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Michael Gervais Quotes

Michael Gervais MasteryMichael Gervais quotes: head honcho of high-performance, here are Dr. Michael Gervais’ top quotes.

“The reason people change is because of pain.”

“The reason we grow is because we get uncomfortable and we embrace being uncomfortable.”

“We are not what we do.  The doing is the expression.  Decoupling who you are from what you do is an accelerant to sustaining high-performance.”

“I learned from one of the best in the world the joy that comes from competing on others’ home turf… because striving together is a foundation for finding mastery.”

“The worst thing you can do for your loved ones is try to reduce their pain.”

“It is healthy and necessary to feel all of the human emotions.”

“From clarity, we can train our mind to have conviction even in stressful environments.  And that clarity helps other people to know what we’re really about.  And then when we ask them what they’re about, that’s how you start to build that deeper bond.”

“The problem with being driven by external motivation?  It’s not easily sustainable.”

“I love it when passion meets inspired strategy.”

“Competing with an optimistic lens creates progression, while having a blast.”

“Most people wanna stay on the surface – cuz it’s hard to talk about things that are hard to talk about.”

Nature is the mother of all teachers.”

“Best part of sport is the bonds we build.  Success is only that, when shared.”

“Being able to stand for something, collectively, is what our grandparents’ parents secured for our future.”

“There is a loneliness to the human experience that I think is important to honor.”

“When we’re aware of our thoughts, we can guide and sort of negotiate with them so they don’t run wild.”

“Talent is everywhere.  Potential is inside.  Mastery is the expression of expressing both.”

“We can choose great thoughts.  We can harness our emotions.  We can feel our body sensations and use them to facilitate clear thinking, creative thinking, or great output.  And that makes all the difference in the most intense environments in the world.”

“One way to accelerate progression of craft is to develop the skill of imagery.”

“Our ancient brain is designed for survival.  Our brain is designed to figure out if we’re going to be okay, and safe.  But we don’t have saber-tooths to worry about anymore.  So what is our modern-day fear?  FOPO: fear of other people’s opinions.  And, to protect ourselves, we get hyper-critical of ourselves.  So we’re always beating ourselves up so we don’t face those ‘casualties’ publicly.  So our job is to love others and not give a sh*t what they think of us.”

“Earn your scars.”

“Everything is always new, again.”

“There’s two main pillars to mindfulness.  One is awareness and the second pillar is wisdom.”

“Let’s build sh*t that makes people better.”

“The ability to share a piece of information and be involved in a relationship where other people grow… is electric.”

“Always compete to be your best self.”

“We never really know how passion, disciple, and exploration fall together – one thing I’m certain of is that doing so gratefully alongside loved ones matters most.”

“There’s so much to learn from those that embrace and excel in high-consequence environments.”

“In the present moment is where all things high-performance take place.”

“Train your mind by building deep focus.”

“Awareness of – and the inner skills to back up how you want to live, when challenged – is a mark of mastery of self.”

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