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Gunna Quotes

Gunna Lyrics Sayings

Gunna quotes: Sergio’s drippiest soundbites.

“I always hung out with older people. I would be the youngest out of the crew.”

“My family taught me about saving and how to stretch to make ends meet.”

“I didn’t have life that good coming up. I wasn’t born with a lot of money. We weren’t dirt poor, but we weren’t rich. All I knew was struggle.”

“I went through a lot, but as I went through it, I learned from the situations.”

“I just believe that in Atlanta, we’re creative; we got a lot of styles out here.”

“‘Drip Too Hard’—we knew that was the one.”

“‘Drip’ is me. That’s my signature.”

“I’m gon’ drip forever, but I’m not going to just focus on that. That’s not going to be the title of all my albums.”

“I always like to dress up, you know what I’m saying? Put on nice, expensive clothes. But before it was even ‘drip,’ I used to be, like, ‘swag.'”

“I was best-dressed in high school. I always spent my money on clothes.”

“I might wear a $10,000 outfit on a weekend, no cap.”

“Everybody not gonna like what I wear, but a majority of people are.”

“I try to shop in every state that I go to.”

“I feel like Turbo [a record producer] helped me grow. It’s the way we just lock in. His mind is set to where he’ll start making beats to my flow and my sound. He’s not an engineer, but he knows how to record.”

“Sometimes when you get in this game, you think that you’re going to take off if you do a song with someone big. But that’s not the truth. Everything with you got to be good—the visual, the push, the production.”

“Fashion is so important to me. I’ve always spoken about it in my music.”

“I’m not sure people understand how important fashion is to me.”

“I would like to work with brands I personally love, like Haider Ackermann, Chanel, or Off-White, to even newer brands like Rhude and A-Cold-Wall. It’s easier and more organic when you know and love the brand already.”

“Me and Carti are both from the Southside of Atlanta. That’s one of the main reasons that we clicked so well.”

“It’s hard, transitioning from one thing to another. That’s with anything you do.”

“I had to quit everything. I had to give it all to music.”

“I had to go broke for music.”

“I just work hard, and when you work hard, a lot of stuff just starts happening for you.”

“What I have that’s special in my music is substance. It’s music that people can really relate to. I know I’m gonna rap something that somebody has already been through in their life, something that they will understand.”

“I’ve learned since Drip or Drown that no one should care what people think. I learned that, after years of comments, it really doesn’t matter.”

“I been doing music since I was 15 years old. I found it intriguing, just from liking and listening to music.”

“I don’t really like a lot of people’s music.”

“I got my own sound in Atlanta because I don’t listen to anybody’s music. When you listen to people’s music, you start to say stuff they say as an artist because that’s what you’ve been listening to. Me, I don’t listen to anybody. I support, but I don’t listen, because I don’t want to run with someone style. I do my own thing.”

“If I call you playing my music, you’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s Gunna.’ Even on a song you ain’t heard, you’re gonna know my voice for singing. But if I call you on the phone, ‘What’s up? Are we still doing the interview today?’ you’re not gonna know who this is.”

“All my achievements have been great achievements. I have been collaborating with big names and making hits—like my song ‘Yosemite’ with Travis Scott.”

“My favorite car is my Corvette.”

“It’s like different moods, so whenever you in one mood, I got a song for that. And then you in a down or other type of mood where you really just wanna chill, I got that type of music, too.”

“I feel like my breakout moment had to have been when I dropped Drip Season 3. I feel like it was just a real good body of music.”

“When I heard my voice, like listen to myself playing it back-to-back, I just want to always perfect it.”

“When I seen myself on TV, it made me realize, ‘You’re doing what you really wanted to do. You’re living out your dreams.'”

“We just speaking stuff into existence, on God.”

“Don’t argue. We ain’t doing that. What you going back and forth with somebody over anything for?”

“I want to be a rap icon.”

“I appreciate every blessing.”

“I try to be as humble as possible and try to project that to the world. But some people don’t see that. They think I’m just in Atlanta spending money. But I try to be humble. I try to let the world know that I am still humble.”

“Don’t let awards get the best of you.”

“You got to be able to reinvent yourself and come up with new ideas because everybody is going to try to copy, which is what you want. You want people to start saying what you say.”

“I got my own merch company. I sell shirts, hats, hoodie, socks.”

“I just keep going. You never know how far you can go.”

“Keep going. Grind for what you want. Pray. Listen to your momma.”

“The album is called Wunna. It’s like my alter ego. I’m a Gemini, so they say Geminis are like two people, and I feel like Wunna is my second person, like that’s the second me. That’s what I’m giving you with this album. The more cool, the more spontaneous, the wilder Gunna.”

“My one rule, I hate when a girl’s toes ain’t done. Oh, my God. I hate that.”

“What inspires me is being looked at as a legend, working on my craft and being acknowledged for it. The feedback from my fans, the support I get from my peers and my crew, that’s my inspo. They push me to keep going.”

“I won’t ever doubt myself. I’ve doubted myself before. I’m not going to do that again.”

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