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Donald Glover Quotes

Donald McKinley Glover

Donald Glover quotes: how he does so many things so well.

“Make stuff that no one else will make.  Part of the reason I do what I do is because I’m the only one who can do it.”

“Put your heart into everything that you do.  Versatility and a willingness to experiment will help you to achieve success in almost every creative field imaginable.”

“Resistance is a symptom of the way things are, not the way things necessarily should be.  Actual victory belongs to things that simply do not see failure.  Let the path push you like a broken branch in a river’s current.”

“If it makes you nervous, you’re doing it right.”

“You’re always allowed to be better.”

“When anybody pays you to be creative, you’re very lucky.”

“Careers very rarely are a waste of time; jobs usually are.”

“We lay out our lives in a narrative we understand, like a movie, but are you enjoying making it or are you wondering who’s watching my movie?”

“You have to be real with yourself.  No one is doing that.  People are too concerned with making everything look nice and calm and pretty.”

“It’s a skill to take yourself seriously.”

“The more you’re yourself, the more people want to hear you.”

“The more I am myself in all of the things I do, the more, I think, people respond because it’s not bullsh*t.  It’s been a lot of checking in with myself about what I’m trying to do.”

“I just keep losing.  I mean, some people just… are supposed to lose?  For balance in the universe?  I mean, like, are there just some people on earth who… are supposed to be here just to make it easier for the winners?”

“One thing my dad once said to me, ‘You either want to be right, or you want to be happy.  To be happy, there’s gotta be a conversation.'”

“I personally don’t believe people really grow.  They just learn stuff when they were a kid, and hold onto it, and that affects every relationship they have.”

“Revenge is for the weak so I have settled my vendettas with all of the kids who made my early life a living hell.”

“I felt like high school for me was like a big whirlpool of me trying to figure out what was okay for me to do.”

“But I just think I was lucky enough to figure out early on that I wanted to do comedy, so that’s what I put all my effort into.”

“I don’t even think I’m that good at rapping, but I think what makes a great rapper—what can make a great rapper—is someone who wants to be better.”

“I just wanted to make, you know, a good song.  Something that people could play on the Fourth of July.”

“I hope in general that my music allows somebody to follow what they really like doing.”

“Writing is a very strenuous thing.  It’s like banging your head against a wall.  At the end of the day, acting is better, just because nobody ever asked me if I wanted a Pellegrino in the writer’s room.”

“The thing about stand-up was, not only was I getting to write it without anybody saying I couldn’t do it, but I got to perform it.”

“I started doing 30 Rock and started writing Mystery Team at the beginning of that.  While I was doing Mystery Team, I started practicing stand-up.  While I was doing stand-up, I got Community.  It’s like I planted trees six years ago, and now they have fruit.”

“I call Community the best day job in the world because between takes, I get to write music.  I get to write sketches.  I get to write movies.  It’s the best job ever.”

“It makes me wonder what this rapping sh*t’s a hobby for.  Oh that’s right, because I’m gifted in another field, and another field, and another field.”

“If you’re on Twitter, what you’re saying is, ‘I’m important enough for you to care what I think.'”

“I’m very confident in my point of view.  ‘Cause I think that that’s all you can really have.  I’m never really going to know what anybody else is going through, so it’s just kind of your job to be expressive with your point of view.”

“When I wanna be a superhero I just wake up.”

“Don’t be mad ’cause I’m doing me better than you doing you.”

“People are sometimes like: ‘Oh man, you’re so talented and you do a bunch of stuff.’  I’m not!  I swear to God, I’m not.  I just like learning stuff, I like doing stuff.  And I feel like everybody can definitely do it.”

“Don’t add an ‘eezy’ to my name, ’cause it has never been that.”

“I refuse to go back to not liking who I was.”

“I hope a kid listens to my stuff, I hope there’s a change made and at least somebody walks away with: ‘I’m doing this because I like it.’  People are going to hate it and that’s okay, but I have to do it because my happiness is important too; it’s worth it.”

Elon Musk is the only person I look up to.  There is something powerful about understanding what your superpower is and naming it.  Even if only to yourself.”

“I try to be me to the utmost.”

“My gift is an ability to decode reality, which I see as simply ‘a program’ to master.  I learn fast.  I figured out the algorithm.  I learned this about myself at age 10.  I realized, if I want to be good at P.E., I have to be good at basketball.  So I went home and shot baskets in our driveway for six hours, until my mother called me in.  The next day, I was good enough that you wouldn’t notice I was bad.  And I realized my superpower.”

“I’m an actor, a writer, and a singer.  Some people describe me as a triple threat, but I kind of like to call myself just a threat.”

“I’m going to make amazing sh*t.  Look, I’m only going to get better.”

“I don’t want to be okay with where I’m at.  I never want to settle.  I always want to be going for better.”

“I am what I am, everything I wanna be.”

“Sh*t just got real like Pinocchio turds.”

“I try and go to as many places as possible.  It’s really cool that I even get to see different places.”

“Being happy is the goal, but greatness is my vision.”

“You have all the shine you ever need.  Don’t let people say you don’t.”

“May your dreams be sweet.”

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