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Jamie Kern Lima Quotes

Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie Kern Lima quotes: good ass quotes from the founder of IT Cosmetics.

“When you follow your calling in life, all things are possible.”

“The very first most important thing is you have to want to.”

“We have the power to decide where our focus and energy go, and we need to choose it carefully because something else will give when we make this choice.”

“I believe we all have the power to ignite our light and to know we’re worthy and enough exactly as we are. Only by fully embracing this can you align with your true authentic self and step into the purpose and calling you have for your life.”

“Everyone has the ability to believe in themselves. But this requires us to take action. We have to learn to listen to helpful thoughts and tune out the ones that aren’t helpful. This is an important part of mental strength. It’s not helpful to just repeat mantras and accolades about how great you are if you don’t believe them. You need a deep-rooted belief that you’re worthy.”

“I truly believe our own gut is one of our greatest super powers, and we all have it.”

“Every one of us has intuition, and the better we get at tuning into it, the more we’re able to step into our authentic selves and our full power.”

“Imagine what would happen if you decided to believe that you could.”

“Dear insecurities, you are not real. It’s time to unimagine you.”

“Wherever you may be stuck right now, that doesn’t indicate where you’re going in the future. Don’t let anyone else’s doubts about you and your dream turn into doubts in your own head.”

“And like everything in life, when we let fear, or other people’s opinions govern our decisions, it often comes at the price of everything that actually matters.”

“Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.”

“How we react in times of uncertainty, and whether we make decisions based on love or fear, can change the course of our life. Champions aren’t made when the game is easy in any area of life. I couldn’t let fear or pain decide my outcome.”

“There were nights early on where I was crying myself to sleep because of another big rejection. I would literally pull up the notes app on my phone and I would read inspiring quotes or stories. It would remind me of things like, ‘Oh, where I come from doesn’t have to determine where I’m going,’ or ‘champions aren’t made when the game is easy.'”

“I still get rejected every day. I just try to not be afraid of it. Had I taken all those rejections personally, I never could have eventually turned all those noes into yeses.”

“If we don’t ever share all the stories behind the stories, then people feel alone in their own rejection.”

“Sometimes knowing when to give up on a dream is as important as knowing when to go after one.”

“Everything in the world that is incredible was created by someone like you and me, and all those things just remind me of who I am, what I am made of and where I’m going. I think we all need a toolbox for those things. Otherwise, in so many ways, we’re alone and trying to navigate everything.”

“When success started happening, it was almost as if I couldn’t believe it for a while. I constantly felt like I needed to strike while the iron is hot. I drove myself so hard to the point of complete burnout. I did 100-hour weeks for almost 10 years. And I don’t think you have to do that at all to have the outcome that we had. I had to have a real come-to-Jesus moment with myself, where I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m completely addicted to work, completely addicted to busyness.’ Busyness and work addiction are like any other forms of addiction, when it numbs out all the good and bad emotions in life and separates us from ourselves.”

“The biggest achievement is for people to figure out how to still go after their passion and their dream and still be a good steward or a good owner of a body and of healthy relationships. I wasn’t able to do those things for a long time. What we focus on magnifies and grows bigger. It helps me appreciate life and feel the day more.”

“It’s so hard when everyone doubts you, and it’s so hard when everyone says no for years, and then you’re like, okay no is my shot.”

“What I’ve learned time and time again is, when you have this gut feeling, like it’s what you’re meant to do, like you’re called to do it, I don’t think it’s wrong.”

“I want my readers to learn to embrace rejection. So many people talk themselves out of their own truth and never become the person they’re born to be. Because they start going after a dream and realize it’s hard, and they get lots of rejections.”

“Sometimes rejection is just what keeps you going for something. That rejection could look like not getting any traction, or it feels like no one else is loving your idea or embracing the idea of joining your community or liking your posts. Rejection can come in so many forms. I think that the fear of it is so big, especially for women.”

“People make the mistake of turning up the volume on all of the things outside. They end up quitting because of it.”

“I learned to listen to my own intuition, my own knowing. It said to me, ‘You’re supposed to be doing this, keep going,’ and I made the decision to trust it.”

“If you’re someone getting told no, you’re someone doin’ something!”

“I don’t know anybody who has built anything that matters and anything that lasts, without working really really hard. Don’t give up.”

“When something hard happens, once you’re able to process it emotionally, you’re then left with choices. Do you victim up or do you warrior up? Do you give up or do you level up and believe? The ‘up’ is up to you. When times are tough, don’t curl up and give up, because you can warrior up.”

“Making the decision to trust my gut when literally everything was on the line, opened every other door afterward.”

