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Jake Paul Quotes

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Jake Paul quotes: the YouTuber’s best bars.

“Dab on ’em haters!”

“I’ve went from zero followers to millions, and I can show people how to do the same thing.”

“A lot of influencers are lazy.  They’re cool with a nice car, or some money in the bank, or being able to get in the backdoor at 1 Oak or something.”

“Naps are like vlogs.  Everyday bro.”

“Nothing much has changed, except the Gucci is real, the grind is harder.”

“I overcame a lot of things growing up – as everyone does.  Nobody’s life is perfect and each individual will have their own struggles and stipulations.  I had to overcome bullies and other people who didn’t like me and tormented me.  I overcame those things with positive affirmations and setting goals.  When I would set goals I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of me breaking them.  As I found success a lot of those things subsided and became less important.  I realized that if I just focused on myself and what I was doing, everything became easier and had bigger returns.”

“[You’ve got Gary Vaynerchuk as an investor!  How’d you pull that off?] As soon as I talked to Gary about what I was doing, he immediately understood and wanted to be involved.  Gary has had tremendous experience in social media, so he understood our power and value.”

“If you look at the biggest people on social media right now, it’s the Kardashians.  My goal is to form a crew that’s bigger than them collectively.  It might take us five years, but we’ll get there.”

“Don’t ever conform to society.

“[What advice do you have for other YouTubers out there that are starting out?] You’re only one video away from going viral and changing your life.  If you were training for the NFL and were only one-tenth of a second off from making the team, would you stop training?  No.  You shouldn’t stop making videos just because you haven’t made it yet.”

“Do you think Leo DiCaprio just got out of bed one day and became an Oscar-winning actor without putting the work in?”

“[You’ve also got a VC fund.  Tell me about that.] It’s called TGZ Capital.  It stands for Team Gen Z.  I formed it with Cameron Dallas and Patrick Finnegan.  I saw all these celebrity VC funds, like Joe Montana’s or Ashton’s or whoever, and they really don’t do anything except write a check.  So I figured why not start my own influencer fund?  I’ll get investors and invest in our own startups.  Every startup needs social media strategy, eyeballs, and an Instagram page.  We’ve already got that figured out.”

“The most successful people never worry about what others are doing.  Focus on yourself.”

“I’m never satisfied.  It was just the 20th anniversary of Bad Boy Records and they’re still talking about Biggie.  I want people talking about me when I’m gone.”

“I’m selfish.  I only buy coupes.”

“[You’ve got a social media company now?] It’s called Team Dom.  It stands for Teen Entertainment and Media Kingdom.  We want to be at the forefront of engaging the teen market.  We’re focused on building brands, celebrities, and businesses.  We’ve got over 30 million followers and six billion views.”

“The education system needs to teach more real life lessons – how to build a biz, how to balance a budget, how to get a credit card, etc.”

“All I ever did was work hard and follow my dreams.”

“To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.  I’ve been making videos for the past 10 years, so if someone wants to knock me off, they’d better bring it.”

“[Where’d you get this entrepreneurial drive?  Who do you look up to in business?] I studied everyone in entertainment: Dr. Dre, Diddy, everyone.  Rob Dyrdek was big for me.  He would get two million views a week on Rob & Big and from that sprung everything: DC shoes, Monster Energy, Fantasy Factory, everything.  I get six million views a week.  I figured with those kinds of numbers, I could do the same kind of thing.”

“Work hard.  If you’re working hard, success will come regardless.”

“Consistency.  You have to keep pushing.  Whether it’s making videos or going on auditions, if you are consistent, you will be successful.”

“The most rewarding thing for me is being able to inspire kids from small towns like I was from… and show them that anything is possible.  If someone else can do it, so can you.”

“Surround yourself with like-minded people.  This will push your limits and create friendly competition which will make working harder easier.”

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