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Teri Hatcher Quotes

Teri Lynn Hatcher

Teri Hatcher quotes: on setting intentions, how to be witty, aging, work ethic, and more.

“What are you doing with your life?  What is your purpose?  What are you passionate about?”

“The only way to get anything wonderful out of life is to risk big and jump off the cliff.  It makes you incredibly vulnerable, but you know that on the other side, that’s where all the goodies are.”

“As Edward Everett Hale said, ‘I am only one, but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

“Patience is the only way you can endure the gray periods.”

“We may have doubts, but we control the present.  We always have the choice to move forward with hope and confidence.”

“If you’re going to embrace the highs, you’ve got to embrace the lows.”

“Don’t try to be perfect.  Life isn’t; no one is.  Use mistakes and mishaps as opportunities to grow tolerance and to teach.  There is such a thing as happy accidents.  And love, love, love and listen, listen, listen.”

“Acceptance is different than apathy.  It is important to strive to be your best self, your healthiest, most productive, joyful self.  But that is going to be a different answer to everyone.”

“I’m a firm believer in putting your money where your mouth is.”

“The decisions that we write off as momentary, insignificant, incidental, everyday encounters are exactly when we have a chance to define ourselves.  To find beauty.  To engage the world around us.  To create memories.”

“I think that imperfections are really wonderful.  The prospect of being with someone who never had a zit or an extra couple pounds of fat is sort of boring.”

“I am all about health… and to me, size is not what defines your health.”

“Changing what you don’t like about yourself can be empowering, and that’s not a bad thing.  Feeling secure enough to own what is weak and missing from either your body, mind or spirit and to commit to action to change it is a good thing.”

“I put a limited time on the blues.  I say, ‘I allowed myself to be blue for four hours, and now I’m going to stop.'”

“Tired people aren’t witty.”

“Beauty is a combination of qualities.  I don’t think one can deny that certain people or things feel aesthetically-pleasing.  But without an equally-pleasing being behind that form, there is no beauty there.”

“Parenting isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  That advice lends itself to a bigger philosophy of life: it’s step-by-step, moment-by-moment.  You’ve got to be present and deal with what comes, knowing that the good and the bad are never permanent, just something to notice, acknowledge, learn from and treasure.”

“It is truly a privilege to be able to support all women’s causes on a global level.  It is remarkable that something as simple as television can empower us to create change and awareness in the world.  I am blessed to be able to work at a job I love and also give back in the most vital way – to people in need.”

“I’m trying to just put out even the smallest amount of positivity out there.”

“At my lowest, I was making nothing, of course.”

“I think I’m a kind of a person who works hard at whatever I do, literally from being a waitress to being on television.  I always try to give 110% to whatever it is I’m doing.”

“I’ve started keeping a journal at night.  I write my intentions for the next day.  It always starts with, ‘Wake up.’  Like I’m telling myself, ‘You aren’t dying tonight.’  I’m going to wake up, then… I make my list for what I want to accomplish.  Then at the end on the day when I go to make the next day’s intentions I take note.  I check what I did and circle what got left off the list and reflect on why.  It feels like it’s making me accountable for my choices and priorities.”

“On looking back on my life, I want to be defined as what I am, which is a woman, a mother, an actress, a friend and a molestation survivor.”

“Here’s the thing.  I’ve finally figured out how to be comfortable in my own skin.  Maybe not every day but a lot of them.  Age allows you to be clear on your purpose and cherish who and what you are grateful for.  You have enough age to see the miracle of life and enough youth to revel in that knowledge.”

“Aging is not for the faint of heart.  I’ve raised my daughter, I’ve had hit shows, I’ve won awards.  And I don’t have to look at my career the same way.  You can be vulnerable and strong at the same time.  You can forgive others and yourself.  You are willing to put in the effort to reach a goal… or not.  And that’s okay.”

“I think that I’m a bright woman who can size up a problem, then figure out the best way to handle it.  I’ve been knocked flat on my face, sure.  But it just makes me stronger.”

“I feel strong, I feel good.  It’s liberating!  It’s liberating to take care of yourself and it’s liberating to care about the things that are important to you.”

“I’ve a really good life and I’m really self-sufficient.  I guess that’s a good place to come from – to be happy and settled.  I just want to share that.”

“Make the most of every moment.  For me, that is sharing joy and positivity… knowledge I’ve gained through experience – both successes and failures – and helping to lift others up.”

“All I know is that I’m on that show every week and I’m, like, a big deal on the internet.  What more could I want?”

“I have been really fortunate to have some great experiences in my life, and I look forward to more.”

“My advice, be healthy, reach your own goals and don’t be afraid to impersonate a SNL star.”

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