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Hugh Jackman Quotes

Hugh Michael Jackman

Hugh Jackman quotes: logical lessons from the A-list actor.

“When your dreams becoming reality, they’re no longer your dreams.”

“It’s good to be young and full of dreams.  Dreams of one day doing something ‘insanely great.’  Dreams of love, beauty, achievement, and contribution.  But understand they have a life of their own, and they’re not very good at following instructions.  Love them, revere them, nurture them, respect them, but don’t ever become a slave to them.  Otherwise you’ll kill them off prematurely, before they get the chance to come true.”

“In life you don’t regret the things you do, you regret the things you don’t do.”

“The longer it takes you to become successful, the harder it will be for somebody else to take it away from you.”

“If somebody in your industry is more successful than you, it’s because he works harder than you.”

“Instead of setting goals, seek defining moments.  Those are the real tests, because you have to be willing to fail in a pressure situation in front of other people.”

“To get down to the quick of it, respect motivates me – not success.”

“Unless you’re willing to fail miserably in the pursuit of your dreams, you’ll never make it.”

“We have far more ability than we give ourselves credit for.”

“The definition of being good is being able to make it look easy.”

“The word philosophy sounds high-minded, but it simply means the love of wisdom.  If you love something, you don’t just read about it; you hug it, you mess with it, you play with it, you argue with it.”

Your idea doesn’t have to be big.  It just has to be yours alone.  The more the idea is yours alone, the more freedom you have to do something really amazing.  The more amazing, the more people will click with your idea.  The more people click with your idea, the more it will change the world.”

“There comes a certain point in life when you have to stop blaming other people for how you feel or the misfortunes in your life.  You can’t go through life obsessing about what might have been.”

“Look, my philosophy in life is expect nothing and everything is a bonus.”

“Life has ups and it has downs.  I don’t care who you are.”

“Anyone who thinks they’re indispensable is fooling themselves.”

“If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.”

“I’ve always felt that if you back down from a fear, the ghost of that fear never goes away.  It diminishes people.  So I’ve always said ‘yes’ to the thing I’m most scared about.  The fear of letting myself down – of saying ‘no’ to something that I was afraid of and then sitting in my room later going, ‘I wish I’d had the guts to say this or that’ – that galvanizes me more than anything.”

“So the more you do it, the less the fear is present.”

“We can live tough lives, but the human spirit is stronger, seemingly, than anything.  There is redemption, hope, and love.   All different forms of heartbreak, but beyond all that there is hope, there is love.  There is beauty and bliss.”

“The hunger will give you everything and it will take from you, everything.  It will cost you your life, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.  But knowing this, of course, is what ultimately sets you free.”

“Giving people a hand up, not a handout, is the way forward.”

Writer’s block is just a symptom of feeling like you have nothing to say, combined with the rather weird idea that you should feel the need to say something.  Why?  If you have something to say, then say it.  If not, enjoy the silence while it lasts.  The noise will return soon enough.”

“Write down five things you love to do.  Next, write down five things that you’re really good at.  Then just try to match them up!  Revisit your list once a year to make sure you’re on the right track.”

“I’m quite a competitive person, so I do quite like to win.”

“I have two kids, career and I travel, and I don’t think my life is any different than most couples.  The most valuable commodity now for many people is time and how to parcel that out.”

“Fatherhood is unbelievable, tiring, magical… the most challenging role I’ve ever had.  Look, kids have a way of pushing your buttons more than anyone else.  If there’s stuff in your life you haven’t worked through – as a parent, you’re going to have to work through it.”

“Kids are the greatest joy.  No matter what’s going on in the day, you can walk in that front door and it all goes away.”

“When your focus innately, deeply, 100% becomes these kids in your life and their well being, it just seems to put everything into perspective.  Being a father has taught me so much.”

“The more we can see the world as a whole, and the less as ‘your team, my team,’ the better we will be.  I am ridiculously blessed.  I don’t need any more money.  I’m totally good.  So if I can use whatever power I have now to share with others, that’s my hope.  And I want my kids to be with me every step of the way.”

“I just love making a fool out of myself.  I made my living as a clown at kids’ parties for about three years.”

“It dawned on me that acting was what I wanted to do with my life.  Nothing had ever touched my heart like acting did.”

“Acting is something I love.  It’s a great craft that I have a lot of respect for.  But I don’t think it’s any greater challenge than teaching eight-year-olds or any other career.  In my life, I try not to make it more important than it is and I just hope that rubs off on the people around me.”

“Now I meet people with full-color Wolverine tattoos on their backs.  Thank God I did okay, because I think if I hadn’t, they’d spit on me in the street.”

“I can look back on my life, where there have been moments where things might have gone the other way.  Everything is like stepping stones, and I’ve seen people I admire falter.  We’re all vulnerable.”

With age, you see people fail more.  You see yourself fail more.  How do you keep that fearlessness of a kid?  You keep going.  Luckily, I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself.”

“I work extremely hard doing what I love, mainly to ensure that I don’t have to work extremely hard doing what I hate.”

“What I respect as far as in myself and in others is the spirit of just doing it.  For better or worse, it may work and it may not, but I’m going to go for it.  Ultimately I probably prefer to be respected for that than whether it works out or not, either winning or losing.”

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