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Savannah Guthrie Quotes

Savannah Clark Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie quotes: solid advice from the Today anchor.

“Think big and then head in that ‘general direction.’  Whether you arrive at the ideal destination is not even the point.  The point is to be ambitious for your life… and then just, try.”

“Whatever is in your mind and your heart… you can do it.”

“I can’t know where your fulfillment and happiness will be found.  I can’t tell you where your dream is.  Only you know that.  But I can tell you where it isn’t.  It isn’t in your comfort zone.  It isn’t in your wheelhouse.  It’s not where you feel safe.  It’s not where conditions are perfect.  It is not where you are usually right and rarely challenged.”

“You’re success is always, inevitably, on the other side of risk.  It’s on the other side of a bold choice.  It’s on the edge, waiting for you, on the other side of your fear.”

“This is true whether it’s career, or faith, a relationship, or love – when you find it, it will only be after you’ve taken that big, giant, daring leap.  It will be you, standing at the tip of a ravine, or maybe it’s a tall cliff rising over a deep canyon… you’re looking down and looking across, your heartbeat is rising, your sweat glands are pulsing.  You will be here many times.  You will be called to do this again and again and again.”

“Do I try something new?  Do I follow my heart, my instincts, my conscience and trust it will be okay?  Or do I stick to the plan, stick to what I ‘should’ do… stick to what’s safe?  I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do.  You’re gonna steady yourself, you’re gonna trust your gut, you’re gonna believe in your strength, you’re gonna lift up your prayers – and then, you’re gonna jump.”

“You’re going to have to take a leap a time or two times in your life, maybe more.”

“Every person… has some kind of dream – an idea of what their lives might look like.  It could be a career goal, it could be an athletic achievement, it could be the place you want to live or the family that you hope to create.  Here’s the thing: whisper it to yourself if you must, but say it out loud, put it out there – don’t curb your ambitions, don’t tell yourself, ‘I could never do that.  I’m not good enough.  It’s too much.'”

“The challenges you come across, the cliffs you climb, the weight you’re carrying – this is what is making something of you that is worthy and strong.  This is what’s preparing you for your future greatness and your most stunning leaps.  This is how you’re finding out what you’re made of.  You cannot read about it in a book, your parents can’t tell you – you have to be shown, you have to find out for yourself.”

“And what you will find is – your obstacles, your broken places, the spots where you’ve healed, the things you’ve overcome – this is the source of your strength, and it also is the source of your beauty.  You will come to a time when you say, ‘I’m so glad that thing I feared or dreaded happened, because I would not be me without it.  I wouldn’t not have learned compassion, or empathy, I would not have known the determination or grit deep within.'”

“There is no wasted opportunity.  Not if you are determined to make something of it.”

“You are making your own history of your own personal monument: to your work, your sacrifice, your passion, your perseverance.  It is your accomplishment that will stand as solid as granite through the years and the miles, through the winds and the waters, through the lifetime to come.”

“Learn to make friends with your troubles.  Make them your teachers, instead of your tormentors.  Or if you can do this, imagine they’re your saviors… rescuing you, pointing you in a different direction, to what’s truly meant for you.”

“Today is your day.  You’re full of confidence and energy and you have plans and you know where you’re going.  Your course is plotted.  The journey itself is your destination.  The path is your purpose.”

“As much as you might desire a certain kind of success or accomplishment, don’t get summit fever.  Don’t be so intent on reaching the top that you kill yourself to get there, or hurt others doing so.”

“Don’t be so focused on some summit that you miss the beautiful views on the way up.  This is a metaphor for life.  Stop and rest.  Look around.  Talk to the people traveling with you.  Who cares if you make it to the top?  The ‘getting there’ is the point anyway.  Your climb, your path – that is your real life.  The effort, the things you learn, the skills you acquire on the way, and most importantly, the people you keep company with – that is the whole point.”

“I wasn’t much of a go-getter in my younger years.  In high school, I was kind of a slacker.”

“It was only in college when I started taking journalism classes that the fire was lit and I really wanted to accomplish things.  Before that, I was happy to hang out with my friends and listen to music.”

“Unsure about what to do with my life, I took her mother’s suggestion to study journalism.  It stuck.  After graduating, I started out as a television host on local news channels and worked my way up.”

“I knew early-on that I wanted to be on television but I took a detour and went to law school.  I worked for a few years as a white-collar criminal lawyer before returning full-time to the news.  It was one of the biggest, craziest jumps of my life I ever made – into TV news.”

“After college, I had a prestigious clerkship lined up with a federal judge.  I still had that nagging hope that one day I could really make it in television news.  And so, what I did next was insane and unthinkable.  I quit, before I even started.”

“I’m interested in fair criticism.  I’m not perfect.  I try really hard to stay neutral.”

“I was doing the best I could in my personal life, and my professional life was going better.  So, you know, you just keep doing the thing that works.”

“My path is not how anyone would tell anybody to get anywhere.  It’s like someone giving you directions from right here to New York City by telling you to start heading toward Miami.”

“I have found most of the best things in my life have been exciting and exhilarating and terrifying, all at the same time.”

“Despite my success, I’m more motivated by my fear of failure than a desire to succeed.”

“I imagine people might look at me and think, ‘Oh, she has been single-mindedly working on her career all these years and those family issues have fallen by the wayside,’ but that is absolutely not the case.  I would never put my job before my family.”

“That’s the goal.  You want to create this oasis.  But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a perfect June and Ward Cleaver home.  And I think we have to accept the messiness, too.  I don’t think you can do this job or parenthood without caffeine, a little wine and dessert.  As a working mom, that is a dream come true.”

“There’s something about a dramatic event like that that makes you a bit more tender, a bit softer.”

“Don’t waste your time feeling ‘old’ when you’re young.  Love and appreciate your own unique beauty.  You know that picture you want to delete?  It’s the picture you might one day look at and say, ‘Wow I looked pretty good back then.'”

“Don’t stress when other people seem to be going higher and faster.  The life you’re making is enough.  It is enough.  You are enough.”

“The thing that once captivated you can soon be taken for granted, its magic lost to you.  So as you go through life, don’t miss the monuments.”

“Don’t worry so much.  Things have a way of working out and life can handle a few of your missteps – even your biggies.  The times you ruined your life – you didn’t.  You may leave your path but your path doesn’t leave you.”

“Today you are at the top of a summit.  Forget the selfie – look out and around and take a picture with your mind… the image you capture with your memory carries not just what you saw, but how you felt.  But don’t forget how good it felt on this day to be you, standing on top of this mountain and ready to climb a few more.”

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