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Simon Fuller Quotes

Simon Fuller Entrepreneur

Simon Fuller quotes: the American Idol creator’s best quotes.

“I want to build a new company and do great things.  I don’t want to run somebody else’s company.”

“If it were up to me, I’d rather create things that last long-term, but my thrill comes from reflecting on what’s going on now.”

“I understand popular entertainment better than anyone.  I want to have the world’s number one tennis player, the hottest movie, the biggest artist.”

“I do believe there is an opportunity to do things differently and see what a revamped next generation American Idol might look like.”

“It’s like anything.  You take ingredients, you mix them together, you turn around, you cook it, and you hope it tastes good at the end of the day.  But I don’t think there are any guarantees anymore.”

“I want it to be known for embracing so many fundamental elements of entertainment: live, competitive, interactive, that ‘sporting’ notion, the reality of getting to know real regular people who have dreams, the soap opera of the judges and contestants, the celebration of music.  And also that a television show could be a real, physical event.  I just want it to be remembered for being innovative, pioneering – and maybe the most successful TV show of all time.  It would just be nice for people to recognize that.  I just want it to be a show where people think, ‘That was a part of my life.  I sat with my grandparents and watched it.  Fifteen years of my life was American Idol.'”

“I knew I had something special with the Spice Girls because at that time there was a definite feeling of female empowerment and I felt they could be something important and so I was already thinking they could be huge all over the world.  At the time, in England, pop music was actually not flourishing and girl groups were unheard of and everyone thought I was crazy for having one.  It all worked perfectly and we had huge success.”

“I am obsessed by having success in America because it is the holy grail as the most important entertainment center on Earth.  I knew that to make it in America you really had to commit and spend huge amounts of time here.  I made a decision to not even go after America with the Spice Girls, which was unusual at the time.  We became so huge all over the world that we went straight to number one in America the moment we arrived and we really didn’t have to do much.  It was a phenomenon.”

“I kind of always follow my instincts and my passion, so there will always be music in everything I do.  The music industry is my first love.  I have recently become very drawn to virtual reality.”

“Music unites people.  Whether you’re five or you’re 55 or 85, the musical tastes of the world are more aligned than they ever have been.  There was a time when what a teenager liked would be polar opposite to what their parents would like.  That’s not the case anymore.”

“I think we can reinvent the entertainment business as we know it through virtual reality.  It applies to almost everything. For me, as a creator, it gives me the opportunity to rethink things in exciting ways.”

“I will be taking Victoria Beckham’s fashion business to the next level, I am also working with one of the greatest Paris designers of all time on another venture.  She is now a legitimate fashion designer and her company is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and there is no stopping her.  She will be without any doubt one of the world’s greatest designers.”

“And finally music.  Music is my first love.  It crosses all borders, everybody relates to it and dancing.  That’s what gets me excited.  I believe so much in music.”

“I love new ideas and coming up with things like an exciting new show.”

“There’s plenty of opportunities to be very interactive.”

“I’m about empowering people and making their dreams come true.”

“When you have such huge success everyone wants to copy and make their own version and ultimately that will be the death of the format.”

“What angers us in another person is more often than not an unhealed aspect of ourselves.  If we had already resolved that particular issue, we would not be irritated by its reflection back to us.”

“One of the secrets to our marriage is we are very rarely apart.  We are lucky enough to have houses all over the world, so when we travel, we can still have a home life.  It never feels like I am traveling for work.”

“Really, it’s just that I avoid interviews because I’m a chatterbox and love talking, so I have to be restrained.”

“But you can’t always be popular.  Critics probably don’t like me because I’m so nice.  I’m incredibly articulate, thoughtful and moral, and I think about what I do.  I want to be known for doing something good.  I’m not f*cked-up enough to want to be famous for doing bad things.”

“My business is creating fame and celebrity, and I’m one of the best in the world.  I know it to the finest detail.  I reflect what’s out there, and if there’s a demand for something, I recognize it.  I don’t think I’m crass.  I stand by everything I do.”

“I get to be my own man.”

“Partnering talent, creating change, empowering dreams.”

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