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Julia Roberts Quotes

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts quotes: the Pretty Woman actress’s top quotes.

“I’m just a girl from a little town in Georgia who had this giant, absurd dream.”

“Loving what you do is the secret to everything.”

“It’s an excellent life.  I’m rich.  I’m happy.  I have a great job.  I travel hither and yon to fabulous places.  I’m surrounded by wonderful, interesting people.  I live a privileged life – hugely privileged.  It would be absurd to pretend that it’s anything different.”

“The older you get, the more fragile you understand life to be.  I think that’s good motivation for getting out of bed joyfully each day.”

“Look beyond the paint.  Let us try to open our minds to a new idea.”

“We’ve all been broken at some point.  Forgiving ourselves or another person helps us move forward.”

“It’s an exceptional time, and it’s always the happiest time if you can be really present and doing the things that you want to be doing and surrounding yourself with the people you love.  So, yeah, I’m in a good spot right now.”

“You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.”

“You have to be smart enough not to dismiss where you came from.  It may not be all we are, but it makes up for a great deal.”

“I’m tall and smart.  If you’re aggressive and energetic it can be intimidating for people who aren’t very smart themselves.”

“I’m better for all the things that have happened to me, the good and the bad.”

“I just want to make a point that it’s not just great teachers that sometimes shape your life.  Sometimes it’s the absence of great teachers that shapes your life and being ignored can be just as good for a person as being lauded.”

“I don’t think fame changes people.  People change as they gather more experiences and information about life.”

“In my life I think I made really solid decisions, and I would stand by them all over again.”

“I’m just an ordinary person who has an extraordinary job.”

“Look I don’t know sh*t about sh*t but I know right from wrong!”

“‘When I was a child I had a crush on Abraham Lincoln.  Why I choose to reveal this, I know not.”

“You can be true to the character all you want but you’ve got to go home with yourself.”

“If all you have to offer is a look that is supposed to be appealing, then you are going to be paid attention to about a tenth as long as you would be if when you speak you are interesting.”

“I choose totally by instinct.  And the only time I’ve ever gone against my instincts, I’ve regretted it.”

“I certainly take work as a joyous responsibility.”

“I was fortunate to work a lot, and I worked hard, and I was very devoted to that, and then I earned this jewel box of a life that I felt completely entitled to.”

“It’s increasingly rare for me to find things that challenge me as an actor because the challenge of my personal life, and how fulfilling I find it, is tough to compete with.”

“That is the great joy: to go to work with people that you love, whether they be people that you are in love with or people that you just love, and be creative and artistic and make things that you want to send out into the world and make people feel good.”

“I think it’s dangerous to talk in the big generalities of sexism and ageism and face lift-isms.  You really have to speak only from your own experience.  And my experience so far has been ridiculously nice.  Yeah, do the boys get paid more?  Yes.  But do we all get paid too much?  Yes.  I’m confused at what I’m supposed to complain about.”

“It’s amazing what can happen if you just put your arm around somebody.  It’s the truest thing and the simplest thing that does the most good a lot of times and I hope that we can all just reach out to each other.”

“I just have a great life.  I know great people.  I’ve had great relationships – all different kinds of relationships.  I am so lucky to be on the little golden path that led me to all this.”

“Family values.  That’s actually values in general.  That’s all there is.  Fame is just a summer breeze that comes and goes.  But to have a bedrock of knowing who you are, that’s what it’s all about.”

“On my best day, I am a seven-point-seven.  I could be a hard eight if I felt great.  If I went on a good run and had on my best pair of jeans, I could feel right on the money.”

“Show me a person who doesn’t like to laugh and I’ll show you a person with a toe tag.”

“I believe that the way you feel about your life will eventually show up on your face.”

“For the first time in my life, I got people respecting me.  Please, don’t ask me to give it up.”

“I am completely happy with my life.  I love everything about it.”

“Life is so precious.  Please, please, let’s love one another, live each day, reach out to each other, be kind to each other.  Peace be with you.  God is great.”

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