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Eva Longoria Quotes

Eva Jacqueline CNBC

Eva Longoria quotes: from business to acting to giving back and everything in between.

“Being resourceful is the key to success.  You’ve gotta figure it out on your own, climb every mountain and confront every challenge.  Dive into it with your head first.”

“Start with having goals.  You’ve got to know what’s the most important thing in your life right now and focus on that.”

“You get a thousand no’s before a yes.”

“You have to be resilient, you can’t give up even when it gets really difficult.  Sometimes you’ll want to stop or you’ll get discouraged but the key is to persevere through it all.”

“Be prepared and know your stuff.”

“Life’s so short.  You should be surrounded by people who make each other better people.  Life is short, so why would you waste it by hanging around people that lessen you or don’t help you fulfill your dreams?”

“It’s so important to ensure you’re always thinking of your goals and your future, which includes deciding who you hang out with.  Keep people around you that are supportive, not those who try and hold you back from your goals and your future plans.  It can be hard to cut toxicity out of your life but it is a vital part of maturing and growing up.”

“You have to nurture your emotional well-being just as much as your physical well-being.  Even when bad things happen, I think, ‘I am not letting this take over.  Something great is around the corner, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.'”

“It’s important to question your surroundings and explore different interests.  You never know where your true passion will lie.”

“It’s about creating opportunities and opening those doors.”

“There’s no amount of money that would make me decide something for a career.”

“If I were single and had my career, I’d be happy.  You have to be happy with what you’re doing.”

“Market understanding is how you can ‘achieve a sustainable business.’  This applies to any industry and any business.  You can’t just open a random shop in the middle of nowhere and expect to do business, you need to understand what your costumers are looking for and provide it.”

“Take criticism, but not personally.  It’s a good way to incorporate feedback from your consumers while not letting them eschew your brand or take away from what your core values are.”

“That’s been a big lesson, hearing feedback of what customers like and what they don’t like and incorporating it into the next line.  There’s nothing wrong with criticism, so long as it’s constructive.  Understanding how to take criticism without getting your feelings hurt is instrumental in helping your business grow.  If you’re not able to listen to your customers then you won’t get very far.”

“It is importance to know when to say no.  I describe myself as a perfectionist and a control freak and definitely have to train myself to say no to business opportunities so I don’t bite off more than I can chew.  I can do anything, but I can’t do everything.  It’s about focusing on what’s important.  Sure, you can do anything you put your mind to but unfortunately, there’s only so much time in a day.  If you spread yourself too thin then all your projects will suffer.  You have to focus on the things that matter most to you and your brand.”

“You’re never too old or too busy to continue your education.”

“I believe that education offers the fastest route to economic mobility.  I grew up with a family of strong, accomplished, and educated women.  There was never a question that I’d go to college.  In fact, I was the last person in my family to get a master’s degree, so that tells you I’m actually the underachiever!”

“I got my degree.  More importantly, I got a key to American opportunity.  That’s who we are: a nation that rewards ambition with opportunity.  Where hard work can lead to success, no matter where you start.”

“I’m very efficient and the people who work with me always say that.  They know when they have a day with me it’s going to be really exhausting because I love to fit as much in as possible.”

“I’ve always been business-minded.  I worked in corporate America before becoming an actress and knew that acting wasn’t the end but a means to an end.  It gave me the platform and the exposure I needed to do my philanthropic work.  It also gave me the financial security to focus on my other businesses, start new businesses, and even help other people start businesses.”

“I find it irresponsible to go, ‘She’s an actress, what does she know?’  That means if you’re a dentist, what do you know?  If you’re a lawyer, what do you know?  It’s our profession, it’s what we do.  It’s not who we are.”

“You don’t become a successful business entrepreneur if you don’t understand the consumer and the market you’re trying to gear your product towards.”

“As an actress, there’s a stereotype that we can’t be smart, we can’t be political, we can’t be civic-minded or engaged.  We just have to stay in front of the camera and look pretty.  No, I’m human.  I can do more.”

“The three qualities that got me where I am today: driven, resourceful and energetic.  Those are the magic.”

“Prioritize.  It makes sense.  As soon as I want to do something, I prioritize.  Time management won’t help you much if you’re leveraging your time on the wrong thing.  Something else will have to take the back seat.  The problem is you might be spending too much time doing things that aren’t productive.”

“In order to change the way you act, you have to change the way you talk.  Language has so much intention behind it.”

“The three qualities I now know matter: kindness, intelligence and compassion.”

“What social media has done is made us realize we live in a global community.  We no longer live in Texas, we don’t live in America, we’re in a global community and you have access to that diversity yourself.”

“I don’t regret anything I ever do or say, whether articles I’ve done or things I’ve said.  I don’t like to live my life being censored.  I like to say what I feel, and I think people respect that because you’re honest.  And as far as what’s happened in the past, I wouldn’t take anything back.”

“My mother gave me one piece of advice that stuck with me.  She said don’t forget where you came from.”

“I am treated no different than the other girls.”

“The future success of America is intricately tied to the future success of the Hispanic community.  And it’s the women of these communities—the mothers, sisters, daughters—who make the world go around.  I decided to focus on giving them opportunities so that they’re set up for success in life.”

“I grew up with the word ‘volunteer’ as a very powerful word in my family.  I was inspired by my mother and by how selfless our family was toward others who didn’t have enough.”

“I’ve always thought of myself as a role model even before being a celebrity.  I’ve always been doing charity work and volunteering in the community since I was eight, so when you do that, I think you just assume that role when you put yourself out there.”

“The main thing is to be philanthropic in your everyday life.  You don’t have to have money to do that.  You can do it with your time and your energy.”

“Your body is a vehicle of your emotions and a vehicle of feelings and a vehicle of whatever you need to get done in life.  And you’ve got to take care of that vehicle.”

“Beauty lies mainly, above all, in personality, not in the skin.”

“Beauty is confidence and feeling good in your skin and secure with who you are.  I think that really emits beauty.”

“People judge women and put them in a box.  Like, ‘You can be the smart one; she’s the fun one; she’s the hard worker; she’s the career one.’  It’s like, ‘No, we’re all of these things.’  You can be the mom and the career woman, smart and pretty, ambitious but soft.”

“We have got to increase women’s perspectives and voices.”

“I was very lucky Desperate Housewives fit into what I could do as an actor, but that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  You can’t just sit around waiting for that, and I wanted to create that… not just for myself but for other Latinas.”

“I try to pick projects based on people I want to work with, people I love and people I want to showcase their talents.”

“I very quickly realized I was going to have this voice so I better have something to say.”

“If we unite and create opportunities for each other and pull each other up, there could be a lot more success for representation.”

“I just want to believe in a higher power.  That’s a good way to live.”

“I embrace everything that’s happening.  I hold dearly every experience that I have in my life.  I regret nothing, so, you know, I’m moving on.”

“My favorite perks of the job?  So many.  Keeping clothes from Housewives, restaurant reservations, traveling the world.”

“I welcome age with open arms because I want to evolve as a human being, gain more wisdom.  I have so much more to do!  And the only way you do that is with age.”

“What is the definition of ‘made it?’  I’m still trying to make it.  I haven’t reached my full potential yet.”

“I’ve been fortunate.  I have a lot of passions in life.  I love traveling and learning.  You have more time in the day than you think you do.  I still have a lot more to learn.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing in my life.  I think everything happened the way it was meant to happen, and it’s brought me here today.”

“I’m really happy.  Really happy.”

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