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Helen Hunt Quotes

Helen Elizabeth Hunt

Helen Hunt quotes: the film star’s top quotes.

“We can live a life full and complete, thinking with our heads but living from our hearts.”

“A small step in a good direction.”

“The tongue is more easily controlled than the features of the face; and though the heart may be secret, the face is transparent.”

“I doubted my chance at this kind of a career when I was in my twenties struggling to find good work. I had given up. There were moments in the ’80s when I was disgusted with the bad series I was working on. Those were a pretty sad few years for me but then I said to myself, ‘Okay, you’re not going to be a big star, so what? You make good money, you live very well, and you only have to work a few times a year. It’s not a bad life.’ Then came Mad About You and my life changed.”

“The money gave me the freedom that I have now: to be able to work only on movies that truly mean something to me. After all those years doing a lot of horrible stuff, that kind of freedom is something every actor cherishes more than anything else.”

“”I hope that I’ve got lots more work ahead of me.”

“On a professional level, an Oscar means that your salary suddenly increases by a few million and you get offered a lot more movies which in the past you had to beg to have a chance to read for.”

“The Oscar sits on some shelf above my desk. If there was an earthquake, I could actually be killed by my own Academy Award.”

“I’m writing and trying to create something myself. I think more and more I’m interested in stories about relationships that have plenty of shadows and complications and darkness because life has at least as much of that as the other.”

“Directing sort of suits my personality better, but that’s the reason why I would never want to give up acting, because it doesn’t suit my personality so well and it makes me stretch and go to places I wouldn’t go as an artist. As you get older you think, ‘Maybe I’ll try to make it happen now, because if not now, when?'”

“If I’m crying and saying ‘never again,’ I should probably write about it and try it again, so I did both of those things. It’s sort of like surfing: it’s the best profession and also at times it’s the worst one. When it’s going well, it’s better than anything and when it’s not, you want help so badly. It’s hard for me to imagine writing something and giving it to somebody else to make. Writing is the hardest part, so the idea of handing it to someone else to deliver, it doesn’t seem right.”

“I have a good organizational brain, and I’m super prepared, so those things come pretty easy.”

“I actually have a life I said I wanted to have. I wanted to tell stories I want and be with my family. I’m whispering it, because I’m a quarter Jewish and afraid it’s all going to be taken away.”

“I’ve made choices that work with my family. I want to work and I want to be with my family so I just walk the tight-rope of showing up for both those things.”

“I know you’re always supposed to want more of everything. But in truth, I’m having a nice ebb and flow of being in my daughter’s life every day and getting to keep my work life alive. I am acting and telling stories I love.”

“I’ve had ups and downs. It was a dream come true, which is a great thing to be able to say; then you go back to work, trying to forge a career that’s fulfilling.”

“Almost everything negative has turned into a positive. It’s just hellish getting there. But when I can remind myself that I am fall-to-my-knees lucky and should be fall-to-my-knees grateful, these big negatives are not so bad as they feel when they first hit.”

“I don’t have any expensive tastes. I’m just as happy going to a beach and sitting in the sun today as I was 10 years ago. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I drove there in a Bentley convertible.”

“I do eat well. I try to love my body.”

“I meditate every day. That’s sort of a can’t-live-without-it thing. I do it for 20 minutes a day, sometimes two times a day. I’ve been doing that for 30 years. It’s an essential thing, especially working as hard as I’m working right now. There’s just no way I could do it if I didn’t meditate.”

“I think that all of us are five year-olds and we don’t want to be embarrassed in the schoolyard. I’ve gone through things in my life. People say it must be so hard to do it in the public eye, but the truth is, when you go through hard things, it’s just hard.”

“We all feel disabled in some way. We all feel imperfect. It’s hard to be looked at for various reasons.”

“Pity and friendship seek different habitations.”

“If there’s a message, it’s that the unlovable and unattractive parts of ourselves should be embraced. The only real currency between people is what happens when they’re not cool. And I hope people feel okay about not being cool.”

“Words are less needful to sorrow than to joy.”

“It’s getting too late in my life to care about the small things. It’s getting too late to not be brave, to not live my life fully, to not try to be an artist. Trivial things like how nice your hotel room is… they fade away.”

“All nights are sacred nights to make confession and resolve and prayer; all days are sacred days to wake new gladness in the sunny air.”

“It’s a good life.”

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