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Dan Marino Quotes

Daniel Constantine Marino

Dan Marino quotes: on being all up in his feelings, having sky-high expectations for himself, helping out the less fortunate, advice on aging, and more.

“The will to prepare, the guts to risk, and the desire to be the best.  These are trademarks of champions.”

“Swing hard in case you hit it.”

“You can do more, you can always do more.”

“You have to feel you’re the best at what you do.  You don’t have to come out and say it.  But you have to know it within yourself.”

“Nobody can make you a loser.”

“You have to prepare, whatever your career may be.  It could be changing your career.  You could be over 50 or you could be 38… and you have to start thinking about what you want to do that’s not only going to challenge you but will also fulfill your expectations in life and for what you want to do.”

“Leadership comes by the example you set through your work.  It begins from the way you are perceived as a worker and the respect that comes with it.”

“I’ve tried, at every step in life, to find a lesson.  And accepting criticism with the same grace that you do the applause is something every young athlete needs to learn.  I think it served me well to learn how to handle everything that came with the game’s ups and downs.  Some people call it growing another layer of skin.  I just call it growing up.”

“You accept certain things in life.”

“You can’t live your life doing what other people want you to or you’ll be miserable.  At some point you just have to be yourself.”

“I don’t need to be motivated by anybody.  Never have.”

“I think positive.  You have to make the right decisions.”

“You need to feel that the game is important to you.  Lose that feeling and you lose your edge.  There’s no faking that kind of emotion.  You can’t invent the feeling.  It’s got to be natural, real.”

“You get into feeling like you are in a zone.  You can’t be stopped.  It’s a good feeling.”

“You feel inside yourself, ‘I’m good enough.’  You can learn certain things from people, but in general, you have to do it your own way.  I never looked at anyone and said, ‘Hey, I’m going to throw the football like this.’  I throw it my own way.”

“The fun part of business is creating something and letting it grow and that’s competition in its own way.”

“My parents would always say, ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy picking up the garbage or the President of the United States, treat everybody as you would want to be treated.'”

“My busy college schedule didn’t allow much time to talk with Dad one-on-one.  So Dad wrote me letters.  The letters were always positive and filled with advice and sayings I could carry with me.  Those letters meant the world to me, knowing Dad always believed in me.  I saved all those letters and have them in my home today.”

“In most cases it was probably my father who inspired me the most.  He was a guy that I looked up to because of what his work ethic was.  I always talked to him very openly about things.  He was my best friend and the best coach that I ever had.  You wanted to make him proud.”

“My father always taught me to appreciate what you’re fortunate to have and give back to those who need it.  No part of our society is more important than the children, especially the ones who need our help.”

“I think it’s more and more important to spend time with your children, because it seems to be harder and harder for them to succeed as their parents have succeeded.”

“I know how important it is to spend time with my wife and children because I know what it meant to me to have my father and mother around when I was growing up.”

“I’m in a unique position to help others.  I don’t do more than anyone else does but, through people and corporations I’m involved with, I can help raise a lot of money.  That’s one of the reasons we started the foundation, as a vehicle through which we could channel that money to worthwhile causes.”

“Everyone has secret ambitions; mine was to be a rock singer.  I thought I could sing.  But when you sing in the shower, or with headphones, what sounds good to you doesn’t always sound so great to others.  My parents demanded I close all our windows when I acted out my rock dreams.”

“As a young man God blessed me with a special talent to throw a football.”

“I’ve been a Dolphin for 17 years, and I’ll be a Dolphin for the rest of my life.  That will never change.”

“The scoreboard can’t make you a loser.  If you walk off the field with your head up, you don’t lose.  You don’t hang your head for nobody.  People in the stands think you’re the greatest or the worst – their opinion doesn’t make a difference.  The only opinion that makes any difference is your own opinion of yourself.”

“I’m very competitive and I let my emotions show.  Most of the time what you see is me being upset with myself.  I expect to be almost perfect, but I’m human.  So, when I’m not perfect, I really get mad at myself.  I always expect more of myself than I do of anyone else, and when I’m not delivering, there’s nothing that makes me more upset.”

“I try to play my game and that’s being emotional because I’m that kind of guy.”

“It’s an honor to be considered with the great players, but you have to consider the fact that I’ve had a lot of help.  It’s fun.”

“I joke but it’s the truth, I played football for so many years and I’ve been doing TV for 12, and I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.”

“Fifty is only a number.  It’s really about your attitude, either before or after.  It’s really about what you want to do with your life going forward.  When I look at it, it’s about your attitude and the way you’re approaching life and what you want to do no matter if you’re 50, 60 or 40, or approaching 50.  It’s all about your attitude.”

“The challenge is making sure that you’re dedicated and committed to be healthy and living an active life.  But not only for yourself, because you’re getting to a certain age where there’s a lot of other people around you that are counting on you.  It’s not only about health and wellness and having a good attitude for yourself, it’s for them, too.”

“The challenge is making sure you get up and do it – whether it’s something every day, every other day or whatever it may be – and making it fun.  I know it sounds corny but you set a goal.  Even if it’s go in and get on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  If you get to 15 minutes and you had said that’s what you were going to do then you feel good about it.”

“I just try to be myself, whatever that is.  I don’t think about how I’ll be remembered.  I just want to be consistent over a long period of time.”

“I’m a very happy man.  In everyday life, just walking around, I’m a fairly pleasant person to be around most of the time.”

“I think I’m going to be around awhile.”

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