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Jorge Paulo Lemann Quotes

Jorge Paulo Lemann

Jorge Paulo Lemann quotes: the Brazilian billionaire’s best content.

“Always have a big dream.”

“I always say, to have a big dream requires the same effort as having a small dream.  But to think big frees you from the insignificant details.  Dream big!”

“Life is not easy, you need to work hard.”

“The culture is to work hard, very hard – no cakewalk.”

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

“There is an intimate relationship between the force applied and the results obtained.”

“What you feel in your gut is as good as what is on paper.”

“Always be on the prowl.  Life, business and exceptional tennis depend on seizing opportunities when they arise.  Learn to recognize them and go get them.”

“Luck is always the result of sweat.  You have to work hard, but enjoy it.”

“Learn from the defeats and come back better for the next round.”

“We would never have done what we did if we had not stumbled together to take some risks.”

“I think in life you have to take risks and I think the only way you learn to take risks is practicing, practicing.”

“Measure results consistently.”

“Common sense is as good as a lot of knowledge.”

“Create the big dream.  Keep it simple, easily understood and measured.  Attract the right people who work well together.  You can create, run, or improve anything with this formula.”

“Focus on your goal.”

“If possible, in this endeavor, capture the winds and let them help you.”

“You always work to be a champion.  I do not believe it when someone says otherwise.”

“We can do much bigger things together than by ourselves.”

“A dream that’s big and challenging makes everyone row in the same direction.”

“The greatest asset of a company is good people, working together, growing.”

“People are the most important asset that you have in a company.  The expense of people is not something we are cutting.”

“Choose people better than oneself, train them, and challenge them.”

“The ability to get along with others is an amazing trait.”

“This goes to show that organizations can only succeed by realizing the potential of their people.  Your human capital is the key to moving your business forward.  When it comes down to it, your employees form the backbone of your company.  It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients and generate long-term value for our shareholders.”

“My biggest success in business was the discovery some 40 years ago that by attracting excellent people to work with me and giving them a chance to grow, I would go much further than I would by myself.”

“Leadership by personal example is vital, both in heroics, and in day-to-day small gestures.”

“With a clash of management, businessmen can quickly raise the value of the companies.”

“A good administration and an appropriate culture can work anywhere in the world.”

“For things to happen in operations and marketing you have to wear out the shoes.”

“Being paranoid about costs and expenses, which are the only variables under our control, helps ensure survival in the long term.”

“Transparency facilitates information flow and minimizes conflicts.”

“Competitive advantage – the innovation that adds value is useful, but copying what already works is usually more practical.”

“Name, reputation and brand are invaluable assets that take decades to build and are lost in seconds.”

“I’ve been living in this cozy world of old brands, big volumes, nothing changing very much, and you could just focus on being very efficient and you’d be okay, and all of a sudden we are being disrupted in all ways.  If you go to a supermarket, you see hundreds of new brands in the supermarket shelf, the client doesn’t want to leave his house anymore – he wants everything delivered to his house.”

“We bought brands and we thought they would last forever.  We borrowed a lot of cheap money because money was cheap.  That worked out very well.  And then we simply managed what was there a little bit more efficiently and now we have to totally adjust to new demands from clients, clients which are a lot more fickle.  They want different products everyday, they want it delivered in an easier form.  We really have to adjust.”

“In our culture, nobody progresses if we do not create a replacement.”

“In day-to-day life, you have stimulus to behave unethically, but in the long term, it always pays off to be ethical.”

“Everything is a learning experience.”

“Business was like tennis.  You don’t win all the points and the sets, but if you keep pushing and focusing… you can win overall.”

“Profit is what attracts investors, good people, and opportunities… and maintaining the machine.”

“A great deal is one that is long-lasting and sustaining.”

“Good, ethical people attract more good and ethical people.”

“I am a person who believes strongly in human assets, that is my priority.”

“We seemed to know winning management teams when we met them.”

“The three short years I spent at Harvard, where I lived with excellent people, taught me not only that I must know how to choose my partners but also that choosing excellent partners is a skill you can learn.  Obviously, when you spend time with the best, you learn how to choose among them.”

“Everything has to have an owner with responsibility and authority.  Debate is good, but in the end, someone has to decide.”

“Money is just a way to measure whether the business is doing well or not, but money itself is not what fascinates me.”

“Education has a much more lasting effect and takes longer to fix.”

“No matter where you are in the world, you treat other people exactly how you would like to be treated – honestly and fairly.”

“I’ve had various careers in my life.  I was a tennis player, a finance guy, went into… I’ve been adjusting.  I’m 78, but I’m ready!  And I’m scrambling.  I am not going to lie down and go away.”

“Focus is essential.  You cannot be great at everything.  We must concentrate on the essential.”

“Honestly, I enjoy working.  It’s what I enjoy doing.”

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