“Once you’re able to illuminate your own path, and celebrate it, you not only help illuminate the world, you help clear the path for others to do the same by leading the way.”

“Everything we go through can be a gift if we have that mindset of ‘what can I learn from this experience?'”

“I would rather be brave and stand up for what I believe, than to be popular.”

“If your circle of friends isn’t supporting you, then consider if maybe it’s not a circle, but a cage.”

“When we surround ourselves with negative or toxic people, we often start to mirror their negativity.”

“We all have a microphone that we control in our lives. And we get to choose the people we hand that microphone to. We decide who speaks into it and at what volume. When we’re able to decide who to let speak into our lives, or who we hand our microphone to, it can change everything.”

“Any time you put yourself out there, any time you take a risk, any time you speak your truth, any time you step out and do something brave, or great, or public, it always comes with critics. And pretty much the only way not to get haters or critics is to not do or say anything with your life.”

“Believe, where you came from doesn’t determine where you’re going. Where we come from doesn’t have to determine who we are or where we’re going in the future.”

“It’s so hard not to let other people’s noes translate into doubt and self doubt of your dream.”

“I think self doubt and fear kills more dreams than anything else.”

“To have the faith and vision to keep on going against all odds is where grit turns to strength, courage, and eventually success.”

“Being underestimated by others never matters if you’re following your truth. And sometimes people only see where you are, they can’t see where you’re going.”

“After so many rejections, I realized that I needed to keep my faith bigger than my fear because I just felt in my gut that what I was doing mattered and that it was needed.”

“I held strong and refused to conform when all the ‘experts’ told me I was wrong, even though it could’ve cost me everything, and even though I was criticized and ostracized.”

“These setbacks might hurt our feelings but they also might be setups to carry the weight of our future successes.”

“I believe every one of us has a light inside of us, a light that can burn self doubt to the ground and illuminate your path ahead. A light that gives you the power and confidence to show up and be seen.”

“Know your why and fly girl fly!”

“Next time you have a win, or something great happens to you, whether it’s big or small, share it and celebrate it with others. Do it bravely and confidently. Don’t be tempted to keep it to yourself just so that you don’t make other people feel bad, or uncomfortable, or less than.”

“In life, we aren’t who other people say we are, we’re who we believe we are.”

“We don’t have to accept the labels that other people put on us. We’re also not our family—for better or worse—or our past mistakes. We’re not a nickname someone gave us, or a regrettable incident we miscalculated. It’s easy to carry around old labels and mistake them for permanent ones, but they come with a light Post-It adhesive, so don’t let yourself believe they’re attached with superglue. They’re removable.”

“We have the power to shake off old labels and make new choices as we grow. We can change our minds and change our decisions about who we are and how we show up for ourselves, for others and for the world, at any moment going forward.”

“If you knew you would earn over a billion dollars if you worked 100 hour weeks for 10 years, would you do it? What about if you didn’t know there would be that honey pot and rainbow at the end of a very long and trying struggle? What’s required to keep you going when the going gets tough? Hint: it has to do with purpose, with your why.”

“If other people’s opinions can shift your why, it’s not powerful enough.”

“People have a goal but they never attach a why to their goal. I think it’s so important to do that. Because you have to know why you are doing what you’re doing.”

“We all have our why. Know it’s bigger than yourself. When your why is about something bigger than yourself, you have a much more likely chance of actually making it happen. You also have a greater chance of feeling fulfilled in the process. It’s harder to keep going when we get knocked down over and over and over. What I say is take your why and pull back the layers to be reminded of why it is so meaningful to you that it fuels you to keep going. I think every person needs to do that work and most people don’t. Most people give up when times get hard, especially when their why has never been identified or their why is just about themselves.”

“Words have so much power, and sometimes we all need to be reminded of our power. Sometimes we all need someone to believe in us so that we more easily believe in ourselves. That doesn’t make us weak, that makes us human. We’re made to be in community. We need to uplift each other as fellow human beings in this shared experience. We’re each steward of the power we have to lift each other up, and it’s free to use.”

“I believe that we’re all connected and that we so often share the same feelings, the same doubts, the same hurts, the same need for love.”

“Life’s not meant to do alone.”

“We are all connected to each other, and what we give, we get. When we authentically (it can’t be fake or dishonest, it has to be real) uplift another person, we get lifted up ourselves.”

“If you want something, the best way to get it, is to give it. If you want—or need—something, give it, then watch what happens.”

“What we give to each other, we automatically give to ourselves.”

“I’ve always had this feeling deep down inside like I’m meant to do great things that help other people.”

“The day I die, I want to literally know that there’s nothing left in me that could’ve been used to help someone else.”

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