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Ian Stanley Quotes

Ian Stanley Copywriter

Ian Stanley quotes: go (tennis) balls deep inside Ian’s mind.

“It’s better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”

“I hate losing more than anything in the world.  Except maybe terrorists.  They suck.  But I’m working hard to let go of the attachment to outcomes.”

“Perfection doesn’t exist.  It’s not attainable, so let it go.  The pursuit of perfection has crippled me at times.  And I’ve seen it destroy the lives of others – especially entrepreneurs.  My motto has always been, ‘It’s better done than perfect.'”

“Our deepest levels of happiness often exist on the other side of fear.  The letting go of perfection.  Sometimes you just gotta say f*ck it.  Do it.  And see what unexpected beauty unfolds.”

“Let go of your fear of fear.  Do you know the number one fear in the world?  Public speaking.  Number two is death.  Those aren’t my greatest fears.  I love public speaking more than just about anything.  And death is inevitable.  My greatest fear is that I’ll let fear stop me from expressing my gifts and fulfilling my purpose in my short stint on this planet.  So I do not seek to be without fear.  But to be without fear of fear.  Fear gives you power.  Fear is a compass.  Whatever scares you most tends to be what you need most.  Lean into the fear.  Make friends with it.  Let go of your fear of fear.”

“The only thing deeper than the ocean is my thoughts.”

“All I ever wanted after college was to make a living from my laptop so I could work from anywhere.  The internet was full of gurus who promised you could ‘work from your laptop on the beach.’  I’ve found that sand and laptops don’t get along.  I prefer to just enjoy the beach.”

“I don’t always speak in public, but when I do I use dynamic visual imagery to penetrate the hearts and minds of the audience.  Or tell highly inappropriate stories.”

“There’s a reason I love lions.  Lions don’t think about what they are or what they’re supposed to be.  They aren’t trying to be something else or someone else.  They are a lion.  That’s enough for them.  They don’t question their nature.  They don’t sit up at night thinking about who they should become.  Most importantly, at least to me, they don’t apologize for who they are or what they are.  (In fact, I’m pretty sure humans are the only animal that feels sorry for themselves.)  Lions don’t apologize for killing to survive.  They don’t apologize for sleeping 20 hours a day.  Most of all, they don’t apologize for being king of the jungle.”

“The universe is weird and awesome all at once.”

“My theme for [this year] is this: Unapologetic.  I’m done apologizing for being me.  I’m done playing small.  I’m done hiding.  It’s natural and sensible to fear the dark.  But no one benefits when you hide from the light.  I’m done playing in the shadows.  I believe that the scariest thing you can do in your life is become who you are… who you were born to be.  That’s why I’ve changed my Instagram name (for the last time… I promise) to BecomingIanStanley.  I don’t want to be anyone else.  The only thing I can ever be the best in the world at is being Ian Stanley anyways.  So why try to be anyone else?”

“For me, there’s nothing scarier than doing stand-up comedy.  It’s a terrifying act of exposure that puts you in a raw and vulnerable situation.  You basically say, ‘You know those embarrassing stories I never thought I’d tell anyone?  I’m gonna go tell them to a room full of strangers.’  It’s mental.  But there’s no higher high than killing it on stage.  And you can’t get that experience without dealing with the fear.”

“[On getting to hang with copy Gods Kevin Rogers and John Carlton] Life happens a lot faster than you think.  It was only a handful of years ago that I was reading John’s books with zero income to speak of.  I thought he was some mythical creature.  The idea of meeting him in person was not on my radar at all.  Today I got to watch him struggle with turning on a car radio.  And it was only a couple years ago that I ended up in an Uber with Kevin Rogers after asking the universe to meet the shiny-headed legend.  Life is cool.”

“A little over five years ago, I was living in my parent’s house and teaching tennis a few hours a week to get by.  Every day they’d ask, ‘When are you gonna get a real job?’  My answer: ‘Never.’  So I made a commitment to myself.  Hand copy a sales letter for one hour per day.  F*ck making products.  F*ck creating my own websites.  F*ck SEO.  F*ck paid traffic.  F*ck all that.  I was gonna get good at one thing.  Then I could learn the other sh*t if I needed to.  [Apparently… he didn’t.]”

Bonus: “3 Copy Commandments.”

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