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Ivanka Trump Quotes

Ivana Marie

Ivanka Trump quotes: the businesswoman’s best sayings.

“Love what you do.  There’s always going to be someone else who’s smarter than you, but there’s no substitute for passion.  People who are passionate always work the hardest, and that sets them apart.”

“Passion, combined with perseverance, is a great equalizer, more important than education or experience in achieving your version of success.”

“Passion is something that’s hard to discover purely through introspection.  You have to have experiences.  You have to learn real-time and through experiences, what makes you tick.”

“It’s very hard to be great at what you do if you aren’t deeply passionate.”

“We can’t all be great at everything we do, but we can all be great at something.”

“Success isn’t something that happens to you; you happen to it.”

“If you want something, you have to work for it.”

“Be bold.  Take risks.”

“It’s important to get in the habit of growing as a human being, developing and refining leadership and management skills and entrepreneurial instincts and changing to accommodate the times.”

“Running is a great metaphor for life.  You set a goal, and then you get to work.  How well you do is a direct reflection of how hard you work.  It’s a mental game, too.  There are setbacks along the way, but the true test of a runner is how you overcome and push past them.”

“Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s about taking a bigger-picture approach.”

“Just go out and do things, and those things that continue to spark an interest, do more of.”

“Know what you want to achieve prior to starting to negotiate.  It’s the golden rule but the one most people fail to heed.  Without a plan, you allow the opposing party to define your goals instead of the other way around.”

“The only people I’ve ever met who are really successful in their fields, regardless of what field that is, are people who are deeply passionate about the work they do every day and are motivated by a sense of purpose.”

“The most successful people I know spend more time asking questions of the people around them than they do answering them.”

“I try to live in the present.  I learn from my mistakes in an effort not to repeat them, but I remain totally focused on today and tomorrow.  Many of my mistakes turned out to be incredible opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, and therefore, in hindsight, they were deeply valuable.”

“When I was younger, I was more self-conscious about living up to or surpassing the expectations of others.  But as you get older, you start to build confidence.”

“You can be born into privilege, or you cannot be born into privilege.  You can be born into the opposite extreme and into poverty.  I think from there on, though, you really do have to make your luck.”

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.  I’m a big believer in that.”

“Perception is more important than reality.  If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is, in fact, true.  This doesn’t mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but don’t go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage.”

“Your post-college years should be an exploratory time in your professional life.  From your early 20s and on into your early 30s, you should feel free to explore your professional prospects.  Keep an open mind, and don’t expect to get everything right straight out of the gate.  Be prepared to start over once or twice.”

“One of the great things about being young is that you can change course relatively easily.”

“The average person can look at someone in public life and say they have it all, but they might be struggling.  Or you may think another person has more apparent challenges, but she’s deeply grateful for her life.  I don’t think anyone can judge what having it all means for someone else.”

“I don’t think you are truly successful unless you are a happy person and are happy with your life.”

“Quality, for me, is key, and this stands true in every facet of my business – from real estate, to hotels and fashion.”

“A word of advice: your interview is about you.  It’s not about the school you went to, what you majored in, what your GPA was, or who your parents happen to be or know.  Most of that stuff is right on your resume, and it might even have gotten you into the room, but it won’t get you much farther.”

“The way in which you carry yourself, even when seated at a desk, matters.”

“I’ve never had a sense of entitlement.  I saw how hard my father worked for his money, and it was always made very clear to me that things wouldn’t just be given to me.”

“The way my father raised me was really informative of how I think about my role as a female and how I view myself in a professional and personal capacity.  So he encouraged me to set the bar very high for myself, to set great goals for myself.”

“My father taught my siblings and me the importance of positive values and a strong ethical compass.  He showed us how to be resilient, how to deal with challenges, and how to strive for excellence in all that we do.  He taught us that there’s nothing that we cannot accomplish if we marry vision and passion with an enduring work ethic.”

“My father is definitely not the kind of guy who’d place his children in key roles within his organization if he didn’t think we could surpass the expectations he had for us.”

“For me, one of my life’s missions is to disrupt these dated concepts of what it really looks like and means to be a working woman.  The expression ‘working man’ is never heard in conjunction.  But people still talk about this sort of ‘working woman,’ and there’s a bit of negativity to that connotation.”

“I’m not saying that if you’re working at home, raising a family, that’s not work.  I want to disrupt the narrative around what it means to be a woman who works.  The whole point of my brand is that women should be architecting the lives they want to live.”

“If you ask me, there’s nothing more incredible than a woman who’s in charge of her own destiny… and working daily to make her dreams a reality.”

“I hope my children just grow up happy and pursue their dreams.  I mean, that’s all I can ask of them.”

“I’ll take the stairs instead of the elevator, or when I’m on a phone call, I’ll do squats or pace the room when I’m talking.  We’re modern women!  We have to figure out how to make it work, right?”

“The Trump World Tower was home growing up, and it’s where my office is.”

“I wanted to be a businesswoman from as early as I can remember, and specifically, my real passion was real estate.”

“I can’t imagine that I would be the person I am today if, over the last seven years, I had been married to somebody who didn’t feel 100% comfortable with my drive, my ambition, my interest in thinking big and swinging for the fences.”

“I don’t have a problem if somebody who has never met me wants to say that I wouldn’t be where I was today without my family because you know what?  They may be right.”

“Those who believe that my success is a result of nepotism might be right, they might also be wrong.”

“If people think I’m just the boss’s daughter, they’re deceived.”

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