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Steve Harvey Quotes

Steve Harvey Tips

Steve Harvey quotes: what follows is a collection of pretty cool quotes from Mr. Mustache himself, Steve Harvey.

“If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”

“The more people you can help to become successful, the more successful you will become.”

“I pay attention to every minute of the day.”

“Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and recover from them… and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share.”

“It’s really unimaginable that I could start where I was and get to where I’m at today.”

“The single most important part of your life is your dream.”

“My calling is to help people, to teach people, to share with people, until I die.  I can never stop doing that.  I can’t, and I don’t want to.”

“Procrastination will delay your change.  Today is a very good day to change.  Don’t let you stop yourself from growing.”

“You can’t go forward and backwards at the same time.”

“I was homeless.  I lived in a car for a couple of years.  That was the worst.  But nothing was worse than when I was 40 and my mom passed away.  My mother was the best person I ever knew.  Those were the two lowest points of my life.”

“When you’re happy at home, you can make a lot of things happen.”

“I tell jokes for a check.  I’m on TV for a check.”

“I don’t want people to see me fall.  I mean, I got enough people cheering for me to fall now.  The internet has created an amazing place for evil to exist, you dig?”

“I’m just a living witness that you can be an imperfect soldier and still be in the army fighting for God Almighty.  Don’t think you got to be perfect ’cause I ain’t.”

“Your job is not your gift.  Your gift is something that is connected to you whether you are working or on vacation, with your family or even alone.”

“Do what you say you’re going to do.  People can do nothing but respect that.”

“We can all be something better than we are, if we are only willing to change and forgive.”

“You don’t just sit in the car and let some guy drive you through life, wasting your time.”

“Catch fire today.  Make today the day you stop complaining and do something.”

“Do not ignore your gift.  Your gift is the thing you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort.”

“If you pray about it, don’t worry about it.  If you worry about it, don’t pray about it.”

“A person has to remember that the road to success is always under construction.  You have to get that through your head.  That it’s not easy becoming successful.”

“If you are waking up with the sensation that there’s got to be more in life?  Then there is.”

“I take my brand very seriously.”

“You’re never too old to reinvent yourself.”

“The most successful people in this world recognize that taking chances to get what they want is much more productive than sitting around being too scared to take a shot.”

“When you sit by and just let your life perish without a vision, it is the most painful kind of death.”

“The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.”

“I’d have to say I’m most proud of my mentoring camp that I do in Dallas every year for 100 boys from single-parent homes.  I was raised by a mother who was a Sunday school teacher and a father who worked hard.  Together they taught me to give back.”

“People get jealous and use whatever information they have to make you feel bad and themselves feel better.”

“Failure means that you’ve now learned another valuable lesson that pushes you one step closer to success.”

“Your reality is yours.  Stop wasting time looking at someone else’s reality while doing nothing about yours.”

“You can’t tell big dreams to small-minded people.”

“I don’t want to be 60 years old, standing on stage, telling some jokes.  I want my life to mean something.”

“I tell people I’m a stand-up comedian two hours a week.  The rest of the time, I’m somebody’s husband, I’m somebody’s father, I’m a man.  I take great pride in that.”

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