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Lisa Bilyeu Quotes

Lisa Impact

Lisa Bilyeu quotes: Bilyeu’s better half and Impact Theory prez talks about betting on your partner, adopting a growth mindset, gargantuan goal-setting, graceful aging, and more.

“When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures.”

“You say I dream too big.  I say you think too small.”

“You are the CEO of your life.  Hire, fire, and promote accordingly.”

“When I was a teen, 40 seemed like… well… you may as well be dead!  My vision of a 40 year old woman was that she was married, had children, and by that age certainly only lived for them.  You didn’t have sex any more.  Your goals and dreams had either been reached or not.  Now that I’m 40 I can safely say, ‘What a load of crap!’  But that’s what my fixed mindset told me.  It didn’t even occur to me that I could change that vision anytime I wanted to.  That what my life would become and is still becoming is something I have full control of.  That I have the remote control to the sound of 40 – I can mute it, or change the channel.  So now I’m 40 and I’m making up my own instruction manual.  There’s no blueprint.  There’s no should or shouldn’t.  It’s my guide.”

“Choose your life’s board members like you’re building a Fortune 500 company.”

“[On her wild hairdos] Having designs in my hair has become such a powerful tool I use to help build my mindset.  Weird?  Yes.  Effective?  Hell yes!”

Doubters can hold you back or they can fuel you.  It’s up to you!  And from experience, I can tell you… if you choose the latter… it’s as glorious as you think it will be.”

“Cheer for your girls like you got pom-poms at a pep rally.”

“Keep going.  You did not come this far to only come this far.  Quest was a billion dollar company!  Well you better believe I’m gunning for Impact Theory to be a $2 billion dollar company!  At the bare minimum!  Why?  Sh*t, because I didn’t come this far… to only come this far.”

“Let them throw shade.  Like those contorted trees, you can still grow around it, find the sun, and be bigger and stronger than ever.”

“I literally cut myself off in the middle of a negative thought like, ‘Homie, this isn’t serving you.'”

“External validation is kryptonite.  Getting anything but your parking ticket validated by others is literally giving your power away!  Remember, you are the only one to give yourself the stamp of approval.”

“Just because you don’t like your choices doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice.”

“There were times my health got so bad I wanted to just give up and allow it to consume me.  But I kept reminding myself that I had a choice.  Throw my hands up, give up, and slowly start dying.  Or throw my fists up, fight, and slowly start living.  I chose the latter.”

“Be brave.  Fear less.  Be badass at 15 years old.  Be badass at 80 years old.”

“Stop waiting.  Stop thinking you have to get a degree, or meet someone, or get that perfect job before you can be and do what you really want.  Stop waiting!  Because that person you want to become?  That person is waiting for you to start taking action!”

“Be the kind of woman that, when your feet hit the ground in the morning, the devil says, ‘Oh crap, she’s up!'”

“Don’t bring your past into your present.  Yes, this may seem simple.  Intuitively, we all know it.  But how often do you let past experiences infiltrate your current relationship?”

“If you’re still looking for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror.”

“Let’s cut out the bullsh*t and be honest: success in a relationship, business, or any aspect of life is never guaranteed.  So stop wasting time chasing the goal and start spending time enjoying the journey.”

“Make sure the other person feels like number one.  There is a massive gap between intention and a result.  You may have every intention for your other half to be your priority.  But ultimately, it comes down to whether they actually feel it or not.”

“Reminder: even on the sh*tty days?  You got this.”

“Who else has never used algebra?  So many years of education, yet nobody taught us how to love ourselves.”

“You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.  Get your extinguishers out because it’s time to start taking care of yourself.”

“When Tom came home one day and said he wanted to put the house on the line to start a protein bar company with his business partners, I said, ‘Baby, I bet on you.’  It wasn’t about the product.  It wasn’t about what I would lose.  It was about believing in someone so wholeheartedly that you have an opportunity in that moment to prove it!  Well, that gamble didn’t pan out too badly.  (Wink.)  Eight years later, Tom came home one day and said he wanted to build a studio bigger than Disney – that if Disney was the most magical place on earth, then we would build the most empowering place on earth.  TV, movies, and we’ll start with comics!  I said, ‘Baby, I bet on you.'”

“If they say they are sorry and you forgive them, actually let it go.”

“Those people who tried to bury you didn’t know you were a seed.  There are two sides to me.  One is super bubbly, chatty, and high energy.  The other is very intense, serious, and sometimes aggressive.  Now the truth is, both have served me.  I love being positive.  But I also love the aggression.  When someone doubts me, belittles me, throws dirt at me and tries to bury me, well I use that internal aggression and determination to smile and say, ‘Bring.  It.  On!’  Because what they don’t see is that with every negativity thrown at me, it only deepens my roots.  It only strengthens my foundation.  It only makes me want to grow back even stronger.”

“The language we use about ourselves matters.  What you tell yourself about yourself will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“When you know who you really are, you are undeniable.  When you accept who you really are, you are unstoppable.”

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