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Garrison Wynn Quotes

Garrison Wynn Speaker

Garrison Wynn quotes: motivation and education by the professional speaker.

“Don’t limit yourself to your dreams. How would you know what you’re capable of? Focus on your strengths and see where they take you.”

“If you don’t have personal goals, you’re controlled by those who do.”

“Connecting to your passion is being you, but better.”

“The key to career success is doing very little of what you do badly and a lot of what you do well.”

“If you are willing to do what you have to do, you are much more likely to get what you’ve always wanted.”

“Anyone who tells you there’s a prepackaged, one-size-fits-all formula for success is full of sh*t, not secrets. It wasn’t always tremendous hard work that put someone on top. It wasn’t always that they knew more than everyone else or far outshined the competition. Sometimes it was as simple as being viewed as really approachable.”

“So if there’s a ‘secret’ to success, it really is that we need to take advantage of advantages. We need to be willing to use our personal advantage without thinking we’re somehow fighting unfairly. Because the truth is that life isn’t really fair, and you need an awareness of your advantages to be able to rise to the top in this unfair fight. If you are honest with yourself, you may come to realize that all you ever wanted in life was an unfair advantage!”

“No one wants to tell you that the reason they’re doing so well is because their mom helped them! But that’s exactly what happened in Bill Gates’ case. If his mom had not served on a board with an IBM executive, you would not be using the software you are now.”

“First, you’ve got to know your strengths. Take stock of what you’ve got going for you. We all have innate advantages or abilities. Some people have a unique look that makes them memorable. Some are great communicators. Some are born into a pedigree that gives them certain connections or advantages that other people would have to work to establish. It’s not immoral or unethical to put those things to work for you! If those abilities or advantages can get your foot in the door, they’ve earned you the chance to let your other skills and experience carry you forward and upward.”

“A second essential piece to becoming more successful is knowing how others perceive you. You might have certain skills and abilities that should make you a contender in your chosen field, but if the people around you don’t perceive you as a good fit in the role you’ve chosen, you’ll struggle to succeed.”

“You’ve got to be willing to take that close look at yourself and assess yourself with a healthy dose of realism, and you’ve then got to be willing to use what you’ve learned to set yourself apart. That can be some pretty hard work! The good news is there’s no better time: it’s something you can get started on this week, this month, this year.”

“Achieving success might very well come down to who you know. But for the best odds, the best person to know well is you.”

“The first step to taking action often requires that you get honest with yourself about your laziness.”

“Circumstances do not create the quality of your life. Don’t listen to people who try to tell you that your circumstances determine your future. Destiny is something you create.”

“Goals are like the gas in your car: you may go in many different directions after you fill up, but without the gas you are not going anywhere.”

“Action and adaptability create opportunity.”

“Don’t let the opinions of others define who you are. Take them into consideration, make adjustments if necessary and then go be you!”

“People with far less intelligence, opportunity and education than you have had great success. So… what are you waiting for?”

“Failure is just one phase in the creation of great success. Move through it with the best attitude possible and prepare to win.”

“If you have never failed it is impossible to feel the true joy of success. A win is very often built on the foundation of a loss.”

“If you want to make sure that your feelings of failure are always temporary, then dedicate your life to never giving up.”

“If you can’t manage the future, you don’t have a future.”

“Knowledge is not power; implementation is power.”

“Positive thinking is not enough. Accept that life has obstacles and then plan a path around them as you keep the faith.”

“Don’t let your negative thoughts stop your positive actions. Real confidence only shows up after you actually do something.”

“Taking positive actions is the cure for negative thoughts.”

“Opening yourself up to the possibility of success allows your negative thoughts to help you identify the obstacles.”

“A positive attitude is not always easy to acquire. So, when you get one, you might want to hang on to it… for the rest of your life.”

“Satisfaction may be the goal of the average person; but it is the enemy of greatness.”

“True wisdom is reached when you have made so many mistakes there is nothing left to do but succeed!”

“The best way to guarantee a successful future is to focus on what has to be done today. Build your tomorrow by living in the now!”

“Never delay the things that have to be done. If you know you’ll regret not doing it, do it right now! Most regret is avoidable.”

“Starting over may not be very easy; but it’s a lot easier than living with the knowledge that you never gave yourself a second chance.”

“If risk is the key factor to success and really smart people avoid it, you might not be dumb enough to succeed!”

“Most of us forget the basics and wonder why the specifics don’t work.”

“If you really love what you do, you need less rest to do it well. So it makes sense that being grateful for your job can give you energy.”

“If life keeps giving you lemons, it’s probably because you keep hanging out in the fruit section. Change creates opportunity.”

“Change is an action, not just an epiphany!”

“Fear is a survival tool, not a handicap.”

“When the pain of what we are going through becomes greater than the fear of change… we change.”

“A manager during change is like a sea captain: they need to get their ship together.”

“Being miserable is optional. There is always someone far less fortunate than you with a much better attitude.”

“To get rid of anger you can change the situation or change how you think about the situation.”

“Anger management is being upset in an appropriate way.”

“The value of being silent: I never miss an opportunity to say nothing.”

“The easiest way to maintain happiness is to lower your expectations of other people and raise them of yourself!”

“Companies are not driven by vision; they are driven by great leaders. Be one and the vision shows up!”

“An organization will always be propelled by the talent and performance of its people. Getting great results comes directly from turning talent into performance.”

“Trying to change for others does not work very well. The way to make change really stick is to do for yourself.”

“We are what we repeatedly do but we can be perceived by what we repeatedly say.”

“People can’t give what they were never exposed to. Treat people the way you want them to treat others!”

“I cannot tolerate my bad behavior in another person for 10 seconds.”

“The key to being able to communicate and benefit from each other is to truly see your own value. That will allow you to see it more clearly in others.”

“When you focus on how people feel about what they are saying, you increase the level of true concern you have for others. You actually start to become the person you thought you were pretending to be: a true leader!”

“The definition of leadership is someone following someone because they want to and not because they have to.”

“Helping people develop their own brilliance is much more effective than giving them yours.”

“Practice makes polish and polish makes money.”

“People buy from people they trust and they trust people they like.”

“Long-term success is the result of relationships built on a foundation of trust. People get more value from those they trust.”

“Position yourself to succeed first by building good relationships with the right people; and then put your effort and expertise behind that!”

“The truth will set you free; believability will give you credibility.”

“Worry is not the symptom of a problematic life; it’s the problem. Situations pass that make our life difficult, it’s the worry that stays with us… that makes us ultimately unhappy.”

“Don’t give up just because things look bad now. In the end, it all works out. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.”

“Life can never be so bad that giving up won’t make it worse. Hang in there; statistically, your best days are ahead of you.”

“There is never enough of what you think you need the most. Happiness is not an achievement, it’s a decision. Decide now!”

“Money may not buy happiness; but it’s better than poverty (that cannot buy anything). Happiness is an inside job and a real job!”

“Enjoy your life and try new things. Make sure you spend time living your life; not just analyzing it.”

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