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Carolina Herrera Quotes

Carolina HerreraCarolina Herrera quotes: the famous fashion designer spills the tea.

“Love what you’re doing, believe in it.”

“Life always has a bit of a challenge in front of you, and that’s what makes you fight for it.”

“You have to be ambitious, otherwise you won’t get anywhere.”

“I like the future much more than the past. If you just sit and think about the past, you’re lost.”

“You can’t wait for people to tell you; you have to know yourself. You have to decide on your own. I adore my work. Nobody’s forcing me to do this.”

“You have to have your own style, your personal style, the stamp of it.”

“It’s about being secure with what you like.”

“Any business is the same in the beginning because nobody knows where it’s going to ride.”

“Age is something only in your head or a stereotype. Age means nothing when you are passionate about something. I was schooled at home, then didn’t go to university because I married when I was 17. I didn’t go into work until late in my life.”

“In anything you do, it’s important to have your own personality there.”

“The secret to staying inspired: you have to have your imagination going at all times, and you have to be curious to discover new things. Allow yourself to be open to inspiration and seeing things in a new light. Inspiration comes from anything and everything. You must always keep your eyes open; great things have a way of finding you if you do.”

“You need somebody you respect and admire to back you always.”

“If you ask me to sew a button, I don’t know how to do it! The idea of the whole collection and how you want to build your brand is all about working with the right people. And luck!”

“You need to work as a team. You cannot do everything on your own.”

“I believe that you have to treat the people who work with you like your family.”

“Mistakes in life teach you how to succeed because you want to try again and do it better.”

“You have to have curiosity in life. The moment you don’t have any more curiosity, then don’t do anything. Retire and stay in your house.”

“There is always the new project, the new opportunity.”

“There comes a time in your life when you need to do something new.”

“You have to have perseverance. You have to do it again and again.”

“I’m a great believer that we have to do things with a little twist.”

“Attention to detail is of utmost importance.”

“Perfection does not exist; only God is perfect.”

“When something is a challenge, you want to do it better.”

“There have been a lot of changes. You just have to accept it and be strong.”

“Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.”

“I don’t get my inspiration from books or a painting. I get it from the women I meet.”

“I want women to choose something that makes them feel empowered and fantastic and admired by many people.”

“Intuition is a strong feminine quality.”

“I’m very optimistic and I think anything can be solved. I always tell young women, ‘You can work, you can have a baby, and you can have a family; you can have a happy marriage, and you can work, too. Try, this is what we do.’ This is discipline, without it you cannot do anything. I was brought up in discipline. And it’s necessary when you have to do what I do: take care of a family and husband and a house and another life. I’m a great believer that we women can do it because we are multitaskers.”

“I learned the value of a good education, studying, curiosity and the appreciation of beautiful things.”

“Fashion is a dream. It’s difficult, and there are many aspects of fashion that are very difficult, but if you love it like I do, because I really have a passion, now, for fashion, it’s not easy, but nothing is easy in life.”

“The difference between fashion and art is that fashion is art in movement.”

“True style money can’t buy. Style is something subtle that shows in small details. It’s not the clothes you wear; it’s the way you act, move, speak.”

“Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.”

“It’s important to find what really suits who you are, because style isn’t only what you wear, it’s what you project.”

“Luxury will be always around, no matter what happens in the world.”

“Keep in shape: if you look good, you will feel confident.”

“It’s important to have love in one’s life, because it makes us more human and, incidentally, more beautiful. Those are tips that don’t cost a thing, right?”

“You have to be very strong about your own style. They can say whatever they want, but I do what I do because I love it.”

“I am truly happy with what I’ve got.”

“I was brought up with considerable discipline.”

“I very seldom compromise.”

“I started my business in my 40s. That’s when I learned that I could do it. You don’t have to be afraid of getting older; fear is the most disgusting thing. You have to get older because the alternative is horrible. If you don’t get older, you’re dead! When I was 15, the only thing in my life I wanted to be was a vamp. With a big cigarette holder and a black veil like one of those movie stars. Now I know that I don’t want to be a vamp. I want to live the life I’m living. I’m very happy with what I do and how I do it.”

“When you do something that you like, and you think you can keep doing it, you don’t think about retiring.”

“Why give up something I love? I grew up surrounded by beautiful things and developed a good eye for fashion, for which I feel real passion for. And the fact that at work I’m surrounded by people who share that passion makes everything easy.”

“If you do something for so long, it’s really great in your life, right?”

“If you think that you did everything and know everything and that everything has been done perfectly well, then it’s time to retire.”

“I always look forward to the future. I will forever be in the beauty business—my job is to make women feel confident and beautiful.”

“I love literature and often say that if I weren’t a designer, I’d be a writer.”

“I love books; my suitcases are always full of them. Books and shoes. I read when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am nervous.”

“There isn’t a book that has changed me, but I have favorites such as Pride and Prejudice which I often re-read.”

“I’m very curious; I like to do research and discover new things. What makes me the happiest is to see my family and friends happy. And what upsets me the most is to see someone I love suffer because of something he or she is going through, whether it’s an illness or a situation. I like people who have a sense of humor, because without a sense of humor life is empty, and you never forget someone who makes you laugh. A sense of humor makes life easier!”

“Work doesn’t seem to interfere with my life. I have time for everything, even time to be alone.”

“I wouldn’t change anything. I would do it all exactly the same way. Even the mistakes.”

“Life is hard. It is not too short, it is too long. But you have to learn how to live; you have to have a sense of humor.”

“Feeling good about yourself and your life is very important.”

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