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Jeffrey Gitomer Quotes

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Jeffrey Gitomer quotes: binge-worthy business advice.

“The love of what you do, combined with your belief in what you do, will not determine your success.  It will determine how hard you will work and how dedicated you will be to achieving it.  Success just shows up from there.”

“In business, your positive thoughts and lifestyle choices lead to your personal success and your career success.”

“Before you can get what you want, you have to know what you want, and make a game plan to get it.”

“The only way to achieve your desires and dreams is to act on them.  The greater you trust in yourself, your beliefs and your thoughts, the more action you will take.”

“If you don’t think you can do it, who will?  You control the most important tool in success—your mind.”

“The secret to climbing up is to put your heart into your work.”

“Good things come to those who have patience and take consistent, persistent actions toward what they want.”

“Attitude allows you to see the possibilities when opportunity strikes, because it often shows up in the form of adversity.  How well do you spot opportunity?”

“Attitude drives actions.  Actions drive results.  Results drive lifestyles.  If you don’t like your lifestyle, look at your results.  If you don’t like your results, look at your actions.  If you don’t like your actions, look at your attitude.  If you don’t like your attitude, look at your philosophy.  If you have a philosophy of service to others, and if you have a positive attitude, then you can begin to become successful and can begin to take success actions.”

“Your ‘Yes! Attitude’ is permission.  A ‘Yes! Attitude’ is your ability to think, listen, speak and react in a positive way.  Your ‘Yes! Attitude’ is permission… to see the good in things, not the bad.  To see how to make bad things good.  To see the opportunity and the resolve when an obstacle faces you.  To see things from the ‘what is right’ side, not the ‘what is wrong’ side.  To treat others the way you want to be treated.  To encourage others when they need support.  To never let the negative things affect you for more than five minutes.  To (almost) never have a bad day.  To have something nice or humorous to say.  To be internally happy.  To work at maintaining your attitude every day.”

“Obstacles can’t stop you.  Problems can’t stop you.  Most of all, other people can’t stop you.  Only you can stop you.”

“Don’t dwell on the problem; concentrate on the solution.”

“Failure is not about insecurity.  It’s about lack of execution.  Failure is an event, not a person.  Think of failure as ‘it’ and not ‘me.'”

“People aren’t afraid of failure, they just don’t know how to succeed.  We are each responsible for our own success (or failure).  Winning at what you do is no exception.  To ensure a win, you must take a proactive approach.  Prevention of failure is an important part of that process.”

“Most people will not do the hard work it takes to make success easy.  Don’t be like most people.”

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t (won’t) do.  Successful people live outside their comfort zone.  Successful people hang around money or things that make money.  Successful people are consistent.  (They will be here next year.)  Successful people stay in the fire.  Successful people know how to access information.  Successful people are always learning.”

“Ambition is the mainspring of life, but we must keep it wound up.  Self-confidence is the balance wheel which keeps ambition moving at an even momentum.  Enthusiasm is the oil with which we keep the human machine greased and in smooth running order.  The well-organized, capable, and productive man is ambitious, enthusiastic, and possesses plenty of self-confidence.  Without these, success is uncertain, if not impossible.”

“People will try to rain on your parade because they have no parade of their own.  Ignore people who tell you ‘you can’t’ or who try to discourage you.”

“Take action every day, some small dose at a time.”

“Take more chances than you dare.  You’ll make more sales than you expect.  That’s the formula.”

“The biggest reason people don’t succeed is because they don’t expose themselves to existing information.”

“In 1960, I met a college basketball coach on the court and asked him for his best, niftiest pointer.  He took the ball, walked under the basket, and shot an easy lay-up.  ‘See that shot?’ he said gruffly.  ‘Ninety-nine percent of all basketball games are won with that shot.  Don’t miss it.’  And he walked away.  I felt cheated that day, but 20 years later, I realized it was the best sales lesson I ever got.  Concentrate on the fundamentals; ninety-nine percent of all sales are achieved that way.”

“Differentiate with value or die with price.”

“Invest time, don’t spend it.”

“What is a positive attitude?  The simple definition is the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think.  Interestingly, it’s also the definition of a negative attitude.”

“A big part of honesty is self-discipline, personal resolve, and taking pride in who you are as a person and what each action means to your character.”

“Change is not a four letter word… but often your reaction to it is!”

“Change is refinement.  Change is growth.  Change is movement.  Change is opportunity.”

“If you want or need to move, move with a winning record of success, move with a plan, and move to something you love.”

