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Katrina Ruth Quotes

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Katrina Ruth quotes: word gold from arguably the internet’s most hardcore chick.

“Nothing and nobody can stop me, and I will simply press the f*ck on until I get what I want, or to where I’m meant to be.⁣”

“Talk about what you live for.  Stop trying to jump ahead to preach on stuff the human you hasn’t even yet experienced, sacrificed for, fought for, and won at.  If you can’t live for what you talk about, why should anyone listen?”

“Followers don’t equate to income.”

“Before you quantum leap, and move rapidly to the next level of income or business or life, the next level and iteration of you… be prepared for a period of, shall we say… testing.⁣”

“When you don’t feel like it, STFU and do the damn work anyway.  Or die broke and empty.”

“The only way you can ever find the fulfillment which you seek and long for, and finally quell the deep yearning of your soul, is to finally find and say yes to the work which you would give your life for.  When we say ‘work,’ of course, we mean art.  The art which is equivalent to the beat of our heart.  The work which must be done, which is a living and breathing being inside of us.  The work which, if we don’t allow it to live, will slowly… oh so slowly⁣⁣… and oh so softly⁣⁣… and oh so surely⁣⁣… kill us⁣⁣.”

“Life is now.  Press play.”

“Good or great comes from practice.  Comes from skill.  But it’s not the same as soul.”

“The way to know how to do anything, end everything, and always choose the right thing, for you, is to stay connected to your highest self and always act from a place of being that self.⁣”

“Probably the simplest way I have found to make money, and to continually increase both company revenue as well as my personal income – which, yes, are and should be two different things! – is to create a non-negotiable need for it.  Without exception, every time I have ‘had’ to make money, to meet a payment, hit a goal, keep up with increasing business and life expenses, uplevel my long or short-term savings and investments?  I do.⁣”

“Wasn’t the whole entire point to be the brightest, boldest, most brilliant f*cking you?⁣”

“I didn’t come here to learn about the right way to be successful or do business or money or fame!⁣ . I came here to raise the vibration of the world.  I came here to be true, and pure, to my art.  I came here to simply do what I can’t not, and not a single.⁣ other.⁣ thing.⁣”

“The shortcut to success?  Do only work you’re insanely proud of.”

“Sadly, a huge majority of people seem to have appointed, well, the entire world as their judge and juror!  Basically, anyone who is not them and has even the slightest semblance of social or business standing is qualified to decide what the appropriate way to live… do business… parent… breathe… is!”

“No matter what, I will just keep going.  And if I refuse to quit, I believe I will build an online empire making millions of dollars a year and doing what I know I was born for!”

“Just decide to be unavailable for bullsh*t.  Think about it: the vast majority of ‘issues’ in your life, where you find yourself feeling p*ssed off, taken advantage of, disrespected, or in some way infringed upon, or where things just feel off, come about as a result of not sticking to your guns on what you will or will not allow.”

“Aren’t you a little sick and tired, by now, of holding back your brilliance, in order to not offend or unsettle people?”

“If you’re not going to be outrageously hot⁣ or outrageously funny⁣ or outrageously audacious about your message, telling every bit of it exactly as it is⁣… or outrageously aspirational… or just outrageously outrageous – aka be fully you – then who TF are you anyway, and why should anyone care?⁣”

“Your work is worthy of being built into a legacy.”

“Perhaps the number one thing you can do, if you desire to call in more soulmate clients who just can’t not work with you, is to truly see them, hear them, feel them.  One of the highest innate needs of all humans is to be seen and heard.⁣”

“When I feel desolate, disconnected, sad, or flat, or down, as though nothing really matters and I just can’t be bothered with any of it, the best thing I can do is to remind myself that motivation and certainty ebbs and flows like anything, and that I can still press on.⁣”

“One of the things you will need to wrap your head around, if you wish to fully unleash the work you know is inside of you, is that your job is to be the damn messenger, who takes responsibility for the precious package she or he has been given.  This means doing whatever you need to do to ensure your art gets to breathe, live, thrive, and is carried on the waves of energy and the collective – or just shared on social media! – the way it was always meant to.”

“There is no detox, cleanse, or release as powerful as the release of the soul, and letting what is really inside of you have its way.  This requires stepping back, realizing it’s not about you, and letting the art be the art.”

“The further I travel down the path of creating my reality and living my dreams, in every aspect of business and life, the more I notice how much time I lost along the way, how hard I made it on myself, how much I worried about so many things which just didn’t matter.  They didn’t matter in the end.  And they actually didn’t even matter in the moment!  These were just the fear-driven or conditioned into me ‘shoulds’… ideas of what is right or how it must be, or, in many cases, simply me blindly following others who were also blindly following others who were, well – you get the idea.”

“It’s all just motherf*cking standards.  Responsibility.  And what you make non-negotiable.  You will always have what you make non-negotiable.  Quit the bullsh*t about why others are there and you’re not, and quit trying to make this whole thing so complicated; it’s really not.⁣”

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