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Christian Madsbjerg Quotes

Sensemaking Sayings

Christian Madsbjerg quotes: management consultant and author of Sensemaking and The Moment of Clarity, Christian Madsbjerg, shares his wisdom.

“Without this texture of experience, the data shoved before these executives’ eyes loses any truth.  Context and color are absent; all that remains are abstract representations of the world rather than the world itself.”

“When we get our understanding of humanity wrong, we get everything wrong.”

“The greatest weakness of the quantitative approach is that it decontextualizes human behavior, removing an event from its real-world setting and ignoring the effects of variables not included in the model.”

“Big data makes us feel as though we can and should know everything there is to know on earth.  But this is a fool’s quest, and it leaves everyone involved feeling depleted and lost.”

“It doesn’t matter that these are works of fiction and hence less scientific than the numbers and reports.  They describe a human experience and that is what makes them true.”

“In a Silicon Valley state of mind, we care less about actively seeking out the truth than we do about engaging in discourse and experiences that make us feel affirmed and acknowledged.”

“Over time, as management has become increasingly professionalized, you can sense a kind of nihilism or loss of meaning in the executive layers.  This nihilism is strongest in large corporate cultures where management is seen as a profession in and of itself, with no strong connection to what the company actually makes or does.”

“What we can take away from this data is that most STEM training will get students a good income at the starting gate and a decent career.  But powerful earners – the people running the show, breaking through the glass ceilings, and changing the world – tend to have liberal arts degrees.”

“Our fixation with STEM erodes our sensitivity to the nonlinear shifts that occur in all human behavior and dulls our natural ability to extract meaning from qualitative information.  We stop seeing numbers and models as a representation of the world and we start seeing them as the truth – the only truth.”

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