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Billy Gene Quotes

Bill Gene Podcast

Billy Gene quotes: on marketing, advertising, sales, mindset, and more.

“Reminder: nobody owes you sh*t.”

“I tell you what you need to hear; not what you want to hear.”

“College is a scam for entrepreneurs!”

“If you wake up on the weekends and your weekends are just like the rest of the motherf*ckers around you?  You’re on the wrong path.”

“Be specific.  Be thorough.  Be profit-producing.”

“Why are we learning from people who are not practitioners on what they teach?”

“I care more about the quality of my customers than the number of customers.”

“[On plateaus] Have you been in business 10 years or have you repeated the same year 10 times?”

“The second you stop learning is the second you stop earning.”

“Being followed is not the same as being important.”

“Boring will put you out of business.”

“The only thing stopping you from getting what you want are all the things you’re unwilling to do.”

“The number one thing that’ll keep people interested in your ad is one word: it’s curiosity.”

“Two things that will hold you back from getting your product, service, or message out to the world: (1) fear and (2) trolls.”

“The imperfections are what make people trust you.”

“How do you make money fast?  You solve a problem.  The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you can make.  And if you can solve those at scale, that’s when you become extremely wealthy.”

“Advertising is everything.  It’s the whole game.  Period.”

“How do you get quality followers that engage with you?  It’s simple.  When you create content, ask yourself: what’s the number one problem this person is trying to solve?”

“You should not be able to sleep at night because the opportunity [online] is so wide-open.”

“Simplify your business.  Cuz that’s when major growth happens.  When you’re too diversified, there’s too many processes and you won’t follow them.”

“I’m telling you, if you are an entrepreneur under the million dollar mark, there’s only two things stopping you: ignorance and arrogance.”

“When everybody’s being boring, you don’t even have to be that good… that entertaining… to stand out.”

“To really be able to differentiate yourself, you have to demonstrate expertise.”

“When creating content, music can play a key role in conveying emotion.”

“STFU and get over it.  That’s the best and the realest advice I can ever give you.”

“Look, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy my daughter toys and chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing.”

“Most ‘influencers’ are secretly broke because they care more about their followers than their income.”

“[On specializing] You know what I’m doing 24 hours a day?  My one thing.  So when you come into my lane?  You’re f*cked.”

“Message to the world: stop f*cking villainizing sales.  Without it, no businesses would exist.  More importantly, if you really believe in your product or service, it’s your duty and moral obligation to sell!  I’m a marketer but I’m a salesman first, and damn proud of it.”

“A lot of people try and get full-time results with part-time effort.”

“Stop trying to get rich by saving.  So many people try to make money by being on the defense.  Just protecting the amount of money you’re not happy with in the first place.  You should be focused on the freaking offense.”

“I don’t think there’s enough emphasis on being remembered.”

“[On trolls making fun of Billy Gene for buying exotic cars aka ‘depreciating assets’] Depends on how you use it.  Depreciate deez nuts.  Good night.”

“The number one reason why companies don’t generate enough sales is because they lack consistent distribution.  They’re depending on referrals, PR, joint ventures, promotions from other influencers with large audiences or corporations with giant customer databases.  The problem with all of the above is they require hand jobs.  Meaning, unless you give someone a hand job or beg them… they won’t promote you… which leaves you out of control and desperate.  Paid ads on social media puts you in control of your distribution (at least more so than the above).  Plus, if done right, it can essentially be free.”

“Note to everyone: if you want someone to pay attention?  Don’t think outside the box – think like there is no box.”

“The fastest way to fail in business?  Is to try and figure sh*t out by yourself.”

“I owe 1,000% of my success to other people.  My parents.  My coaches.  My mentors.  My friends.  So when people talk sh*t on the coaching industry and call it a scam… yeah, I get offended.  The real f*cking scam is college for entrepreneurs!  The only resolution entrepreneurs should have [this year] should be to wake the f*ck up!”

“Be organized.  Be clean.  Be prepared… AF.”

“Tell the f*cking truth all the time.”

“Entertain.  Educate.  Execute.  More importantly, empower.”

“Positivity, high energy, and laughing are not an option – they’re a requirement.”

“Here’s how you overcome trust issues.  It’s this crazy thing, it’s called: being honest.”

“Confidence is the number one skill needed to become a successful entrepreneur.  The second you start doubting yourself, they win.”

“Stop chasing the vanity metrics, the revenue goals, and just say like, ‘Are you happy?'”

“True salesmen know, the sale starts when you hear your first no.”

“Right now, there is a giant sale on attention and customers.”

“Audience is more valuable than real estate these days and people don’t know it.”

“Work until your idols invite you to their mansion on the beach to be a guest on on their podcast… and then spit absolute fire.”

“[On billboards and branding with Billy’s mug on ’em] Rappers buy jewelry.  Politicians buy cigar boxes and man bags.  I’m just out here putting my face on sh*t.”

“You gotta be crazy when it comes to protecting your time cuz it can be eaten up in so many different ways.”

“[On lack of sales] You miss because you need to meet the customer where they’re at, not where you are.”

“Trial and error is expensive.  If you want the same outcome as someone else, just ask them how they did it!”

“When everyone zigs, you need to zag.  All the hype about Facebook right now… and everyone is sleeping on YouTube.”

“You need to get better.  You gotta invest into getting better.”

“When’s the last time you practiced the fundamentals in your business?  If you’re making hardly any money… just getting by… it’s cuz your skillset’s just not that dope.”

“The number one key to making money is being freakishly good at something that most aren’t.”

“Your cards are your cards.  You cannot change what you were born into.  The only thing you can change is your next f*cking move.”

“The way to get control over the [negative] self-talk you’re telling yourself is to control your environment.”

“There’s a time for balance.  There’s a time for work.  There’s a time for relaxation.  But don’t get it twisted.  While you’re building your foundation… you need to put in f*cking work.”

“The president won’t save you; make your own economy.”

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