“You can’t be a winner if you’re a whiner… wiener.”

“Prepare to win, or lose to someone who is.”

“Sell yourself before you try to sell your company or your product.”

“Rich relationships lead to much more than money.  They lead to success, fulfillment, and wealth.”

“Your job is to meet the right people and read the right books.”

“To be a great leader of people, inspire them to follow you, not your rules.”

“Attraction is a combination of social outreach and branding.  It’s consistent messages and offerings in favor of the recipient that are so well received that they’re shared, forwarded, posted, and re-tweeted to the followers of the seller.”

“There are mountains written about closing and overcoming objections.  Read every book.  Listen to every CD.  They all contain ways to overcome objections.  And most have usable ideas.  Your job is to apply those ideas to your style and personality.  And the ultimate goal is to make sales in a way that you never have to use them—by establishing relationships and friendships.  Sometimes you’re precluded from the relationship or friendship, and the ideas are all that’s left.  That’s why you need to know them all.”

“Writing is a key differentiator.  Writing will not just lead to differentiation.  Writing is the credibility you need to create buyer confidence.”

“Your grammar is a reflection of your image.  Good or bad, you have made an impression.  And like all impressions, you are in total control.”

“You don’t earn loyalty in a day.  You earn loyalty day-by-day.”

“Becoming well-known, at least among your prospects and connections, is the most valuable element in the connection process.”

“The more a prospective customer clicks on you and your stuff, the easier it is for them to make a buying decision in your favor.”

“Social media presents an opportunity for business people to connect and know each other prior to a phone call or email taking place.”

“Master the web and you will master your universe… and your bank account.”

“Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.”

“My experience has shown me that if you have to say what you are, you probably aren’t.  Think about that for a moment.  ‘I’m honest,’ ‘I’m ethical,’ even ‘I’m the boss,’ or ‘I’m in charge,’ usually indicates just the opposite.  Doesn’t it?”

“What value do you bring to others?  What wisdom are you providing without expectation of return?  What are you worth as a person?  Is that the rate at which you’re earning?  Maybe you’re not giving value or service better than you’re paid to deliver.  Would you pay your rate?  How can you increase your personal value you offer to your employer?  Are you doing more than expected?  Or are you still sporting the loser’s philosophy of ‘They don’t pay me enough?’  Winner or whiner?  The choice is obvious to me.  You?  Service comes from your heart, not from your head.  Service is not a policy, it’s a person!  Be that person and you will win in sales and in life.”

“You were raised to think in patterns set by others.  To be as successful as you want to be, it may take getting out of those traditional patterns.  Most people don’t get out of their comfort zone.  Most people don’t attain the level of success they set out to achieve.  I wonder if there’s any correlation between those two statements?”

“Resilience is not what happens to you.  It’s how you react to, respond to, and recover from what happens to you.”

“The reversal of blame toward others is not to blame yourself.  Rather, it’s to take responsibility for what happened, and create a lesson from it so that blame becomes responsibility, becomes an idea or a new strategy, and ultimately becomes a sale.”

“Don’t down the competition.  If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.  This is a tempting rule to break.  The sirens are sweetly singing.  Set yourself apart with preparation and creativity; don’t slam them.”

“When you employ humor, you create a friendly, relaxed buying atmosphere.  Humor can give you the edge you are looking for.”

“Great people have great values and great ethics.”

“If you believe in your company, if you believe in your product, if you believe in yourself… then you can march to success.”

“I am the friendliest person in the world.  I am the most enthusiastic person in the world.  I am the most helpful person in the world.  I will tell myself what I can do, not what I can’t.  I love to serve.  I love to sell.  I don’t prejudge or put down anyone.  I will take control of myself and my success.  I will remember the good times as often as I can.  I will ask for what I want.  I will stick at it until I win, even if my ass falls off.”

“If you think that I’m nuts, you may be right.  But I’m a nut with a positive attitude, baby!”

“Life may not be a blast right now, but look at all I’ve learned, and look where I can get with hard work.  I will reinforce my decisions with positive thoughts, not negative second guesses.  I will thank everyone for their help and never measure.  I will ask before I tell.  I will give with pride.  I will be memorable.  I will avoid arguments.  I will not gripe or whine about my lot in life.  Rather, I will celebrate all I have, all I love, and all I will learn.  I will celebrate my victories today.”

“I am grateful for life and living.  I will have a great time tomorrow.  I will get over it in less than one minute and get back to enjoying life.”

“When you love life, life will love you back.”

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