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Dan Henry Quotes

Dan Henry House

Dan Henry quotes: R-rated tips and self-promotion from the internet marketing millionaire.

“There’s a certain type of feeling you get when you work hard for your sh*t.  It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“Work hard and enjoy the good life!”

“There are hard clients and there are easy clients.  The hard clients are super difficult to get results for and make you pull your hair out.  However, there are also much easier clients.  These easy clients pay the same as the hard ones, but are 10 times easier to get results for and land on a consistent basis.”

“Perspective really is key.  Everything will depend on your perspective.”

“I’m so grateful to have the best job in the world – the one where you can work from home while watching your kid, and make enough money to basically do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, with whomever you want.”

“Never doubt yourself.”

“Give yourself permission to be successful.”

“[After sharing a screenshot of a text conversation where his mom picked up a couple of clients using his training] When your mom tells you to go to college, then you drop out and become a millionaire… then she takes your course.”

“Timing, perseverance, and years of hard work and trying… will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”

“You always see them ‘gurus’ posting sh*t with cars when they don’t even own them.  I own both a Camaro and a Lambo.”

“Entrepreneurs with small d*cks worry about others being unprofessional instead of focusing on implementation.”

“The ability to get customers is the one skill you must master to build an income fast.”

“Amazing how in just two years I was able to go from almost getting our electric shut off, to building my business up and acquiring GetClients.com.”

“People who avoid failure also avoid success.”

“You have to be an artist to perform your best.  And to perform your best, you have to study your craft.  The closer you become to being an artist?  The luckier your bank account gets.”

“Facebook ads are the eighth wonder of the world.”

“The truth is, most methods, most techniques, most strategies work.  The secret is implementation.  A year ago I was broke.  I learned a strategy that thousands of others had learned and failed at, but I implemented it properly, and became a multi-millionaire.  Implementation is the secret.”

“Are you so f*cking scared of what other people will think, that you’ll never let your voice be heard?  That’s bullsh*t.  Be yourself and watch what happens!”

“[While posing by his gray Lambo] I said I would never buy a Lamborghini… until I realized I could have a Batman-themed Lamborghini.”

“Confidence is seriously, seriously undervalued when it comes to building success and building wealth.”

“Nothing like a fine cigar, a fine ashtray, and a fine pool table.  Work hard and get things in life you want.”

“[After spotting a Facebook billboard in NYC] Even Facebook is advertising offline.  Never underestimate the power of a declining advertising platform to become so cheap, it becomes a hidden gem.”

“[On his balcony overlooking the water] It’s amazing how every day I get to sit out here, look at this view, enjoy a nice meal, and then get to work whenever I want to.  Purchasing this home was a big investment, but one well-earned.  The state of mind I’m in every day makes me 10 times more productive, and that’s worth the price I paid and more.  As you become more successful, level up.  You deserve it.”

“If you want to be rich, stop listening to poor people.  That includes your parents.”

“Become a great leader and stop being a victim.”

“If you want to be successful and stay successful, surround yourself with successful people.  Eight figures here I come…”

“One true fan is worth 1,000 haters.”

“It’s more important to launch than to take the extra time necessary to ‘perfect’ your product or feature.”

Sam is my spirit animal.”

“When you join the right people, your life improves.”

“Only lazy people have the time to hate.”

“There’s nothing better than having a business where you help transform peoples lives, and at the same time, can smoke $40 cigars with your father for his birthday and take him out on a dinner cruise… making all that money back before you even eat your salad.  Best business in the world!”

“I always say, ‘The best customers become your best friends.'”

“You can tell the strength of a lion by where he lies.  Some people say buying an extravagant house is a waste of money, but I believe that you should lay and make your den where you deserve it.  You deserve more than you think you do, and I know I deserve everything I’ve worked so hard for.  So I live in a very nice den.  It’s not about vanity, it’s about knowing what you’re worth and making sure that you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor.”

“The quickest way to win is to master implementation.”

“You will get no results if you take no action.”

“If profanity stops you from being successful, then f*ck off.”

“It only took me seven years to become a millionaire overnight.”

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