win.  People lose.  And both experiences serve very important purposes for your journey.  Opting out of the competition is no different than opting into being a loser.”

“In nature you are born a grizzly bear or a rodent and that’s that.  Deal with it.”

“Real success is not defined by what you accomplish.  It is defined by what you are helping others accomplish.”

“Make sure the people who bet against you lose.”

“Your mind and focus are far more powerful than you could ever possibly comprehend.  What you think about, dream about, talk about, and focus on will become your life.  This is a fact.”

“Instead of thinking how hard your journey is, think how great your story will be.”

“Don’t let the constant pursuit of, and drive for success, keep you from appreciating and being grateful for what you have right now.”

“Inside every self-made man is a poor kid who followed his dreams.”

“It’s not luck, it’s not magic, it’s not circumstances.  It’s developing a great plan and executing on it, day in and day out, until the vision in your head becomes your reality.”

“Honest gratitude for what you have is one of the biggest accelerators for future success.”

“Lots of people wanting everything and doing nothing.”

“Usually the resistance you perceive to be from external sources is actually you being an asshole to yourself inside your own head.  Don’t be an asshole to yourself.”

“Every day is a win or a loss.”

“You can’t cut down a tree with one swing of the axe.”

“Negativity is an amazing fuel for success when you know how to harness it.”

“I see so many people get demolished because they start believing their own news clippings about how great they are.  I can only speak for myself, but I know I’m not great.”

“Being a leader who lets sh*t slide… isn’t being a leader at all.”

“Now what?  Are you going to run and cry like a little b*tch and blame everyone?  Or are you going to take a deep breath, think, act, and move forward?”

“The reason people don’t succeed is because they don’t do the work.”

“Things to never budge on: your work ethic; your quality of work; your attention to detail; your integrity; your morals; your drive; treating your employees and people who help you like gold; treating your customers like gold.”

“Put your head down for the next 10 years and get yourself a Lamborghini or two.  You’ll feel better.”

“Don’t even let that second place sh*t touch your skin.  Losing is contagious.”

“Don’t worry about the people who aren’t happy for you.  They are probably miserable f*cks anyway.”

“The problem with society is nobody drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore.”

“You are the only one who can stop you.”

“This is about legacy.  This is about service.  This is about giving far more than you take.  This is about inspiring the warrior attitude and taking responsibility for your life.  This is about picking each other up.”

“Nothing great is given; it’s earned.”

“Here is a fact: life isn’t f*cking fair.  Some people do have it easier.  Your circumstances may be more difficult.  So what?  That’s reality.  Put on your big boy pants, stop being a little delicate flower, and deal with it.”

“You are in competition whether you asked to be or not.”

“I’m not saying you have to work 24/7/365 with no sleep like some of these other clowns preach.  A drink with your buddies here and there is important.  But be aware of time and how it compounds good actions and bad ones.”

“Perfection is a fairy tale.  It’s a highly-polished story featuring fake, manufactured ‘images’ of people sold to us that don’t actually exist.  That story is what drives insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of fulfillment, and ultimately, regret.  The only thing you can be is you.  And if you want to build a great life, each day should be spent progressing, learning, and working toward the best version of you.”

“A PhD in success costs nothing more than being willing to fail.”

“Every single day is a new opportunity to show the world that you will not be defeated.  You will not cower.  You will not sulk in self pity.  You will not quit.  You will fight.  You will work.  You will battle to be the best you possible.”

“Easy never pays well.”

“Be brave enough to go after what you really want.  Be strong enough to pick people up and bring them with you.”

“You deserve exactly what you have in life.  If your life is amazing, it’s a result of your actions.  You deserve it.  If your life blows big donkey d*ck, it’s a result of your actions.  You deserve it.  Period.  Want a different life?  Draw a f*cking line in the sand and stop tolerating what you have been – from yourself, from your family, from your ‘friends,’ from the environment you’ve created.  Draw that line in the sand and never look back.”

“Big dreams don’t cost any more than little ones.”

“Be thankful for your beatings and the scars they leave.  Because those scars left, and lessons learned, will teach us, harden us, prepare us, guide us, and ultimately, define us.”

“Getting in the game and getting your ass beat a few times is how you get better.”

“The hardest balance is being realistic with time frame while still being aggressive with your actions.  Aggressive patience is the skill you need to master.”

“For me, success is more than just the empire I’m building, the money I’m making, or the brands and businesses I own.  Success is raising two kids who will do good in this world.”

“The only thing relevant to your success is your actions.”

“If you took the time and effort you spent looking for the easy, quick, overnight success… and instead spent it on being the absolute best at what you do, you’d be wealthy by now.  Or at least well on your way.”

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