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Jeweliet Tangen Quotes

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Jeweliet Tangen quotes: The Strategy Loft CEO on growing your coaching business to 7-figures.

“You will have to spend money to make money at some point.”

“I think people should have the right to love, f*ck, and do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t compromise other people’s happiness.”

“I’ve done over 15 calls myself this week… and have invited only five of them to work with me.  Don’t be afraid to turn money down.  Only work with the people you like and can really help.”

“Last week I talked about why you are always attracting broke people on the phone on my FB live.  The gist of it was: your content is solving poor people problems.  Therefore poor people think that your services are for them, book the calls and you end up struggling to close sales.  Poor people and rich people problems are most definitely not the same.  According to people way smarter than me, problems in business depend on the stage businesses are at.  Can you guess what the biggest problem for a company that is on a stage of zero to one million dollars is?  Sales.  Yep.  Basically, you’re wondering how to get to $1M in sales.  That’s where you learn about your target market, what they want and how to find them.  And at this stage it is imperative that you invest in your business.  Why?  Because if you are asking people for money and not spending it on yourself – you will give off an energy that will make people feel uneasy.  People who are broke are afraid to let their money go.  When was the last time you invested?  When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone?”

“Your health is key to your success.”

“You absolutely, 100% can afford the thing you want; you’re just making excuses so you don’t have to go outside of your comfort zone to get it.”

“I strongly believe that business, politics, sex, religion, and money are things we should talk about… all the time.”

“There is so much panic out there about the market becoming ‘overcrowded.’  So I want to teach you how to wipe out the competition effortlessly.  (1) Flood the market with your (superior) content.  (2) Do opposition research (I even buy my competitor’s products).  (3) Grow your audience and authority at the same time (post valuable content and lots of case studies).  (4) Have a price tag that reflects your expert status.  These are strategies I used to go from barely able to book calls to getting 5-10 people messaging me a day.”

“My students win because I’m tough on them.  I don’t let them get away with anything.  And they love me for it.”

“Wanna know how I create marketing campaigns that sell hundreds of thousands [of dollars] in just a few weeks?  I use the POPs… the Principles Of Persuasion that is.  Principle #1: fear of missing out.  People innately don’t want to miss out on opportunities and/or be left behind.  If used correctly in marketing, this will incentivize people to take action at a specific time.  Principle #2: exclusivity.  The key is to make your offer sound reachable, but just barely.  Limit your programs to small groups, and keep the application process rigorous.  Principle #3: reciprocity.  Give value in your posts, then explain how more value will be given if they move to the next step.  Principle #4: results-focused.  Make sure your offer directly mentions the delivery of [the result they’re after], and paint a clear picture in all of your content about how what you do delivers that thing.  For example, if you are selling leads, you are really selling money.  Principle #5: trust/credibility.  Use case studies, research, testimonials and your own experience to back up everything you say.  Principle #6: differentiation.  Your process/methods need to be different than your competitors’, then back up why it’s better with case studies, and you’ll instantly stand out as an authority in your niche.”

“It’s time to start making changes… so that you can start scaling.”

“Yesterday I did a free Q&A video and what I learned really disappointed me.  Most people had offers that started because they chose a group of people that they thought had money.  Which is the worst thing you could do.  You need to find the problem first, not the group.  I know some people that literally just help babies sleep better.  I know another that helps people with adoptions.  They’re both really successful (and not targeting ‘professionals’).  So, find the problem first, then create the solution.  Then sell.”

“Growing a highly-profitable business is not easy.  Personally, I’ve invested over $100k into different things to help me grow.  And it’s been hard.  I didn’t get rich overnight.  But I did create an awesome machine for scaling.  Here’s our secret: we teach coaches how to scale without relying on ads.”

“Just FYI… value does not equal talking about your own business and progress.  If all you do is talk about yourself as if you have an ‘enlightened perspective,’ you’re not adding value to anyone’s day.  You’re just bragging.  Stop talking about yourself.  Try giving actual trainings, advice, and step-by-step instructions for people to follow on your profile.  If you can’t do that, then you probably shouldn’t be coaching.”

My motto will always be: make more to give more.  It’s that simple.”

“The turning point for me was when I realized that this game is 80% mental.”

“Your consumers are being hit with the same info and pitch from everyone in your market.  They are exhausted and emotionally confused about who to go with because everyone sounds the same.  Give them a break!  Show them you’re different and better.  Make it easy for them to decide to watch your content or buy your products over everybody else’s.”

“[On why you need free traffic too] I love advertising, but I love 100% profit margins more.”

“When do you think people are going to realize that scaling has nothing to do with Facebook ads… or chatbots… or any other fancy system?  Fact: businesses have been scaling since long before the internet was around.  What is important is the principles of persuasion… psychology of why people buy… solving a real problem… and positioning your product as the only way to achieving something.  This isn’t new.  It’s not fancy, or even that hard to understand.  I’ve said it before: the more you understand about people, the faster you’ll be able to scale your online business.  Don’t waste your time on a ‘system’ for scaling that has steered literally thousands of people into wasting money and low ROIs.  Seriously, so many people are wasting their money and time because they want a quick fix.  Focus on what matters.”

“Running a business requires a lot more than marketing.”

“I honestly believe if people were just a little bit harder on themselves, they’d be a lot more successful.  They’d stop accepting failure, stop making excuses, and do something to fix their problems.  Not just let them sit and grow.”

“Always bring value to your content.  The more value you give, the more people will trust you.”

“Experiencing other cultures and religions is [a] healthy [way] to constantly challenge how you think and what you believe.”

