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Victoria Osteen Quotes

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Victoria Osteen quotes: wisdom from the Lakewood Church co-pastor.

“When we tend to the areas of life that are important to us, when we make those things a priority, that’s when we will flourish in those areas.”

“Don’t settle for average.  You were made for greatness.”

“Remember, the choices we make today shape the people we become tomorrow.”

“You hold the keys of change within you.  You be the change you want to see.”

“The pressure you are facing is not going to break you.  It’s going to make you.”

“We only have a certain amount of energy for each day.  If we use it for the wrong purpose, if we focus on the negative or dwell on whoever hurt us, then we’re not going to have the energy we need for the right purposes.”

“Wrong thinking keeps people stuck right where they are.  If you think you’ll never accomplish your dreams, those thoughts will hold you back.  Don’t limit yourself with defeating thoughts.”

“Every morning when we get up we should just say, ‘Okay, I’m going to reset my life.  I’m not going to carry around yesterday’s mistakes.  I’m not going to carry around disappointments, things that didn’t work out.’  Whatever it is: ‘Oh, I didn’t work out or didn’t take my kids here.’  Even simple things, if we will decide today’s a new day and we have an opportunity to choose how we’re going to live our life, and we’re going to prioritize our time… but the choice is ours and the attitude with which we do it with is ours.”

“Sometimes we just set every dial in our life and we get up and we just go full speed ahead, when we really need to re-evaluate our lives and how we are spending our time.  What are we setting as priorities in our life?  So it’s how we utilize it or how we spend it, so-to-speak, and how we steward it.  The choice is ours and many times it’s, ‘What attitude are we going to have?’  Even if we start out our day and we face an unexpected challenge.”

Get in the habit of speaking positive because a healthy self-image is one of the greatest assets you can have.  It will not only cause you to rise higher, but it will inspire others around you to live at their best.”

“Everybody can make a choice to be more positive.  It’s about who you hang around and what you choose to watch on TV.  What environment you put yourself in.  It’s easy to get a negative internal dialogue.  You have to be aware of what’s playing in your mind.”

“You can’t just leave your mind open and empty because the wrong things will fill it.  So you have to be proactive and just decide that when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts… we have to just catch ourselves… that whatever is going to come against me, I can bear.  Begin to think positive thoughts.  But you can’t just leave your mind open.  You have to replace and erase those negative thoughts.”

“Life doesn’t always give us what we are expecting.  When things don’t go our way, we get to choose how we will respond.  We get to choose our perspective.  Will you focus on what you didn’t get, or what you did get?”

“The challenges are gonna go, so try to enjoy this moment, and try to look at what’s good, and be grateful for what you have because you will see better days.”

“One of the most important things you can do in your life is to learn to pull back the curtain of fear so you can see it for what it really is – the enemy blowing a lot of smoke and pushing your buttons.”

“Oftentimes, people stay where they are in life simply because of fear.  But do you know that fear isn’t reality?  It’s only a thought in your mind.”

“In the society that we live, we think we are what we do.  And comparison is the worst thing that we can do and we’re usually comparing our weaknesses to someone else’s strengths.  It’s such an important thing to realize that we have gifts and that we have talents, and that we’re all on a journey and not every journey looks alike.”

“In life, we will always encounter difficult people.  Don’t allow them to frustrate you or steal your joy.  There’s negative people in our lives and sometimes you have to just get away from the negative and you have to go somewhere where there’s positive.  You have to make these choices every single day because the truth is, life is hard.  And if we don’t fight a good fight of faith and decide we’re going to put ourselves in the places that are going to feed our soul, then it’s going to even be harder.”

“As much as you may want to, you can’t control what other people say or do; you can only control yourself.”

“If you focus on the actions of others and allow them to constantly upset you, then you are handing your peace over to them and giving away your power.”

“I think when you have an optimistic attitude, you will find the good things in your life and that you will lead to good relationships and good people in your life.  And you can make the most of what He’s given you.”

“If you just can’t seem to get ahead, you might need to check your priorities.”

“A lot of things we’re supposed to do are hard to do, but we can do them.  They’re always beneficial.”

“We all have circumstances and times when we may be tempted to complain, but find something to be grateful for instead.  Studies show that people who practice gratefulness are happier people!”

“I’ve learned in my life that things change.  Seasons changes, times change.  We take different jobs.  Our children grow.  So, we have to study the people in our lives and adapt to them, because when we do that, we get more out of our relationships.”

“I just think that is so important to keep a strong support system, to keep yourself encouraged.”

“Choose to be kind.  Choose to forgive.  Let your love grow and shine so that people may look at the example of your life.”

“Our life ripples out, and it has influence.  That’s why it’s important that we’re at our best and that we’re influencing others for the good.”

“You need to love your life; you have to appreciate yourself.”

“I am unable to give my best if I don’t have my best to give.”

“As women, we’re nurturers by nature.  We want to make sure everyone is happy.  That’s a good thing, but we also have to put ourselves on that happiness list.”

“We have to take care of ourselves if we are going to take care of anyone else properly.”

“I think that when you don’t look at the good things around you, that you lose sight of all those good things.  And you’re not going to enjoy your life.”

“It’s good to find common ground with people.  When you find common ground and you see things from other people’s perspective, you have a voice in their lives.  You can have an influence.”

“As women, we have the most influence over our children.  Reading to them and having them read to us is the most basic thing we can do to promote literacy – one of the bedrocks of confidence.”

“I think that we have a great opportunity to impart our wisdom and our knowledge and our experience to this younger generation.  It may be different times, but experience transcends time, and wisdom transcends time.”

“I think money helps us.  It helps us.  It’s our – it’s our exchange system.  But it does not buy you happiness.  It doesn’t buy you health.”

“Choosing forgiveness opens the door of your heart and makes way for a miracle in your life.”

“I spend my money like I don’t have anything.”

“God doesn’t want us to merely sit around dreaming about things we can do and be.  That’s a good place to start, but a poor place to stop.  God wants us to turn our dreams into action.”

“When you use your faith, it gives you energy.  It gives you the ability to be able to see beyond where you are right now and see into the future.”

“You may not be like everyone else, but that’s okay.  Be who God made you to be.”

“I just encourage people to look for what’s right in your life, and not always looking for what’s wrong in your life.”

“Let me encourage you to get up every day and focus on what you do have in life.  Be thankful for the blessings of the little things, even when you don’t get what you expect.”

“As you keep your mind and heart focused in the right direction, approaching each day with faith and gratitude, I believe you will be empowered to live life to the fullest and enjoy the abundant life He has promised you!”

“Keep your memory box full of good things.”

“You know what, my faith is like this – when I die, I’m going to live with God forever and ever.  But I believe He wants us to have a good life here on earth.”

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