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Danielle LaPorte Quotes

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Danielle LaPorte quotes: white-hot truth bombs from Canadian author and speaker, Danielle LaPorte.

“You don’t have to be fearless.  Just be sincere.”

“I can respect the challenges because I know they’re part of my calling.  I’m on my path, there will be problems, and complaining about the inevitable is a ridiculous waste of energy.  I know that, and I mean this in the most pragmatically joyous sense, life is just one damn thing after another.”

“Desire loves loyalty.  In other words, don’t stop believing.”

“Feelings are magnetic.  Each feeling is a beacon that attracts a reality.  Love attracts love.  What we focus on expands.”

“Love yourself like it’s your job.”

“Trust is the key ingredient to miracles.”

“You’ve got a new story to write.  And it looks nothing like your past.  Let’s move on to the part when you have a breakthrough and wake up knowing more.  It’s not about knowing better, it’s about knowing more.”

“Choose optimism.  Back it with action.”

“If you’re intentional about your choices you may as well approach obstacles as opportunities to get more creative, innovative, stronger, and closer to what you want and the people you want to be with.”

“Acknowledge the dark.  Take the light into your own hands.  Transmute.  Fear less.”

“Gratitude is medicine.”

“I assume people’s intelligence.  I don’t talk down.  I’m only interested in resonance.  Serving the tribe is way more fun than trying to convince anyone of anything.”

“Love your problems.  Really love them, and the solutions appear.”

“Your self-expression is a great service to the world.”

“Some things will take time to manifest, others will flash mob you and we’ll be blissed out.  Stay with the desire.  Steady.  Tend the fire with trust.”

“I’m a hugger.  World needs more hugs.”

“What we focus on expands.  Give extra time to the light and the truth and the Love.  Water that good sh*t and watch it grow.”

“Find your tribe.  Love them hard.”

“Dancing counts as self-help.  And it’s cheaper than therapy.”

“Questions create connection to your truth, your power, your sweetness, your freedom, your pains, and your clarity.”

“Be obsessively grateful.  Works every time.”

“Make generosity part of your growth strategy.”

“Say what you’re feeling.  Especially the part about how much you want it to work out, about how much you care, about being a bit scared.”

“If you tone it down, life can’t hear you.”

“It doesn’t work to play it safe.  Expansion always requires some risk or vulnerability.”

“Lose interest in settling for less.”

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