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Nick Jonas Quotes

Nicholas Jerry Jonas

Nick Jonas quotes: on his religious upbringing, dealing with diabetes, going solo, handlin’ haters, and more.

“Dreams are reality waiting to happen.”

“Stop hoping, start believing.”

“Life happens.  Adapt.  Embrace change, and make the most of everything that comes your way.”

“Don’t let the world around you defeat the belief within you.”

“Live your life knowing that your potential is so much more than you can comprehend yourself.”

“Find things you’re passionate about, and find others who are as passionate as you are and who will focus on giving you an opportunity to shine and to have your moment where you can be in front of others to show what you can do.”

“The one mentality I’ve always tried to have is that no matter what stage in your career that you are in as a musician or a performer or a songwriter or whatever, there’s always more to learn.”

“Having an open dialogue, in any creative atmosphere, is really important to feeling free to tell the story the best way you can.”

“You know, so often we think we have each step figured out.  And then when one thing doesn’t go our way, we begin to question,
we being to fear what our next step will be.”

“Being you is the only thing worth spotlighting.”

“I think you are the best you can be when you feel free, when you feel open.  So I think keeping that mentality, keeping positive, is key.”

“Live like you’re at the bottom, even if you’re at the top.”

“You’ve got to avoid situations that make you uncomfortable.”

“I think the community that you’re in really can define your ability to be at peace with your circumstances.”

“My upbringing was faith-based, but we believed you should love all others as you want to be loved, because everyone should be treated equally.  That’s helped me have an understanding of people on different journeys and in different walks of life.  At the end of the day, we’re all the same, because we all want to be loved.”

“Being a pastor’s kid comes with a lot of pressure and scrutiny.  A lot of my dad’s sermons were about respect.  It was a beautiful way to be taught about love and two people being equal.”

“It doesn’t matter if the world is pulling you down.  With Christ you have everything.”

“I know that each and everyone of you have felt, at one point, like you couldn’t go on.  But then you found hope.  There’s always a way to find hope.  Remember that.”

“It’s the hope for all the hopeless in the worst of trying times.”

“I thought the popular kids were the cool kids.  I got caught up in that, and it was bogus.  High school is about finding who you are, because that’s more important than trying to be someone else.”

“Slow down, sugar, because I’m a diabetic.  I had an emotional breakdown since I really had no idea what diabetes was all about.  I wondered, ‘Why me?’  Then I asked myself, ‘Why not me?’ and realized that I might be able to help other kids with diabetes.”

“I think being physically active, doing my best to be physically fit, is incredibly important to me.  You know, I’m in a way better state of mind after I’ve had a great workout.  In addition to that, eating well, eating clean to the best of my ability while on the road or running around or whatever I’m doing, is another thing that I try to make a priority.”

“If you take that time, spend some time with family and friends, prioritize your emotional state of mind, you’re going to be in a way better spot physically.  That’s for sure been true in my life and I hope it to be true in my family as well.”

“I didn’t ask to become a role model, but it was thrust upon all of us, regardless of whether you acknowledge it.  You have to come to a decision as an adult and say, ‘I’ve got to live my life.’  There’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead and being aware of how it might affect somebody – everything from a post to where you have dinner to who you’re with.  But these aren’t things you can let consume your life.”

Having haters is just a part of the business, and the more haters you have, the more people like you – that’s how I view it, because I try to see the positive in things.”

“I am who I am, and I can’t change that.  It’s not something I’ve labored over.”

“I’ve always been quite driven.  I take after my father.”

“I feel really fortunate to come from a home that was always supportive and stemming from creativity, integrity and building character.”

“I get to wake up every day and create music.  And even when it’s a tough moment as far as career ups and downs, it’s always something you’re passionate about, and it’s a beautiful way to spend your life.”

“I think that this stage in my life is really, for a lot of reasons, pretty incredible.  Being a solo artist and trying to take these bold steps on my own.”

“I feel the most connected to my art when it comes from my real life and hopefully the audience feels that.”

“I’m really open to just about anything but I think the real dream is to be able to write my own thing.”

“Songwriting is something that I own – it’s my property, it’s my music, it’s my voice.”

“I see my career as not just music, but as hopefully an entertainer on all mediums, and someone who can have real influence and make great art.”

“Acting has always been a passion of mine, so any opportunity that allows me to do that is definitely of interest to me.”

“It sounds funny, but my biggest fear is that I’m not perfect.  I’m a perfectionist, and I get upset when things go wrong or when I don’t do well.  I used to be very uptight, but I’ve learned to loosen up.”

“I think I like a challenge.  I try to find projects that will push me in a new way and help me grow.  I just want to keep pushing things and growing, and we’ll see what happens.”

“Think about it, there must be higher love.  Down in the heart, or hidden in the stars above.  Without it, life is wasted time.  Look inside your heart, I’ll look inside mine.”

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