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Future Top QuotesFuture quotes: Hendrix’s hottest quotes.

“Life is good. Always just setting that example and showing and proving that your dreams can come true.”

“Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.”

“It’s all about being consistent, staying consistent. Keep having that drive. I know some people lose their drive amid the expectations of everyone around you and everyone’s expectations of you. Being able to just level up each time around. You just have the keep that drive, and stay hungry and stay ambitious.”

“Just take time, really. You got to have patience.”

“I had to maximize my craft, get up off my ass.”

“You want to create your own path, no matter what situation you’re in.”

“You gotta do sh*t your way. Do what you feel in your heart. If you feel it’s right in your heart, it’s gonna work.”

“Best advice is probably just to do everything at your time. But at the same time, if you’re already doing it right, just be a master of timing. Get things done sooner if you want to get to the next level.”

“Take some good from my way, add it to your way, and make your legacy and moments different. Every career is different, and everybody has a different outcome and how they want their career to be, and different goals that they set. It might not have worked for you, but it did for me. I won’t shy away from it, I’ll just take the good and add it to my campaign and try to find a way to make it work.”

“Collaboration is just about feeding off of each other’s energy and level of competition and creativity. I like to create, and bounce off each other’s ideas, and having that partner that you gel well together with. Y’all bounce off each other’s ideas, and make each other better and sharpen each other’s skills.”

“It’s good when you’re accepted, no matter what crowd. That’s the first step of believing you can do whatever you feel like putting your mind to.”

“You strive to get to this point. You don’t just wake up and be like, okay, that’s how it’s gonna go. You gotta live in the moment, for a minute. You have to observe and sit back and you calculate every step, but at the same time, you just never get lost in who you are. Just make sure you stay yourself at all times. And doing that, you always find out a different purpose or a different way to seize the moment and make things work to your advantage. Even when things are going wrong, you try and make things work to your advantage. Shedding a positive light, that’s what it’s really all about.”

“You don’t question magic.”

“You got to live and learn and make mistakes to be a man.”

“Every mistake you make allows you to be honest because what’s in the dark will come to light, so it’s better to be truthful about it.”

“I like to express myself through the clothes that I wear. I’ve always been into fashion since I was a kid. I love fashion. I appreciate it. I just enjoy dressing up and getting all the new sneakers and all the hot exclusive clothes; I did even when I was young.”

“It’s about being creative and drawing on who you are when you wake up, and expressing yourself through fashion.”

“I take a little bit from everybody and add that to my life to make me, me. I wanna be nobody else but Future. When you look at me, I want you to say, ‘Future.’ The way I talk, the way I dress, there’s nobody in the world but me.”

“I’m just really a free spirit. You gotta be like that. ‘Cause life ain’t that complicated. It’s only that complicated when you make it that way. I just wanna wake up and move with the way it goes. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.”

Rihanna takes risks, and I love a woman who takes risks. It just goes to show you have your own mind and your own way of thinking.”

“Don’t matter if you’re rich, poor or whatever, you just want to be able to have your own experiences in life and listen and learn from other people.”

“I was probably 15 when I started going to the studio with the older cats in my neighborhood. They heard me rap outside one time; I was just freestyling. And they invited me to the studio.”

“You get inspiration from craziest places. It’s just about being creative. You gotta step outside that box, you know what I’m saying, to reach the people. You never know who can feel it; who it can connect to.”

“At times, I think, ‘What would I rather be doing than music?’ That’s what you have to ask yourself, if you feel like you need to be somewhere else. But there’s nothing else I want to do more than music. That’s why I stay in the booth.”

“I wanna make my imprint in the game as far as music—hip-hop, and just music, period. ‘Cause I come from hip-hop, that’s my background, but I’m not gonna let that limit me from where I can go.”

“I am still achieving goals that I have set for myself. And if they give me too much credit now, it ain’t gonna be fair ’cause I am constantly finding ways to evolve and I feel like sometimes you can speak too soon and I don’t want nobody to speak too soon and then curse me. So, just let me work. I understand and I recognize it, but at the end of the day, I am still achieving certain goals that I set out for myself and that’s how I look at it.”

“I want my money to be different. I’m not trying to have rapper money. My goal is to be able to get everything from the world that I can get.”

“I ain’t giving up on myself.”

“I want to keep doing what I’m doing and see how far I can go. See when it stops. See what the end is like. I want to make this moment last as long as I can make it.”

“Older people always tell me that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“My hard work finally catching up with perfect timing.”

“I want to let little kids know that no matter what situation they come up in, that they’re not exempt from success. All I ever wanted was for people to believe in me and just recognize my potential. I came, I struggled, I made it, I conquered.”

“Sometimes it’s like a fairy tale. It’s a myth. You dream this sh*t—it’s a dream, that’s why you’re supposed to dream it. It’s not really going to happen in your life. You’re just supposed to dream it. But now kids can be able to see, this can be my reality. Like, I can actually do this. I can actually live my dreams that I was thinking about last night. The car I was dreaming about, the lifestyle I was dreaming about, I can actually live this life. I see this person. I see my home. I see my cousin doing this. This was a dream of his and he actually living everything he dreamed about, even more. It gives you a sense of hope. It gives hope.”

“I’m always a fan of good business moves.”

“I don’t read blogs. I’m living the life they’re writing about. So why read about it?”

“Don’t ask for a million dollars. Ask for the stuff that’ll get you a million dollars: your health, your brain, your sanity, wisdom. Prepare me for when I do get that million. Make sure I don’t go crazy, make sure I help my family.”

“My sister wants a Rollie. When I buy one now, I gotta buy like five, ten. It’s crazy.”

“I’m an entrepreneur. This is my life. This my career. This the way I eat.”

“I like being on the water cruising along the Pacific Ocean on my 125-foot, $15 million dollar yacht, the Harley G. It’s so peaceful. You get a chance to see so far in the sea. I always envisioned that that’s how far you can go in life, as far as you can see. You can’t even see how far the sea stretches, but at the end of the day that’s how you want to think. You want to think beyond anyone’s furthest imagination.”

Life Is Good album is about life and being good and just enjoying life. So many tragedies and catastrophes and everything is going on in the world. And you want to enjoy life, as long as you have it. Waking up, breathing, well, you want to be able to soak it all up and be appreciative for every moment on this earth, every moment that you’re living.”

“Mentally, life is good, it’s just a state of mind. I want to send a positive message through hard times for me or anyone else. Just always have that saying ‘life is good’ and you can always reflect back on it. You know, cheer yourself up and put yourself in a better mood.”

“You wonder: are you working and it’s hard or are you working too hard? Or have you worked too hard and you don’t accomplish everything you want during your lifetime or was it worth it? Should you have made another adjustment to balance it all out? To still get the family time in as well as being completely captivated in your gift, working every day, just creating a better life for everyone around you. Sometimes you can get lost in that and not find that time for yourself or that time for family. Always trying to build on it and build every opportunity.”

“I know I haven’t always done things the right way. I’m just trying to reflect on how to make myself better, how to become a better man, a better father, a better person, a better artist.”

“You got one life to live. So I’m living it the way I want to live it.”

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