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Rudy Giuliani Quotes

Rudolph William Louis Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani quotes: former New York City Mayor takes you to church, buys you ice cream after… with these quotes.

“The reality is you’ve got to be yourself.  You’ve got to be who you are.  You’ve got to be honest with people.  If your views change on something, you’ve got to be willing to express it.”

“Accountability starts with yourself.  I am responsible.”

“If you don’t find a way to do something as work that is fulfilling and enjoyable, then your life is going to be really sad.”

“Talk and action are two different things.”

“When you confront a problem you begin to solve it.”

“Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.”

“You never begin a new life.  It’s a mistake to think that you end one part of your life and start another as if there’s no continuity.”

“Great men have big failures.”

“You have to be willing – you have strong ideas, you have strong views – but you have to be willing also to look at experience.”

“First thing you have to do is say to yourself what can I bring to it, what can I do that’s different?  How can I improve it?”

“Courage is being afraid, but then doing what you have to do anyway.  Courage is managing fear to accomplish what you want to accomplish.  And it’s a great demonstration of love.  It’s really what love is.  It’s finding areas in which other people are more important than you.”

“Courage is being able to take risks, preparing to tackle the problems.  And if you fail, pick yourself back up again.”

“Relentless preparation is the key to success.”

“There are many qualities that make a great leader.  But having strong beliefs, being able to stick with them through popular and unpopular times, is the most important characteristic of a great leader.”

“Leaders need to be optimists.  Their vision is beyond the present.  To be an optimist is to be a problem solver, to absorb the problem and think of a solution.”

“Optimism is enormously powerful.”

“You’re only going to be able to lead if you have a goal.”

“There are six principles of leadership that can be applied in any workplace or organization.  The first principle of leadership is having strong beliefs.  You have to know your beliefs and your goal in order to achieve and lead.  Leaders must set goals in order to grow and thrive.”

“To develop a strong team, one must find his weaknesses and then find people whose strengths are the same as his weaknesses.”

“We all have weaknesses.  After you’ve identified your weaknesses, find someone who balances them.”

“Communication is another principle of leadership.  It’s not that hard to do, a lot of times it’s just being yourself.”

“All leaders are influenced by those they admire.  Reading about them and studying their traits inevitably allows an inspiring leader to develop his own leadership traits.”

“Be there for other people, if you want to be a good leader, you have to be.”

“Compassion doesn’t weaken leadership, it makes it stronger.”

“It is important to have the right leadership in government and other public life, but the most important leadership is how we live our own life.”

“The way you get through tragedy is to look at the good things in life.”

“No magic formula can completely prepare us for crises in life.  However, each choice we make now will impact how we handle those crises in the future.  Make your choice count.  Dedicate time each day to developing your character.  If you do, courage will be there when you need it most.”

“My father used to say to me, ‘Whenever you get into a jam, whenever you get into a crisis or an emergency, become the calmest person in the room and you’ll be able to figure your way out of it.’  In a time of emergency, you’ve got to become deliberately calm.”

“The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit.  Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified.”

“We should be tolerant, fair, open, and we should understand the rights that all people have in our society.”

“The only time the private parts of someone’s life are relevant is when they’re affecting public performance.  And just because someone is a public person doesn’t mean that any part of his or her private life is open to scrutiny.  If someone is doing his or her job, you have to have enough empathy to understand that we all have personal problems.”

“We don’t have real control over death.  You could die of a heart attack, a building could fall on you, you could be in an accident, you could have a fatal disease.  So, how should you conduct your life?  You just go ahead and live, taking reasonable precautions – like handling the mail more carefully.”

“We gain strength from other people.  We give strength to each other.”

“You have to keep a strong sense of who you really are – and I have a pretty strong sense of myself.  It gets me in trouble when I say this, but I don’t think of myself as a politician.  I’ve always tried to be honest when communicating with people.”

“We don’t all agree on everything.  I don’t agree with myself on everything.”

“I was very serious about being a priest, twice in my life.  Almost joined the Montfort Seminary after I graduated from high school.  Almost went back in the seminary during college.”

“I’m probably one of the four or five best known Americans in the world.”

“I’ll tell you what makes me feel worthwhile: organizing and solving other people’s problems.  It makes me feel good to go to Mexico City and figure out theories on how you can reorganize and reduce crime.  To me, it’s one of the more fulfilling ways to spend a day.”

“I get through difficult situations by looking at how other people have gone through them.  I say to myself, ‘If they can go through it, then I can.’  Or, ‘If they can go through worse, I can go through whatever I’m going through.'”

“Life gives us tragedies and heartaches, but it also gives us reasons to celebrate, and we must not allow the tragedies to stop us [from] celebrating the good times, but celebrate them all the more.”

“Although I have to leave you as mayor soon, I resume the much more honorable title of citizen of New York, and citizen of the United States.”

“As mayor, I used to always feel the important thing is that people respect me, not love me – but it is really much nicer when they love you, too.  I’m going to try to keep it that way.”

“I was pretty successful before September 11 and fully expected that when I left being mayor I would be very successful.”

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