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Bedros Keuilian Quotes

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Bedros Keuilian quotes: on how to man up, get money, give it back, and more.

“Success leaves clues.  Proximity is power.  Get mentored.”

“Singularity of focus is king.  Go all in on one thing.”

“You’re allowed to feel down.  But you’re not allowed to stay down.”

“If you’re stuck, go get a small win.  Go do something that you’re good at.  Cuz small wins, stacked on top of each other, build the confidence to take on a new challenge.”

“The thoughts that occupy your mind and the people you surround yourself with determine your success or failure.”

“Money is good; meaning is better.”

“Just be unapologetically and authentically you.  I see way too many people giving themselves anxiety trying to be someone or something they’re not because you think that’s the way to stand out.  You’re wrong – that’s actually how you blend in and end up hating your life.  Let me remind you something: the surest way to having regret in life is to live your life looking for approval, permission and validation from others.  Be you.  Do you.  You’re an original, so act like it.  Everyone else is taken.”

“Go all in.  Bet on yourself and continue to keep your head down and crush.”

“Business is about solving problems and charging what you’re worth.  The more complex and sophisticated the problem, the more you should charge for the solution.”

“Don’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.  The pain of loss, fear, regret, shame, anger, hopelessness, and rejection will pass… and when it does… you’ll make the right decision for your life when you’re clear-headed.”

“Leadership is the problem… and leadership is the solution.”

“Be an active participant is the success of your own life.  There’s no ‘man on a white horse’ who’s going to gallop in to save your ass.  You’re it.”

“Make an obscene amount of money and do a lot of good with it.”

“Business is a battle and and the best warriors I know are training in their downtime so they can crush in battle.”

“Always train hard.”

“The weak will gossip, be jealous of your happiness and show up with greed.  The strong will show up with humility, forgiveness and love.”

“Continuity is king.  Sell once and collect money month after month by adding ongoing value, giving access, providing a product, service or housing.  Even if you think that you have a product that can only be sold once, I guarantee you that you can find a way to put it on recurring income.”

“Ninety percent of partnerships don’t work.  Do it yourself.”

“The strong are happy for others and want to see them win.”

“Be fresh out of f*cks for the haters, sh*t-talkers and critics.  Let them choke on your success.”

“You will never create wealth without fixing your broken relationship with money.”

“More people need to spend time building their self-image and their self-esteem.”

“Eliminate anyone and everything out of your life that’s not congruent with your goals to dominate.  Cut out negative friends, family, influences, thoughts, actions, behaviors and habits that aren’t in line with the desired outcome.”

“Only 5% of the things you do actually matter where making money is concerned.  Spend more of your time on the 5% that matters and delegate everything else.”

“Be harder on yourself.  Expect more.  Be dissatisfied with good and replace it with expectations of great.”

“Make money, change your life, then use it to change the lives of others.”

“Mental hygiene is critical to success and happiness.  Control your thoughts and the negative self-talk.”

“Most people have weird limiting beliefs, they have screwed up habits, they’re surrounded by people who are negative and toxic – who are suppressing them – and that is the e-brake in your life that is holding you back.”

“Resolutions don’t work.  Revolutions do.”

“Money moves to people who take action.  Too many of you are the kings and queens of ideas, but you don’t get paid for ideas, you get paid for done.”

“The only type of person who doesn’t have problems are dead people.  Thank goodness you’re alive to experience problems.  Here’s the better news: you have everything you need to solve your problems.  All of life is problem-solving friends.  Never forget this fact.  You job is to keep growing mentally, in health, financially and spiritually… so that you have better problems to solve.”

“The level of action you take (or don’t take) determines your level of success.”

“I make training hard in the mornings and packing my meals for the day non-negotiable.”

“Ruthlessly protect your time, thoughts, and the people that you allow into your inner circle.”

“If you’re wondering why you waste so much time, f*ck around on social media, idea jump, suffer with anxiety, and get distracted so easily… it’s because you don’t wake up with a mission to dominate on a daily basis.”

“Anybody can thrive in the summer and spring.  But are you built for the winter?”

“It’s okay to ask for money for your product or service.  In fact, it’s highly encouraged if you don’t want to be broke.”

“Winners own their mornings, losers don’t.  Build a morning routine that sets you up to win the day.”

“Revenue feeds the ego.  Profits feed the family.  The only thing that matters is profits.”

“Your personal income will never surpass your personal development.”

“Create faster than they can copy.”

“Marketing is not just posting on Instagram.  Marketing is buying traffic, building a list, and making irresistible offers.”

“It’s all your fault.  The sooner you stop making excuses, take control of your situation and admit that it’s all your fault, the sooner you’ll win.”

“Surender your need for approval and validation from others.”

“Success is as simple as this: say what you’re going to do today; make it part of your mission; finish the mission… no matter what.”

“Money will not change you; money will amplify who you are.”

“Building a business, brand, reputation and influence is not something you do alone or overnight.  Everyone who has ever made it big is standing on the shoulders of giants.”

“You have an obligation to shut down your little voice and revoke its voting rights.  Give your bigger voice – your most confident voice – more voting rights.”

“How you do anything is how you do everything.  The details matter.”

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