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David Goggins Quotes

David Goggins Runner

David Goggins quotes: wisdom from the hardest man alive.

“Be the warrior – ready each day to show up at the Colosseum of Life.”

“Don’t be the person who needs a race or an event in front of them to train.  Be the person that is constantly training so they are in shape – mentally and physically – just in case a race comes up or life just happens.”

“You have to show your mind and body who is boss.  There are no special people – just special minds – and the mind is something we can sharpen through hard work.”

“The grind is never-ending.  The second you think you have made it, that’s the second you start to decline in life.”

“Always check your mentality.  Never allow it to get the best of you.”

“If you are always comparing yourself to mediocre people, that’s exactly what you will be.”

“There truly is no secret to finding your best self.  The real secret is being willing to face whatever is holding you back from achieving true greatness.”

“It is important in life that we stay true to our word and see things through to the end.  It’s important that we don’t speak hollow words.”

“You must change the way you look at discomfort.”

“Control the quitting/coasting mind!  We are in constant pursuit of that day off – the hour off, the lunch break, the weekend, etc. – rather than being so locked in to bringing your best that you don’t even know what day or time it is.  Because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t even f*cking matter.  The break and the day off are coming… but not today.”

“Stop trying to impress others.  Worry only about impressing yourself.”

“Our body can handle a lot of abuse.  It’s the mind that we have to continue to condition.  We must always seize each and every opportunity to strengthen the most powerful weapon that we have: the mind!”

“Armor your mind to control what is in your power.”

“Never put your competition too far ahead of you.  It’s great to respect, but never idolize your competition.  Don’t give someone the advantage before you even take the field.  Don’t lose the fight before it even begins.”

“I guarantee you if you can find the strength to preserve through all odds and obstacles in front of you, the feeling you will have on the other side is something that you will never be able to explain to anyone.”

“Continue to compete against yourself until the end.”

“Don’t let the bad days of life get you down.  It’s not always going to be 70 and sunny.  Take pride in the fact that on those miserable days when the majority of people in this world don’t want to get out and train, they will be watching you through their living room window.”

“[Pretty sure he uses this in place of ‘go f*ck yourself’] Merry Christmas.”

“You have to look at everything as a new opportunity.  Stop looking at things the way they appear.”

“We must live our lives to a higher standard.  The standard we set for ourselves must makes us feel uncomfortable.  If the standard you set for yourself allows you to feel comfortable, you must re-evaluate the bar you set for yourself.”

“What the f*ck do you think about when life is choking you out?  I think, ‘Well I still have a breath of air so I still have a chance to f*ck you up!’  Even while on your back with no energy… think about victory!”

“There is a weak spot to everything in life.  Once you find the weak spot, you can destroy all things in front of you.  Have the courage to build yourself up from the ground up.  If you are born thinking that you are nothing or worthless, that’s the absolute perfect start!  Learn to flip that sh*t to work to your advantage.  Some of the best fuel in the world is having the underdog mentality.  Find the tactical advantage in your life and start busting through that weak spot in the wall.  It’s up to us and only us to break down all those walls in our mind.  Those walls keep us from achieving true excellence within ourselves.”

“Sh*t’s not going to happen overnight.  In a world that moves so fast, you must be able to slow your mind down.”

“Be willing to overcome exhaustion.  Learn to go the distance no matter the outcome.  Don’t lose motivation when you fail; struggle is the true gateway to victory.”

“We live in a world full of haters and jealous people.  People so f*cked up in their own lives that they can’t move forward so they put their hate for themselves on you.”

“Spot checking yourself and the folks around you is extremely important.  There are a lot of times in life when we don’t have the time to constantly make sure the people around us, and ourselves most importantly, are staying dialed in.  We can all get a little sloppy, lazy, and complacent.  If a person in your circle knows there is a possibility of being spot checked at any time, he/she starts keeping their sh*t wired tight at all times.  A spot check can apply to many areas in your life.  Keeping yourself and others on their toes is critical to keeping and maintaining the upper hand.  Next time you feel someone in your circle is slipping, including yourself, spot check their ass!”

“Your mind can be your biggest enemy if you haven’t mastered it.  Like the saying goes: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

“Don’t let your setback define you.  Don’t get all poopy-pants, kicking rocks with your head down.  Always have your head up and shoulders back during setbacks.  That body language sends a direct message to your brain that you are still in the game until you hear the whistle.”

“Comfort is a f*cking drug.  Once you get used to it, it becomes f*cking addictive.”

“One way to help with low self-esteem is to change the outer appearance.  For some of us, the outer appearance won’t change as fast as we like but it is very f*cking important that you don’t lose sight of the true benefit of working out.  Not everyone will agree with me, but the true benefit of working out for me is what it does to your mindset.  While looking better is always a great added plus, the animalistic mentality that comes with getting after it on the regular is truly where I benefited the most.  It’s the repetition and self-discipline that changes the self-esteem from the inside out.”

“Remember: without friction, there is no growth.  That obstacle that is in front of you during that moment is the very friction that will allow you to grow.  You have to look at it that way.  See it as an opportunity, not a roadblock.”

“In life we should always be on the hunt for those uncommon people who are in constant pursuit of greatness.  Surround yourself with people who push you to be better rather than those who make you feel better.”

“A lot of people think that they are at the top of their game because they are the best amongst a group of people who don’t even give a f*ck.”

“Use people’s comfort as your strength.  Why workout at 3 a.m.?  Because no one else is.  In life you are constantly looking for an edge.  You have to find it when and where no one else is looking.  If you think I want to get up at 3 o’clock in the f*cking morning and do anything, let alone run, you are sadly mistaken.  I just know that this day and many other days like this one will come back to help me in life.”

“Educate the generation under yours by kicking their ass in everything you do.”

“We all have a story and we have all been through some f*cked up sh*t.  When I was younger, I used to run from my nightmares.  They used to wake me up in the middle of the night.  Now?  I create them!”

“Utilize all 24-hours.  Don’t get caught up overthinking how you can fit it in.  Rather than wasting time overthinking, use that same time to get it in.  You can get a hell of a lot done in just 10-20 minutes.  Rapid fire workouts can be an invaluable tool for people who are time-starved.”

“The most important conversations you will ever have are the ones you have with yourself.  You wake up with them.  You walk around with them.  You go to bed with them.  Eventually you act on them.  Whether it be good or bad.”

“The enemy is not the circumstances that are in front of you, the enemy is how you are looking at the circumstances.”

“There is no countdown to greatness.  If you are breathing, you should be grinding and always trying to get better.”

“Be unapologetic about who you are.  It is truly exhausting to hide who you truly are.  You can never be fulfilled or at peace when you aren’t being yourself.  Be proud of whoever you are and wear it like a f*cking badge of honor.”

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