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Randy Paul Gage Quotes

Randy Paul Gage

Randy Paul Gage quotes: Mr. Multilevel Marketing’s top quotes.

“You don’t create your future. You create your daily habits, and they create your future.”

“You create your own story. And you can change the plot line any time you want.”

“The greatest discovery in history is learning that we can alter our destiny, by changing our mindset.”

“To unleash your power, start believing in your power.”

“It’s scary to push yourself to the extreme limits of your potential. The only thing more terrifying, is not doing it.”

“Build a dream so compelling it pulls you towards it.”

“The cost of living your dreams is high. But it’s a lot cheaper than living a life of mediocrity.”

“If you don’t invest in yourself, it’s probably a pretty bad investment for anyone else.”

“When you’re working towards your dreams, you never get tired.”

“Will beats skill. How bad do you want it?”

“All matter is quantified thought, manifested by the thoughts you give precedence to. It is your dominant thoughts that determine your destiny.”

“Your imagination is the movie trailer for your future, so nurture it always. Logic will get you to the next level, but only imagination will take you to the level you really want to find.”

“See past old limitations and envision new opportunities.”

“There is no random. Your life is the harvest of your thoughts. Life is ever changing, dynamic and full of possibilities. And your results come from the thoughts you give precedence to. Instead of letting thoughts ‘happen,’ you must be mindful, becoming the thinker of the thought.”

“You’re not poor because you don’t have money. You’re poor if you don’t have a dream.”

“Build your own dream instead of borrowing the dreams of others.”

“When you make your dream bigger, it makes you bigger.”

“Whether in athletic training, career or life, your strength is determined by the resistance you are willing to challenge.”

“Take possession of your own mind. Direct it toward a goal. Keep away from negative influences until you achieve it.”

“Surround yourself with people who dream bigger than you do.”

“Showing your authentic self to others carries great risk. Do it anyway.”

“The will to become gives you the power to create. Nurture them both.”

“Your prosperity will only grow as fast as you do.”

“To manifest prosperity, you have to redefine yourself from a recipient to a co-creator. You have to stop looking for opportunities to present themselves and start creating them.”

“You must be willing to let go of who you have been, to become who you are meant to be.”

“Success in life is determined by your ability to transmute defeats, challenges and mistakes into learning opportunities.”

“Success never goes on sale. Be willing to pay the market price.”

“Success without duplication is merely future failure in disguise.”

“Lasting success is never the result of chance or luck. It is always created by mindful thinking.”

“You may think pain is a barricade to success, but it’s usually a bridge.”

“The path to success is about turning occasional positive actions into daily habits.”

“Don’t wait for the situation to change before you act. Change the situation with your action.”

“The challenges on your path are actually the path.”

“When you think you know what the limitation is, you’ve just become the limitation.”

“The most difficult limitations to overcome are the false ones you’ve created in your mind.”

“Achieving goals doesn’t make you happy. It is the vision, and working toward them that brings real joy to your life.”

“If you refuse to set a bold goal for your financial future, you’re really setting a goal anyway: to keep things the way they are.”

“For every person seeking greatness, there are hundreds more charged with safeguarding mediocrity. If you want to be wealthy, stop taking financial advice from broke people.”

“The wall that protects you from rejection also keeps out love and success. Accept your abundance.”

“Embrace your greatest challenges. If you don’t face them, no one will ever know what you are capable of. Not even you.”

“Only two ways to solve a challenge. Change it, or change yourself to overcome it.”

“You don’t conquer challenges to reach the land of no challenges. You overcome them to prepare for the next, greater challenge.”

“Every challenge you face will define you or develop you.”

“Do what you fear and the fear will die.”

“Failure isn’t losing; failure is mediocrity.”

“People think that the opposite of success is failure, but it’s not. Failure is part of the process of success.”

“Be grateful to pay the cost, for there is no better teacher.”

“Only acknowledge your limitations for the purpose of overcoming them.”

“Don’t be scared by new ideas. Be scared by old ones that have expired.”