“You should try everything twice.”

“[On joining her high ticket coaching program] So my question to you is, ‘What are you waiting for?’  You can’t afford to not be in this program if you are a coach.  See… I am not the most traditional coach.  My program is not the fanciest.  And I am very direct (which doesn’t fit everyone).  But there is one thing we do really well… and that’s deliver results!  Other programs want to teach you short-term ROI strategies and simple marketing tricks.  I want to teach you the fundamentals of marketing, sales, and growth so that you can get results like Elle [one of her students] above and sustain it.  That’s what’s important.  Long-term scaling, and sustaining your wealth.”

“Money is good.”

“One of the reasons most people fail at growing a 7-figure business is because they don’t have the mental strength to stick through the down times.”

“Giving is the best way to achieve happiness.”

“A fair amount of people have asked me: ‘How did you scale so fast?’  And, ‘How do you have such an insane closing rate (between 50-60% on the phone)?’  The answer: branding.  Consistently and constantly.  I’ve spent a lot of time building a brand that not only likes me, but more importantly, they trust me.  So, by the time someone gets on the phone with me – they trust what I am offering, and oftentimes already know they want to buy from me.  People that aren’t growing at a rate of 10-20% every month, or closing over half of the people they talk to… are struggling because they don’t have a brand.  They’re just putting out content without value and throwing out pitches likes it’s a baseball game.  But.  The marketplace is tired of being sold to.  You can’t just push people to a webinar once and expect them to trust you.  Because everyone is doing that.  What’s different about you?  Why should people book a call with you?  Or buy your product?  Those are the thoughts going through your prospect’s head.  You need to establish trust and a relationship with them.”

“I think women should be able to wear whatever they want and not be told they’re ‘asking for something.'”

“Here’s the formula for that: (1) 3 Pillars: what are the three things you swear by when it comes to delivering the results you deliver?  (2) Your personality: who are you?  Be brave enough to put your personality out there.  (3) Your story: where do you come from?  People want to relate to you.  That’s the power of building a brand!  So look.  I’m telling you all this because within the next year or two we are probably gonna see a huge shift on the marketing space.  What was working, will no longer work.  The space is getting crowded with people offering the same thing, and promoting it the same way.  Ad, webinar, schedule, sell.  It’s not enough anymore.  Not unless you enjoy paying a ton for a lead and having really low sales conversions.  So why not include a few pieces of content that are strategically designed to attract people and make them way more likely to buy?  That’s what it comes down to.  Cut your workload in half… but double your profit margins and conversions.”

“If you don’t have the ability to make money on demand, you business will die.”

“If you’ve been in business for at least a few months now, and you’re struggling to attract qualified buyers… your strategy is off and you can’t scale doing more of what’s not working.  Start catering your content to solve problems that people with money have… because they don’t have the same problems as broke people.  Then watch as qualified prospects start booking.”

“I have a disability… and it’s actually my superpower.  You may not know this, but I have ADHD.  Which is registered with the government as a disability.  But I’ve turned it into my unique edge in business.  I think faster, decide faster, and can act faster than most of my competition.  That’s a huge advantage in business.  Everyone has 5% of them that is unique.  We all have a superpower.  To get ahead and be genuinely satisfied with your life, you need to find your competitive edge and incorporate it into your business.  It should be the most important part of whatever you do.”

“You should care less what people think, you’ll be a lot happier.”

“The truth is… simple tweaks to copy, messaging or sales scripts are what transform people’s businesses.”

“In a world full of fluff, there’s only one way to be heard by your target market: provide value and differentiate yourself.”

“At the end of every quarter I spend some time relaxing.  And then, right before I get back, to work I re-evaluate my strategy, make tweaks, and map out the next 90 days for maximum growth.  Planning for the long-term and executing on it is 100% vital to growing to 7-figures.”

“The world is as good or bad as you choose to see it.”

“Problem is, so many gurus out there purposely overcomplicate these principles by adding unnecessary technology and software – just to trick you into thinking that you need them.”

“My core belief… the best way to build a strong brand?  Don’t try to appease everyone.  Let the people who aren’t ‘your people’ go.  And those who stay will become the basis for your million dollar business.”

“For every one hater, doubter, or inappropriate asshole, I have 99 awesome, supportive, and excited people in my network!”

“An opinion that tells what other people should or shouldn’t do isn’t an opinion.  It’s oppression.”

“I strongly believe that people need to stand up for what’s right more often and be less afraid of pissing off other people.”

“I give 20% of everything I make to charities.”

“I had someone say no on the phone with me earlier this week.  I let them off the hook and told them to check out my social media for testimonials if they had doubts.  Usually when you let someone go, they don’t come back.  But something magical happened.  They saw my content and testimonials and realized that I could help them scale to 7-figures.  Just got the message that they are ready to get started today.  They changed their mind, humbled themselves, and it’s probably the best decision they’ll make for their business.  Actually, this happens a lot when people don’t buy on the phone for us.  Very grateful!  Now I can give write a bigger donation check tomorrow.”

“Emotions control everything in your business.  Every action, decision, idea, and result is dictated and caused by some emotion.  It’s also the cause of every sale made.  If you can learn how to draw emotion out of people and learn the power of it, you’ll be able to close any sale.  In fact, it’s my opinion that if you lose a sale, it’s because you didn’t do a good enough job of drawing emotion out of the person.  So.  If you want to get more leads… learn about emotional triggers.  If you want to convert more sales… learn about emotional triggers.”

“The number one marketing campaign is to become the best at what you do.”

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