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Steffi Graf Quotes

Stefanie Maria

Steffi Graf quotes: reflections by the tennis titan.

“You can’t measure success if you have never failed.  My father has taught me that if you really do want to reach your goals, you can’t spend any time worrying about whether you’re going to win or lose.  Focus only on getting better.”

“When you lose a couple of times, it makes you realize how difficult it is to win.”

“I never look back, I look forward.”

“I never hanker after the past – I prefer to devote myself to new tasks.”

“As long as I can focus on enjoying what I’m doing, having fun – I know I’ll play well.”

“I think the love is foremost the most important thing – that you enjoy it and then trying to find the inner strength to go after it and experience how to get there.  It teaches you a lot of life lessons in terms of digging in, in terms of determination, in terms of being… to really try to find within you what it takes and push yourself to the kind of limit.”

“You can have a certain arrogance, and I think that’s fine, but what you should never lose is the respect for the others.”

“I think it takes people to get to know you and the recognition comes over time.”

“The influence of blogging is overall a very positive force in the media.”

“I am a person who sticks to her word.”

“Age: what is it?  It’s not a figure that has ever meant anything to me.”

“I don’t like the word ‘businesswoman.’  Perhaps ‘committed mother’ would be the best description.”

“You cannot compare your athletic achievement to the importance of children and giving them a safe environment in which to grow up and enjoy life.”

“It’s about raising our children in a way we can share in their life and not always worry about their life.”

“My happiness lives in the present.  It’s my life this morning, this evening, with Andre, my kids.”

“The best thing that tennis gave me has been my family.  But second is the luxury to be able to pick and choose what to do with my time.  I’ve been really fortunate with some incredible projects.  Traveling the world, going to museums, seeing art exhibits, or seeing different cultures and architecture, I’m able to pull all these experiences into my projects.  I think it’s literally been a luxury for me to say these things are what I want to spend time with.  I made a point the last two years to try to do something that I haven’t seen.”

“I just don’t think of my career much.  You have no idea how quickly your career disappears, or you just don’t even think much about it.  Just for myself, it was gone so fast and just on to a different life.”

“Just looking at my career doesn’t happen very often.  And I think it’s because I had such peace of mind that I felt I gave my sport everything.  I know I was obviously aware that I achieved a lot, but I think the comfort was that I felt like I gave everything to it and it gave me a lot in return.  It gave me what I have now – Andre, my family and the time to spend with them.  I’m extremely grateful.”

“I find more peace in the rumble of our busy lives than in a quiet house.”

“I have always been guided by striving to show the best that I could.  That is what kept me going in tennis and it is the same now.”

“The most important lesson life has taught me is a new day means a new chance to be the person you want to be.”

“The good, the bad – all of it – got me to the life I live today.  Leave it in.”

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