“Messing with a good thing is risky. But that’s where the breakthroughs are.”

“The next time your core beliefs are challenged, try being curious instead of furious.”

“The most important resources you will ever have are your mind and your mindset. You must protect them at all costs.”

“Release what no longer serves you to create a space for that which does. And yes, sometimes this even means people.”

“Habits, beliefs and even people: release those that don’t make you better.”

“If you want to be a thought leader, market leader or change the world, you have to give up the need to be liked. Telling people what they want to hear makes you popular. Telling people what they need to hear makes you relevant, empowering and significant. Don’t pander to the masses. Speak to the people you really want to reach and be honest. Challenge them to do more and become better. And know that if you’re not attracting some haters, you’re probably not doing something significant.”

“The Rules: don’t defend the work. The work is the work. Don’t debate the work. The work is the work. Don’t feed the trolls. Some people come from different agendas and want to attack the motives for the work or the artist who did the work. Never get drawn into that, because there is the road to endless distractions. Do defend and debate the ideas in the work. That’s when things get really interesting. Do allow people to challenge your beliefs. That’s where the best breakthroughs live. Don’t allow people to challenge your confidence. You have enough self-doubt already, you don’t need to collect any more. Tell your truth as you know it and let it stand. Don’t try to please everybody. In fact, do the opposite: try to piss some people off, because if you did, then you’re probably doing something challenging, something fresh and something relevant. These then are my rules. For me. You set your rules. But they’re for you.”

“Let go of the need to be liked. Successful people threaten mediocrity.”

“Believe it or not, your company, and even the industry, is not the opportunity. You are. Your company and network marketing are simply the vehicles that allow you to express your own inherent opportunity.”

“Hang out with a group of good people and you will increase their number.”

“You are being programmed all day, every day. You can’t stop it, but you can determine if the programming is positive or negative.”

“Nothing will infect you with a negative view of the world faster than hanging around people with harmful belief systems.”

“When you get negative people out of your life, negative things stop happening to you.”

“If you hold on to the negative, there is no room for the positive to come into your life.”

“Haters and negative people don’t prevent you from reaching enlightenment. They’re part of the process to getting there.”

“Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because they don’t have the guts to do what you’re doing.”

“Just as a gardener must tend his or her plot, keeping out the weeds, you must tend the garden of your mind, weeding out the thoughts of lack, limitation, and negativity. You must nurture and tend the thoughts of happiness, success, and purpose.”

“Little by little, in subtle ways, you get programmed. You create beliefs that get cemented in your personality. You don’t realize you are doing this, but you are. Your core, foundational beliefs about relationships, money, and success will all be programmed into you by the time you are 10 years old.”

“No one ever had a breakthrough in their comfort zone before, and you won’t be the first.”

“If you start with answers, you usually end up with questions. If you start with questions, you usually end up with answers.”

“We work on ourselves not for fame, money or power. Do the work to become your highest self, and then good things follow.”

“Wealth is created from creating value.”

“What most people would call a money shortage, is usually an idea shortage.”

“Bills are simply invoices for blessings you’ve already received. Pay them with gratitude and circulate prosperity.”

“The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.”

“Money at its very essence is energy, which can be attracted or repelled.”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness. But neither does poverty.”

“Poverty is not the absence of money and material things; it is a mindset.”

“The energy money possesses is neither good or evil. Its power comes from how you use it.”

“If everyone had their own happiness as a foundational value, and acted on principles that enabled them to be truly happy, what a wonderful world it would be!”

“A smile can’t be bought, sold, or borrowed. It develops value only when it is given away.”

“Happiness doesn’t come from money and material things, but from the self-expression they can offer you.”

“Have a peaceful soul, a grateful heart and a restless vision.”

“Live this day (and every day) with anticipation, wonder and gratitude.”

“Your life will be long enough. Provided you use it the right way.”

“You’re only going to get one shot at today. Make the most of it.”

“Celebrate the now, and you will live your life in peace, harmony and joy.”

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