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Jessica Samis Quotes

Jeff And Jessica Samis Reviews

Jessica Samis quotes: the better half of The Profit League on being pampered, persevering, pooches, pools, and more.

“On imperfect action: I think it’s better to run in the wrong direction, briefly, than to stay shackled to the starting line, permanently.  With the former, at least you can course correct, pick up the pace, and find the finish line… in time.”

“Only those willing to do what the very few do… will get the rewards that the very few get.”

“Success comes by putting in the work every single day and staying on path.  There are no shortcuts.”

“No matter what anyone says… no matter what obstacles come in your way… no matter how many times you hear no… never give up.  Dreams do come true.”

“Success looks good at the top.”

“[On her adorable dog, Meeko] There is so much this lil’ fluff nugget teaches me on a daily basis: unconditional love, persistence, and determination.”

“To travel… is to live.”

“Making a change to take control of your life and dreams isn’t easy – but it is worth it.”

“[On working poolside in Las Vegas, NV] Nothing like sun and palms.”

“As I sit here on this gorgeous Saturday… creating content… I cannot help but reflect on the fact that every single person has the power to create.  Those who choose to believe they have no control in their lives and the experiences they have, end up living a life of chaos and disappointment.  Those who choose to leverage the power of creation are the ones who are offered the opportunity to live a life of fortune, freedom and fulfillment.  Choose control.  Choose creation.”

“[On Canada Day] Grateful to be a Canadian!”

“I am the woman I am today because of the hard work my mom has put into me… work that she makes look so easy.”

“[On her weekend getaway] Time for some much needed rest and relaxation, facial, and massage.  Recharge the batteries, feelings of gratitude and relaxation before more domination.”

“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”

“[On her hubby and co-creator of The Profit League, Jeff Samis] There is no one I’d rather go through life with.  Together we can do anything.”

“One of my greatest joys in life is helping others to realize the greatness that’s within them.”

“Grateful for this life.”

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