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Jessica Lange Quotes

Jessica Phyllis Lange

Jessica Lange quotes: beautiful words by the long-time actress.

“You are our hope. So cherish this time in your life. Remember who you are. Because, right now, you have it all: the power of your imagination, the velocity of your dreams, the language of innocence, and the passion of a beginner. Don’t lose it. Don’t let it evaporate or get stripped away or worn away.”

“Don’t keep anticipating that your life is up ahead of you. Don’t always be waiting for the next thing. Don’t put all your energies into some idea of the future. And with that in mind, you open the door to endless possibilities. Just allow life to take you on an adventure. Be receptive to the winds of change.”

“Sometimes, you just have to let life take you on its glorious journey. And the best time to do it is now—when you’re young and full of curiosity and have no fear. Don’t constrain yourself with expectations of success. Success will be a byproduct of the life you lead. All success is individual, and sometimes, as in my case, completely accidental.”

“You’ve got time to keep reinventing and investigating and to develop something.”

“Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons.”

“From blood and pain come perfection.”

“When you learn not to want things so badly, life comes to you.”

“Everything is transient. Everything is constantly changing. The only thing we have is now.”

“When you’re young, you don’t see the connections, how one thing leads to the other. You’re so young and you’re so impetuous and you’re so kind of violent in your emotions, that you go through life without paying attention to your responsibility or the repercussions.”

“It’s easy to judge, to think we know for certain the right thing to do. Sometimes, it just isn’t so clear.”

“You have to have trust and believe that somebody is taking care of you or watching your back.”

“The idea of just trusting in the absolute moment that it’s happening… that idea of entering into something with no fear or deliberation, but just throwing yourself at it, is exciting.”

“In recent years I’ve tried to come to grips with the idea that you can actually choose to be happy. You can choose not to let things affect you negatively. I’ve always had such a quick temper. I realize now, it’s such a waste of energy. You can actually choose to let things roll off you.”

“This idea of selfishness as a virtue, as opposed to generosity—that, to me, is unnatural.”

“My father was a traveling salesman and a teacher, and we moved around a lot. I went to eight different schools. I was always the new girl in town, the outsider looking in. I’ve felt that way my whole life, like I never belonged in one particular place. The imagination was my escape and my entertainment. That’s what acting still is for me.”

“One of the things I love about acting is that it reveals a certain something about yourself, but it doesn’t reveal your own personal story.”

“For me, acting was always a way to explore emotions—to dip into the well and really try to reach rock bottom down there. That was the most exciting part of it. I hadn’t found anything that really allowed me to do that until I came upon acting.”

“I could be making a lot more money now if I had chosen a different kind of movie, but none of that matters to me. I’ve done the parts I wanted to do.”

“It’s the desire to do something brave, to be challenged.”

“I never just slide through anything. I explore everything to the fullest, whether good or bad.”

“I have always followed the most passionate course.”

“If I have inspired people, that would make me feel wonderful. Obviously, I am very independent, but I never used that term. But the one thing I’ve always felt is that I’ve never allowed myself to be restricted. I’ve done everything I wanted to do, and no one could ever tell me there was something I couldn’t do.”

“There are no explanations. There are no answers.”

“I’ve never been a sunny personality. I’ve never been outgoing. I’m a solitary person.”

“Basically, this is how I am and it’s alright and I don’t want to know why I’m this way.”

“To stay interested in acting, I have to keep trying stuff I’ve never done before.”

“I want to live my life with no goals anymore, but just completely free, like I did when I was younger.”

“It’s like finding a way to have that approach to life that you had when you were open to adventures, where you just said yes to everything.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s been an interesting way to work. It’s made me work in a much more fluid, braver way, just taking every chance that comes along.”

“At certain times you really feel as though you have to do something. When I am home for like a two-year stretch, I get antsy, because I want to work.”

“I’ve got nothing left to lose at this point. The work I’ve done is out there.”

“I never think of the future. I never imagine what comes next.”

“I want to go out with a bang… or should I say, a scare?”

“Your children are grown and your career has slowed down—all the stuff that took up so much attention is gone, and you’re left with expansive time and space. You have to reimagine who you are and what life is about.”

“Families survive, one way or another. You have a tie, a connection that exists long after death, through many lifetimes.”

“In families there is always the mythology. My father died when my kids were quite young still, and yet they still tell his stories. That is how a person lives on.”

“Having children gives you a perspective you didn’t have before. You are no longer the center of the universe. It opened my heart, made me a different person. Every move you make is with someone else in mind. I loved being a mother more than anything else in the world, and being a grandmother is even more fun. There’s the chance to do it again. It’s in the perfect order of nature: you raise your children, and then the next generation comes along. They are the redemptive force in nature.”

“We must remain hopeful that for our children and our children’s children, that we are not a warring nation, but we will embrace and practice true compassion and honor the ideals of peace and freedom, and we will not give up.”

“For me, nothing has ever taken precedence over being a mother and having a family and a home.”

“Moments of pure happiness come upon you unexpectedly. Don’t be too preoccupied to experience them.”

“If, from my vantage point now, I could tell my 22-year-old self what I now believe is the most important thing in life (and one I didn’t embrace fully at the time because I was young and willful and reckless), it would be to be present. I would encourage you, with all my heart, just to be present. Be present and open to the moment that is unfolding before you. Because, ultimately, your life is made up of moments. So don’t miss them by being lost in the past or anticipating the future. Don’t be absent from your own life.”

“So today you are setting off on your next adventure. You are beginning, and what makes beginnings so thrilling is the unknown. What is vital is this initial confrontation with the unknown and how you decide to embrace it. The world is waiting for you. Explore it through your own humanity. Be guided by your higher self. Don’t be dissuaded or discouraged, but do allow yourself to be sidetracked if that’s what you want. Get off the fast track, off the grid—go out and wander.”

“I hope that you will commit yourselves to the pursuit of peace—to the practice of tolerance and compassion. And be good stewards to our precious earth. I wish you all the courage to have an adventurer’s heart and a life lived in the moment.”

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