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Joan Collins Quotes

Dame Joan Henrietta Collins

Joan Collins quotes: the Dynasty star’s best soundbites.

“Make each day a mini lifetime – to achieve something and to enjoy something.”

“Life is a predator: you have to eat it before it eats you.”

“My parents instilled in me that life was going to be very difficult and that I’d have to work for everything.”

“Life is not life unless you make mistakes.”

“Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you somebody who has never achieved much.”

“If life throws you a lemon – make lemonade.”

“You’re better than people say you are.”

“Well, it is quite daunting, but I made my first appearance on the stage when I was nine, because I went to a theatrical school, because I wanted to be an actress since I was eight.”

Dynasty was the opportunity to take charge of my career rather than waiting around like a library book waiting to be loaned out.”

“I love acting, I love working, and whether it’s radio, television, films, theater, I don’t care as long as I can get out there and do it.”

“And then I wrote my first autobiography when I – well, it was 23 years ago.  And since then I’ve written about one book every two years.  I’ve written four beauty books as well.”

“I’ve never chased fame.  I came into this business to be a theater actress.  I was nine when I first appeared on stage.  But I can’t say I would turn my back on fortune.  I’m someone who enjoys the benefits of money.”

“I never thought I was particularly good-looking.  But when I see old photographs, I realize that I was.  I do wish I had known that at the time because beauty is power.  I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be young, beautiful and in Hollywood.  It didn’t hit me.  Every day I woke up, went to the film studio and just got on with it.”

“I do think it’s very important, if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with somebody, to know that you really like them.  Because when the pheromones wear off, which of course they will, you have to have a strong basis.  I believe in marriage very strongly.  I think there’s a wonderful commitment to it.”

“I won’t be defined by age; I’ll wear a leather skirt – even a bikini – if I want to.  Clothes are my passion and I adore them.  Some people today consider style, elegance and being well-dressed and groomed as a frivolous waste of time, but not me.”

“I would never have gone up to a producer’s hotel room, knowing what men are like.  It seems to me actresses who are saying, you know, ‘I went up to this producer and he took his dick out and I froze.’  I mean, I’m sorry, you don’t freeze, you go, ‘Stop that, I’m leaving.’  I just gave them a knee in the groin.  It’s hardly suffering.  You just didn’t put up with it.”

“The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it.”

“The problem with beauty is that it’s like being born rich and getting poorer.”

“The body is like a car: the older you become the more you have to take care of it – and you don’t leave a Ferrari out in the sun.”

“If you’re lucky enough to be given looks then it should be up to you to take care of them.  I realized that from an early age, so I decided to take care of what I had with exercising, eating properly and taking care of my skin, and my body.”

“If you feel well and happy, your face will reflect this, but if you are down in the dumps and having a miserable time, your face will soon show this, too.  In fact, you get the face you deserve by the time you’re 40, and one of the keys to looking and feeling younger is being active.”

“Age is just a number.  It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.”

“I don’t look my age, I don’t feel my age and I don’t act my age.”

“You can’t help getting older, but you can help yourself from becoming old and infirm, in mind as well as body.”

“I think health is another exceedingly important thing.”

“One of the main secrets to staying young is staying healthy.”

“I have to do something.  Whether it is painting, writing, acting, shopping, going to the gym, being with friends, going out – I just am a very active person.  I have a lot of friends and I travel a lot.”

”I feel I’ve achieved quite an amount in my time.  My father did give me some good advice, though: ‘No one will ever do anything for you, so do it yourself.'”

“When you’re a teenager or you’re in your 20s, you don’t have any conception of how life’s going to be.  It’s tough and it’s short.”

What’s rich?  I would say four homes all worth several million, and a personal fortune, according to the papers, of $30 million.  I’m not exactly rich, no.  Rich, as Robert Wagner said to me, is having ‘f*ck you money.’  I don’t have that and I’ve a lifestyle to support.”

“I am a big squeezer of life.  I couldn’t squeeze more out than I do.  Five marriages and a romantic life delicately described as ‘vivid’ probably proves my point.”

“I’ve done well.  I would like to be remembered as somebody who gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure.”

“I just want to continue doing the things that make me happy and for me, that’s being with my family and friends, enjoying my homes.”

“I have always tried to live my life with enthusiasm and pleasure.”

“I’m very satisfied and happy with my life and there really isn’t anything I want.  I’m extremely happy in my life.  I consider myself to be very blessed.”

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