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Carrie Ann Inaba Quotes

Carrie Ann Inaba

Carrie Ann Inaba quotes: the TV star’s most shared quotes.

“When you look at life as if it were a teacher, it will help you find a silver lining in everything you do; and that helps make every experience positive.”

“You have to put in the work to be ready for the next opportunity that comes to you. If you do the work, and you’re prepared when the opportunity comes to you, it’s all going to work out fine.”

“For a lot of people, the scariest thing is the future. How do you imagine an unimaginable future? My prayer tells me that no matter what, my heavenly Father is waiting to guide me, to love me, as much there as He is in the here and now. He fills those places in us that loss hollows out, shining a light on the path ahead. Nothing attacks faith faster than fear.”

“When you have confidence… it’s like when someone walks into a room with confidence and they seem larger than life. When someone just as beautiful walks into the same room without confidence, they don’t seem to fill the room. How you feel about yourself is a big factor.”

“In work, I believe that you really need to choose people that you get along with because work is life, so you may as well enjoy your time. I’m lucky. I have great people around me, and we laugh all day.”

“Diversity is still an issue and we have to continue to grow the message.”

“I try to bring positivity to others. I have found that when you give back to others and create a sense of community, you will feel less alone and more positive in everything you do. But it’s not just about being positive. It’s about being honest with how you really feel and trying to create an environment for yourself to live in that supports your best life. And that includes the up and the down days.”

“I’ve been through a lot. But it’s what made me become a seeker of happiness and peace. That’s why it’s so strange that I would become a dance judge. It sounds like I’m there to put people down. But I have tried to help people grow.”

“I was diagnosed with Sjörgren’s syndrome. In the end, though, the experience helped me grow as a person. It helped me evaluate who I am. I did a lot of soul searching. I learned about who I am besides being a sexy dancer chick. And ironically, as I let all that go, I found my way back to feeling vibrant and radiant again.”

“I love when life throws me something challenging. Because I know something beautiful is just around the corner.”

“I started my career as a singer in Japan, but left it all behind to focus on my dancing career.”

“I come from a dancing background, and I know it’s stereotypical, but I would dance because I wasn’t comfortable speaking to people.”

“We have a tendency to be in our heads. Dancing is about letting go of the mind and the ego and finding the power of the body.”

“For me, dance has always been about self-expression.”

“You have to just stay in the happy place.”

“Part of a person’s beauty is her imperfections. I have this firm belief that I am who I am for a reason. If I change something, I’m cheating myself of whatever it is I’m supposed to learn from my body.”

“We all should have goals of being well-rounded and healthy. We can ask ourselves if we’re also emotionally healthy and happy in our lives and our relationships.”

“Take care of your spirit. The best way to do this is to be aware of people around you. When I’m having a bad day I find the most helpful thing is to do something kind for someone I don’t know. When I do this my whole state of being changes. I’m happier and life feels better somehow—like I’m resonating at a higher frequency. When we’re doing this we are attracted to better food, better activities and begin to benefit from the principle that ‘like attracts like.'”

“Whenever I had downtime, I tried to be true to whatever my body needed: sleeping, meditating, making sure I worked out.”

“Do something physical every day, even if it is doing simple stretches. Do what works for you at your own pace. This is so important. And most of all, don’t ignore what you know.”

“I think that’s half the battle in staying healthy: to have a healthy mindset about it and to be open to possibilities.”

“I don’t think that anything in life should be so regimented that you’re not having fun or can’t enjoy like everybody else.”

“I love and appreciate and value my friendships more than ever and have found them to be my greatest gifts.”

“Love is the one thing in life that makes everything worthwhile.”

“I don’t need that much to live—we don’t need that much to have a wonderful life.”

“My biggest splurge was a Dolce and Gabbana dress. I didn’t know you could spend that kind of money! It’s a dress that I could have forever. I thought, for once in my life I want to see what that feels like.”

“I felt blessed that my dreams had been realized. I felt incredibly grateful for all that I had been given.”

“I was born and raised in Hawaii, and my parents sent me to a Christian school. Lots of kids acted bored or just plain acted out during chapel. But those services were the highlight of my week. The chaplain really communicated what it meant to believe in a loving God and how that could change your life. I listened to his words like they were the most important instructions I would ever receive. And this idea that life was about love—it made more sense than anything I’d ever heard. It put the world totally in perspective for me.”

“You learn from everything that comes into your life—the good and the bad. Even illnesses. I have a few and I see them as gifts from God. They’ve brought me closer to him.”

“There is the God of everywhere—past, present and future. It is the one thing I know I can predict, the one sure thing about life.”

“It may be too much to hope for, but isn’t that what hope is about? That’s why I thank God every day for what was, is and will be. I want my faith to shine through everything I do.”

“I always say the same prayer: ‘God, thank you for all that is, was and will be.’ There’s a reason my prayer never changes. It sums up what life is about. It’s my spiritual template, my foundation. And it has never let me down.”

“Take care everyone. And I’ll keep you updated on my journey.”

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