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Will.I.Am Quotes

William James Adams Jr

Will.I.Am quotes: popular soundbites by Mr. Black Eyed Peas.

“The only obstacles to success are those which you place upon yourself.”

“Obstacles are inefficient. Follow your intuition, free your inner soul and break away from tradition.”

“You must be open-minded and able to adapt when trends and interests evolve.”

“Envisioning the goal, then pursuing it, is only part of the formula. Once the goal has been achieved, envision another one.”

“It’s never a waste of time or money to invest in yourself, no matter the source. True wealth begins inwards and emits its light outward into everything else, including the people you surround yourself with.”

“Waste is only waste if we waste it.”

“Failure should not define the entrepreneur. In fact, it should not be in your vocabulary. Call it a re-definition, a refocus, or a discontinued endeavor.”

“If I didn’t mould my reality then I’d still be in the ghetto where people like me are supposed to stay. You have to dream your way out of the nightmare.”

“If you really want change, you really want it to be inclusive, where everyone’s included, otherwise you’re just going to have more of the same in the future.”

“Sharing the spotlight does not detract from one’s success. Your team is just as important as you are when it comes to success. Sometimes changes within your team are needed to take you business and vision to the next level.”

“You don’t have to stay in your lane when it comes to friendship or ideas.”

“There are leaders and there are followers. Followers follow leaders and leaders follow their heart.”

“When you follow your heart, you’re never supposed to do things because of what you think people might say. You do it for the opposite reasons.”

“When you think outside of what you know, that brings out the best in you.”

“You need to step up when necessary.”

“There are no problems that can’t be solved. The world is too full of options. If you can’t solve the problem, it’s because you haven’t found the right option. But the answer is always there.”

“I don’t want to hope anymore. I don’t think we should hope anymore. We hoped enough. Now we have to do. We all have to do now.”

“The world doesn’t need another opinion, they need another person taking action. So I take action because I see the call and response.”

“Don’t be afraid of the dark. Look inside, grab your heart, let it shine. If it’s dark outside, shine your light.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”

“Things don’t have to end. They can begin again.”

“There are five issues that make a fist of a hand that can knock America out cold. They’re lack of jobs, obesity, diabetes, homelessness, and lack of good education.”

“Most kids are not dreaming of being programmers, scientists or engineers.”

“I just like seeing kids inspired.”

“Every young person is going to be inspired to be a maker from now on. It’s like how everyone used to want to be a musician, an actor, an athlete. But a maker is what people are going to want to be.”

“Code writers, they are my idols. Great coders are today’s rock stars.”

“We need creative people working with broadcasters, making smart content to inspire people to be geniuses.”

“I speak honestly about my goal of inspiring young people. It’s just going to keep inspiring me back. I want to do my part, I want to invest in America’s future. My message for all young people: ‘I am here to let you know that you can be anything you want to be.'”

“I’m passionate about improving access to education, about the need for young people to engage with science and technology, and about how damaging it will be for us all if they do not. I have always attributed my own success to the strong values that my mother instilled in me, and the emphasis that she placed on education.”

“It’s all about getting knowledged-up.”

“I can like something. You can like something. It’s not an absolute.”

“I’m good at thinking outside the box, so much that you realize it’s not a box to begin with.”

“My attention span is very short. I have ADHD. I’ll admit it.”

“One thing I learned about ADHD is that it’s hard to keep your attention, and you can’t sit still and you’re always moving and thinking about a whole bunch of things. But those traits work well for me in studios and in meetings about creative ideas. It’s allowed me to keep my attention disorder in order.”

“It’s also taught me a lifelong lesson: ‘For every obstacle, there’s some type of solution.'”

“My mom encouraged me in everything I did. She sent me to a charter high school and discouraged me from getting involved with local gangs. And she always supported my artistic pursuits. I was performing with a rap group by the eighth grade. It was the group that would evolve into the Black Eyed Peas.”

“I discovered early on the power music had to keep me focused. It keeps my mind from wandering. I can stay in the music. Music brings control to my thoughts.”

“Music brings control to my thoughts. It’s not escape, it’s just order. I’m making order out of a disorder.”

“I was born and raised in the ghetto, on welfare, two minutes from homeless.”

“I know people in gangs; I could have went down that route.”

“I was in the projects dreaming about doing music and now I’ve done music. When I had nothing, to when I had something, I still have this driving force that’s fueling me every day and that’s making ideas reality.”

“Rap is an amazing art form, but that sh*t is not accidental. That sh*t is on purpose.”

“I have a do-it-yourself, entrepreneurial mentality that runs through black American pop. I was an equity partner in the Beats headphones developed by rap mogul Dr. Dre and producer Jimmy Iovine. In 2010, the mobile phone manufacturer HTC purchased a majority stake for $309 million. (It was later sold to Apple for $3 billion.) I used my share of the HTC sale to set up my own technology firm, i.am+, in 2013.”

“What really excites me is technology, and how it can advance social change.”

“The impetus to enter the tech market came when I realized that tech companies used musicians to sell their products. (The Black Eyed Peas’ song ‘Hey Mama’ was used in the first iPod ad campaign in 2003). I was like, ‘Wait a second, if they’re paying us to sell their stuff, and they’re paying us more than it cost to develop it, then I’m going to develop my own stuff and sell it.'”

“I started to look at the Black Eyed Peas as ‘a brand, not a band,’ and began approaching companies with ideas about how they could work together.”

“Showing that it’s possible to do things, rather than just talk about them, is part of what’s my grand plan. First you have to build capital, and you do that by building a brand, a brand around substance, and things that are valued, and then you start doing things around philanthropy and teaching.”

“There’s no endgame! The point is to keep moving. That’s an endgame right there, the language that you use. That’s the endgame. There is no endgame, it’s called momentum.”

“I’m a prime example of how the creativity, that is inherent in the make-up of a musician, is actually an asset that can be tapped into for entrepreneurial success.”

“Music is cool. But I’m just so much more excited about technology. It’s like I’m 13, 14 all over again. When I was 12, 13, 14, all I wanted to do was music. Now I’m a little older, all I think about is technology and consumer electronic products. I still make music, don’t get me wrong. But it’s just like breathing now.”

“Music is my therapy and my straitjacket. Music keeps me sane and keeps my mind on something. It’s fragile up there.”

“If my mind’s not trying to fix something or create something, I don’t know what to do. It just throws me off.”

“The computer allows me to execute my ideas at the speed I think them.”

“If you know how to freestyle, you will never have writer’s block.”

“I’m a maker. I love everything I make.”

“My mom’s discipline worked out perfectly. I wouldn’t change a thing. I remember when I was 11, I told my mom, ‘One day I’m going to buy you a house.’ And she said, ‘Boy, don’t you be making promises you can’t keep.’ I was like: ‘No, Ma, it’s not a promise. I’m going to buy you a house one day.'”

“I fulfilled the vision of my mother, who saw the value of believing in her son.”

“Philanthropy is the thing that I am really excited about, and having success means I can do more. Philanthropy is my job.”

“I will not start an initiative until I’ve spent my own money. Because if I spend my own money, people who want to get on board afterwards know that I am serious about it. There’s lots of people who have money but no reach, and their money comes from God-knows-where and they need to write it off, so they get a celebrity on board to validate it. Unfortunately that is Hollywood. And I don’t want to be like that.”

“Looking beyond yourself keeps things in focus. Giving back to your community, or even to the planet in general, yields an intangible benefit that keeps you, as the entrepreneur, focused on the overall picture.”

“Imagine better versions of what we see every day, and then put those goals and visions into action.”

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