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Frank Kern Quotes

President Of Internet Quotes

Frank Kern quotes: cool stuff that came from the mouth of internet marketing juggernaut, Mr. Frank Kern.

“If you want to impress people, make things complicated.  If you want to help them, keep it simple.”

“Metaphorically, if you have someone who’s hungry and you give them a little bit of food, you’ve only whetted their appetite and they’re going to be hungrier.  So the methodology I like to use is: pull, instead of push.  You make your marketing itself valuable to the end user and when you do that, they come to you.  You don’t have to chase them.  You don’t have to use hype.  You don’t have to bash them over the head or any of that.  Just demonstrate you can help them by actually helping them.  It’s a novel concept.”

“If you’re willing to endure the short-term discomfort that stems from stepping outside your comfort zone and actually working like crazy for a while, you’ll get to where you want to go.”

“The real secret to success is to get out there and work like hell.”

“Pen.  Paper.  Calculator.  Forget high tech planning.  These are the only three tools you need to set a path and dominate.  Hard work plus a solid plan plus persistence equals whatever you want.”

“The shortest path to financial freedom and prosperity is our ability to turn advertising into profit, period!”

“When all else fails, post a quote on your wall.  Even if you can’t remember one and have to make something up – thus quoting yourself.  For we must never give up in our quest for significance.”

“They say behind every successful man is a great woman.  The truth is beside every successful man is a great woman.  And I’ve got the greatest of them all.”

“Absolution generates obedience – absolve someone of their sins and they will follow you.”

“There’s a misconception among business people that it’s about the ‘thing’ they’re selling or it’s about the marketing they’re doing to sell that ‘thing.’  It’s never about the thing you’re selling (which, of course, should be excellent).  The most important thing is the market, the people that the thing is going to be sold to.  There must be an existing market of people who are intensely interested in getting the result that the thing promises and that the thing must deliver.  Without the focus on that first, all is lost.”

“You know you’re lucky when you have insomnia because you’re so stoked to talk to your customers in the morning.”

“[In response to an internet troll who called out Frank Kern’s low number of Facebook fans] Dude it’s the weirdest thing.  I tried to go to the bank and deposit my first 1,000 followers into my bank account, but they wouldn’t take them.”

“Thou shalt not f*ck around.  Thou shalt not be a p*ssy.”

“You are the only person who can take you where you want to go.  There is no guru, teacher, mentor, author, speaker, shaman, or whatever, who can or will do that for you.  Ever.”

“So much of what my kids get to experience is a direct result of what I learned (and implemented) from studying David Ogilvy and others like him.”

“In many cases, the amount of money you make will be in direct proportion to the amount of goodwill you have in your market.  In other words, it pays to be really cool to people.”

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