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Selena Gomez Quotes

Selena Marie Gomez

Selena Gomez quotes: singer, actress and entrepreneur Selena Gomez goes in on money, fame, friends, and more.

“If you are able to look yourself in the mirror every day with the decisions that you make, that’s where power starts.”

“Whenever you have a goal, whether you want to be a doctor or a singer, people will find a way to bring you down.  I always tell people that if you have something you’re really passionate about, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”

“I want people to really be inspired, to believe they can do whatever they want.”

“Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with; you’re just gonna end up lonely.”

“People are put into your life for seasons, for different reasons, and to teach you lessons.”

“I think it’s healthy to gain a perspective on who you are deep down, question yourself, and challenge yourself; it’s important to do that.”

“Be yourself cuz everyone else is already taken.”

“Being yourself is all it takes.  If you want to impress someone don’t be someone else; just be yourself.”

“Never change your originality for the sake of others because no one can play your role better than you.”

“If you are broken you do not have to stay broken.”

“The people who put you down don’t have to stop you from chasing your dreams.  Stand up, and prove them wrong.”

“What makes you different is what makes you beautiful.”

“If you know who you are, it takes all the power away from that negativity.  I promise.”

“Sometimes you’ll have moments where you’ll feel weak.  They’re supposed to encourage you, they’re supposed to motivate you and push you.”

“I realize everybody wants what they don’t have.  But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside!”

“Never look back.  If Cinderella had looked back and picked up the shoe, she would have never found her prince.”

“It’s because of my mom that I can do things on my own.  I like being professional.  I like showing up on time.  I like being good to people, and I know that I’m reflecting her at the end of the day.”

“She was really strong around me.  Having me at 16 had to have been a big responsibility.  My mom gave up everything for me, had three jobs, supported me, sacrificed her life for me.”

“You are not defined by an Instagram photo, by a Like, by a comment.  That does not define you.”

“I tend to not speak up as much, so saying no is rather difficult for me.  The biggest step of being an adult is saying, ‘This is what I do like.  This is what I don’t like.’  Being yourself means certain people aren’t going to like that.  I’m still figuring it out and taking things day-by-day.”

“I was bullied every second of every day in elementary and middle school.  Obviously, people are going to bring you down because of your drive.  But, ultimately, it makes you a stronger person to turn your cheek and go the other way.”

“The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities.  Maybe I’ll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won’t know until I do it.”

“I love everything that I go through, even the bad.  It’s experience and it makes me grow up.”

“I always want to push myself, even though I’m not in the entire thing.  My friend Taylor says, ‘If you’re the smartest person in the entire room, you’re in the wrong room.'”

“I am in competition with no one.  I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone.  I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.”

“You can’t be afraid of what people are going to say, because you’re never going to make everyone happy.”

“All the people who knock me down, only inspire me to do better.”

“To me, beauty is confidence.  I think I’m pretty confident in the decisions and choices I make.”

“I attempt to be who I am and it’s fun.  At the same time, growing up doing what I’m doing can be a little crazy.”

“I think of myself more as an actress.  I do my music because I’m very passionate about my music.  I love making music.  I love inspiring people.  I love making great songs that are just really fun.  But that’s all it usually is for me.  I love touring and singing great songs.  I don’t think I’ll ever win a Grammy one day, and I’m totally fine with that.  I do work really hard when it comes to acting and I want to do that for a long time.”

“I’m just happy to do projects I’m passionate about.”

“I like to run around.  I’m enjoying traveling.  I absorb as much as I can, and I get to go to beautiful places that I don’t know if I would ever visit.”

“I try my best to be a good person and be the best I can be.”

“I love what I do, and I always make sure to tell my fans I’m not perfect, so don’t think I am.  I make mistakes.  I’m human, and we all are.  But I try to be the best I can be, and that’s all I really can do.”

“I try to be professional; I try to be on time.  I don’t take anything I have for granted.  That’s my definition of success.”

“I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability.  Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs.  You inspire me.”

“We only have one life, and it is very precious, and there’s a lot we can do, and there’s a lot we should do.”

“All I can say from the bottom of my heart is I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to share what I love every single day with people that I love.  I have to say thank you so much to my fans because you guys are so damn loyal and I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

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