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Lenny Kravitz Quotes

Leonard Albert Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz quotes: Romeo Blue’s best stuff.

“Love, creativity, and opportunity is in the air.  Take it in and do your thing.”

“My advice is to work at your craft.  Be the best you can be at your craft and do it sincerely.  Even in the world we live in today, that will give you longevity.  At the end of the day, I want the quality of my work to stand, not how much I did.”

“Success is about being a quality person, having integrity.”

“We weren’t put here to be miserable.  We were put here to do the best we can, and we should take our energy and improve our state of being.”

“Don’t take it so seriously.”

“I was taught by my grandfather that anything that your mind can conceive, you can have.  It’s a reality.”

“Being free is a state of mind.”

“You need to open up so that more comes through.  And you can just feel that when your ego is not in the way and when you’re letting it be what it wants to be.  You have to let it be what it wants to be as opposed to what you think it should be.”

“Keeping grounded and keeping focused and keeping calm and thankful, that comes from God.”

“What motivates it is life.  Life is everything.  Life is always changing.  Change is growth.”

“The most important thing for me is the moment, going from one thing to the next and hitting all the different levels and different points that make the whole what it is.”

“What doesn’t change – even as it evolves – is the creative process: my mantra is ‘wait, be calm, and things will come to you.’  I can force it if necessary, but I prefer to wait for it to arrive on its own.  That’s how it happens: when you feel it, you have to seize the moment.  When you see it, you see it, wherever you are!”

“There are so many people that don’t believe in themselves and don’t have faith.  I knew what I wanted to do from the time I was five.”

“There’s always somebody waiting for somebody else to get their sh*t together.”

“The way I was raised and the people that I grew up around for the most part were very humble people, and I appreciate all that they taught me, and their energy and their magnanimity help keep me grounded.”

“My mother gave lots of good advice and had a lot to say.  As you get older, you realize everything she said was true.”

“I always feel close to my parents.  I feel my mother every day.  I was a momma’s boy.  Her pictures are around my house.  Her energy and the things she had are all around my house.  I’m very connected to her.”

“I’m doing my best to make my mother happy and proud.  Thinking of her and all the things she wanted me to do be, and I’m trying.”

“Love is the most powerful energy there is.  God is love and if you are ready, he always is.”

“We should take time out to really love; we should take time out to find out who we are.”

“To let go of the illusion that I’m in control is an important lesson, because I tend to be a person who likes to be in control, not only of my art but of my life and things around me, and it can be healthy up to a certain point, but at the end of the day, we have to go on faith and learn to let go and ride the wave.”

“I always try to keep the circumstances in my life fresh.  I like to change the physical environment I live in, change the people around me and try to experience things for the first time.  I think that keeps one on their toes, creatively and spiritually.”

“Life, the moment.  Where the magic is.  That’s what really keeps me motivated, alive, hungry.  I’m still as excited and motivated now as I was 25 years ago, and that’s because I really live for those moments.”

“Music is my life, it is a reflection of what I go through.”

“When I stopped trying to write songs, that’s when I’m able to begin writing songs.  You have to just use your life, and the things around you for your inspiration.”

“People always accuse me of being motivational in a way, like it was a bad thing, but that’s just how I was raised.  My mom raised me in a positive environment, with lots of love in my heart, and that reflects in my music.”

“My dream is to become a farmer.  Just a Bohemian guy pulling up his own sweet.”

“I am not trying to change the world.  I am just offering my gift that God gave me, and if somebody is moved by it, that’s beautiful.”

“The idea of having to conform to someone else’s ideal is unacceptable.  I’m gonna be me.  And if I can’t be me, then I’d rather not do it.”

“When I’m making my music, I’m writing it, I’m producing it, I’m playing all the instruments, I’m performing.  It’s my own world where I do what I feel, and nobody tells me anything.”

“I’m more hungry now than I was 11 years ago.  Which is great because I see a lot of artists that have been out for a long period of time.  They get kind of fat.”

“Music definitely inspires my design all the time.”

“I’m definitely happy with everything I’ve done.  I stand behind it.  You’ll always be saying, ‘Well, I could change that, or I would do  that differently.’  But you have to let it be what it is.”

“My career has been a gradual climb.  I think that’s part of the reason why I’ve had longevity.”

“My life is perfect because I accept it as it is.”

“None of those material possessions do anything to make your life any better.  I know a lot of people who have a lot of everything, and they’re absolutely the most miserable people in the world.  So it won’t do anything for you unless you’re a happy person and can have peace with yourself.”

“Good design is being able to put a $100,000 thing next to a $20 thing.  If it looks right and it works then it works.  It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s all about the high-meets-low for me.”

“I’ve had to work very hard, and I don’t really have a category or fit into any niche.”

“I just need to know that I did the very best I could and that I was true to myself.”

“I’m so happy.  I am able to see the world just by making music, just by doing the thing that I loved doing when I was five years old.”

“I just feel so good; it feels like a very creative time for me.  As far as my mind, spirit, and body, I’ve never felt better.”

“For me, it’s life and inspiration, and it paints the picture for you.  I’ll work my ass off and I’m disciplined and a perfectionist, but the initial spark has to come from something.  That’s the kind of artist I am.”

“You’re never promised your next breath.”

“I couldn’t tell you what I am going to do next ’cause I have no idea, but I am open to anything.”

“I just live my life and try to be present.”

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