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Bob Goff Quotes

Bob Goff

Bob Goff quotes: personal development tips by the lawyer turned author.

“Figure out what fuels your joy, then do lots of that.”

“Accepting the invitation to show up in life is about moving from the bleachers to the field. It’s moving from developing opinions to developing options. It’s about having things matter to us enough that we stop just thinking about those things and actually do something about them.”

“No one is remembered for what they only planned to do.”

“Live a life of constant anticipation. Is it possible your big idea will blow up? You bet. Do it anyway. Quit playing it safe. Press the button.”

“Here’s some great news. The next version of you is the one who will pursue the ambitions all the previous versions were unable to accomplish.”

“Stand up like a mountain; have faith like a rock; love like an avalanche.”

“Faith isn’t figuring out what we’re able to do, it’s deciding what we’re going to do—even when we think we can’t.”

“What distracts us will begin to define us. We don’t need to swing at every pitch.”

“You don’t need a plan; you just need to be present.”

“Don’t let who you were talk you out of who you are becoming. We won’t be distracted by comparison if we’re captivated with purpose.”

“If we only do what we’re familiar with, we might miss what we’ve been made for.”

“Stop doing what you’re able to do and figure out what you were made to do—then do lots of that.”

“Don’t let not knowing how it’ll end keep you from beginning.”

“No book is a chapter, no chapter tells the whole story, no mistake defines who we are. Hope makes our lives page turners.”

“Most of us have all the information we need. What we need is more passion.”

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

“Obstacles that seems insurmountable aren’t. Impediments that we believe disqualify us don’t.”

“Fear calls out our doubts. Fear will give us a reason not to try; hope will give us a reason not to listen.”

“We were born to be brave.”

“Courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid anymore, it just means our actions aren’t controlled by our doubts. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s just deciding that fear isn’t calling the shots anymore.”

“Tell courage it doesn’t need to knock at your door any longer; have it walk into your life every day like it owns the place.”

“Whimsy doesn’t care if you are the driver or the passenger; all that matters is that you are on your way.”

“Living a life fully engaged and full of whimsy and the kind of things that love does is something most people plan to do, but along the way they just kind of forget. Their dreams become one of those ‘we’ll go there next time’ deferrals. The sad thing is, for many there is no ‘next time’ because passing on the chance to cross over is an overall attitude toward life rather than a single decision.”

“If you have the honesty and guts for it, what you’ve been stuck in is what you’ll be freed from.”

“Sometimes the things we think are the impediments are actually the path.”

“Trying and failing isn’t a small part of life, it’s much of life. The rest is just learning how to grow from it.”

“Failure is just part of the process, and it’s not just okay; it’s better than okay.”

“Playing it safe doesn’t move us forward or help us grow; it just finds us where we are and leaves us in the same condition it found us in.”

“People who take huge risks aren’t afraid to fail. In fact, they love to fail. It’s because failing means they found the edge.”

“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”

“I used to be afraid that if I was authentic I might take a hit, but now I know that being real means I will take a hit.”

“I used to hope the things I did would work; now I hope they last.”

“We all want to have a place where we can dream and escape anything that wraps steel bands around our imagination and creativity.”

“When you are in high school, you don’t give much thought to what you can’t do. For most people, that gets learned later, and for still fewer, gets unlearned for the rest of life.”

“Be ambitious about things that last. It’s easy to confuse a lot of activity with a purposeful life. Do what lasts; let the rest fall away. Do what lasts: get around to everything else.”

“Our failures can leave behind pavement or potholes. Our ability to receive grace determines which it will be.”

“Most of our decisions are driven by either love or fear. Figure out who’s doing the talking, then decide what you’ll do.”

“There’s a reason some roads are less traveled. Who we toss the keys to has a lot to do with where we end up.”

“Don’t let uncertainty talk you into pursuing a backup plan instead of your purpose.”

“Don’t let other people decide who you are.”

“I used to think life could be shared with anyone, but now I know choosing the right people is pretty important.”

“We don’t really make friends, they make us.”

“We determine how much influence we’ll have, when we decide how available we’ll be.”

“It will be the people with the greatest love, not the most information, who will influence us to change.”

“We can be the light of the world without leaving our high beams on and annoying everybody.”

“When it feels like we need to choose between being right and being humble, pick both.”

“Stop telling people how far they have left to go. Instead tell them how far they’ve come.”

“Friends do. They don’t just think about it.”

“See people for who they’re becoming. Not who they were.”

“Words can launch us. We don’t need to be a dean to say words that change everything for someone.”

“Words people say not only have a shelf life but have the ability to shape life.”

“It’s not what we’re against which defines us, it’s what we stand for. Sometimes the footing is surest where the fewest walk.”

“I used to be afraid I wouldn’t make enough money; now I’m afraid I won’t make enough difference.”

“Something happens when you feel ownership. You no longer act like a spectator or consumer, because you’re an owner.”

“We might be known for what we believed, but we’re certain to be remembered for what we did about it.”

“The world will figure out what we really believe, by watching what we actual do.”

“Nobody turns down an invitation to the White House, but I’ve seen plenty of people turn down an invitation to fully live.”

“Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.”

“We won’t figure out what’s sacred in life if we settle for what’s safe.”

“Most of us want more green lights than we have. It’s easy to forget that our faith, life, and experiences are all the green lights we need. What we need to do is stop circling the field and get the plane on the ground.”

“Do one heroic thing today; big or small doesn’t matter because it defines who you are and what you really believe, and fear won’t define you anymore.”

“Go be the next humblest version of yourself.”

“There’s a lot to be concerned about; there’s more to be hopeful for.”

“Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It’s about going to extremes and expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That’s what I want my life to be all about: full of abandon, whimsy, and in love.”

“Love like there’s no tomorrow; live like there’s no yesterday. We’re forgiven; now go love people like we believe it.”

“Live a life of conspicuous grace and courageous resolve.”

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