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Ron Howard Quotes

Ronald William Howard

Ron Howard quotes: on the incident he had at seven years old that shaped his future, not bending when it comes to creative vision, why directing was so important to him, and much more.

“I think it’s in our nature to try to get beyond that next horizon.  I think that when we as a species are scratching that itch we’re actually following an evolutionary compulsion that is wired into us.  I think good things come of it.  That’s the philosophical side.”

“If you’re not out there taking some risks, if you’re just coasting along with your wins, then you’re not really trying.”

“Confidence is preparation in action.”

“Follow your curiosity.”

“I’m not a caterer.  I just have to stay with my creative convictions.  At some point, you have to just get past the special-interest groups and do what you’re there to do.”

“You’re always a little surprised when something really takes off.”

“I love leaving the door open to good ideas.  I love the collaborative swirl.  I get charged by problem-solving, usually under some kind of stress – the sun is going down, and we have eight minutes, and we have to solve it.  Great things come out of it.”

“I don’t look ahead to the future as a vast, endless one.  I’ve begun to feel the calendar pages turning.”

“I don’t choose something unless I think I have a personal understanding and something I can offer.”

“There are creative benefits to getting older.”

“When you’re young and you’re striving, it’s all uphill, and it’s easier to climb.  Then, when you get up there and look around, you sort of say, ‘Wow, the altitude’s kinda thin up here!'”

“I’d rather risk confusion and stay creatively fresh and stimulated.  I feel like I’m growing and challenging myself all the time.”

“You can’t expect perfection.  It is important to sort of acknowledge some of our imperfections.  I write them down.  There’s something about acknowledging mistakes and being able to put them down on paper; they become facts of your life that you must live with.  And then, hopefully, you can navigate the road a little bit better.”

“There was a combination of shyness and just fear of looking stupid that kept me out of a lot of interesting creative conversations that I could have had at an early age.”

“I used to feel that I had to be dictatorial in order to be respected, but after I did a couple of TV movies, I began to see that authority came with the job.  So I began to relax and let more people into the process, and my work really improved.”

Death can be experienced once, winning maybe more, but losing can happen all the time.”

“I think it gets overused and tossed around in ways that aren’t true.  Every impressive achievement is not genius.”

“Humor is unavoidable.  It might not feel funny in the moment, but more often than not there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“We’re all constantly keeping score.  You can’t help it.  But trying to pit ourselves against other people in some measurable way is largely a waste of time.”

“It’s hard to define change in oneself unless something really dramatic happens, like you give up some vice, fall in love, or something like that.”

“Sports always works for us more allegorically or metaphorically and that’s what’s fantastic about why we love them.  You demonstrate the limits to which a human being can go and they keep pushing the boundaries of that.”

“Every religion, in my opinion, has something to bring, and I think we all learn from everyone that there’s no right, perfect way to look at something.”

“If you think about it, for almost any moment, any mood that you might be in, there’s probably a Beatles song that will address that mood, that feeling, that set of emotions.  I don’t know that that can be said about very many groups, if any.”

“If I had to choose between a great acting job and a good directing job, I’d choose the directing job.”

“I acted as a kid.  I always liked it, but I don’t really have a performer’s personality.”

“I think child stars have a leg up, actually, because they have an innate sense of what creative problem solving is all about.  But to make a life out of it, you have to be ready to take on project after project.  You have to like the action.”

“Early in the second season of The Andy Griffith Show, I ventured a suggestion for a line change to make it sound more ‘like the way a kid would say it.’  I was just seven years old.  But my idea was accepted, and I remember standing frozen, thrilled at what this moment represented to me.”

“It was always my dream to be a director.  A lot of it had to do with controlling my own destiny, because as a young actor you feel at everyone’s disposal.  But I wanted to become a leader in the business.”

“Early on in my career, when I had basically been a sitcom actor for all of these years, and I made my first movies, and they were comedies, and they were successes, it was very important for me to stretch.”

“When I realized that my big dream was going to come true – Night Shift was a success, Splash was a success, I got the job to do Cocoon – suddenly, I was underway.  And I knew my name was rising up the lists.  I was going to have a career.  I was going to be able to direct movies until I screwed it up.”

“One of the great things about being a director as a life choice is that it can never be mastered.  Every story is its own kind of expedition, with its own set of challenges.”

“As a director, I’ve wanted to have adventure in my life, creative adventure.”

“I believe in the imperative to explore, so any project that I can be involved with that celebrates that, and expands people’s imagination around that idea of pushing out, is one of the most positive things that I think I could be involved with.”

“I’m interested in all forms of content, including internet and gaming.  On the TV side, cable has sparked a renaissance of the medium and that will continue for storytellers.”

“I always think of the good comebacks on the car ride home.”

“Once or twice in the height of Happy Days excitement, which had more to do with Henry Winkler as ‘The Fonz’ than ever had to do with me, we were kind of like a boy band for a year or so, and we would go out on personal appearances and feel the limousine rocking, and the grabbing at your clothes and people trying to steal your cap.”

“I have the career that I want.”

“I’m not a good enough actor any more to be able to stand up here and make you believe that I haven’t imagined this moment in my mind over the years and played it out about a thousand times.  I’m very grateful for this.  I’m very grateful for an entire lifetime spent involved in this creative process.”

“The regrets I have are strong enough that I wouldn’t share ’em.  I think that you can’t live without suffering some.”

“Over the years I’ve grown more conservative, I’ve come to realize that if in fact it does hurt me in the entertainment business, at this point in my life, that’s okay.  The cloth’s been cut.  I am who I am.”

“I want to work.  I’d be unsatisfied if I couldn’t be pursuing this.  But I love my family more.  This is really life.”

“I’m lucky in a lot of ways.  And in my family life, my home life, is where I count myself the luckiest.”

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