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Mark Kelly Quotes

Mark Edward KellyMark Kelly quotes: advice and reflection from the astronaut turned politician.

“There’s no point in feeling sorry for yourself; all you can do is try to do the best you can with what you’ve got.”

“You got to keep your sh*t together.”

“Sometimes, the best way out of a bad situation is to hit the gas.”

“We all get to where we get because we work our butts off, and because we had a goal.  Hard work.  Bravery.”

“I encourage people to try to find something that they’re really interested in, ‘cause it makes going to work great every day.  It’s something you want to do.  If you’re not interested in it, you know, you’re probably going to be, you’re probably not going to want to do it.  You’re probably not going to be very good at it either.”

“What I learned is that there’s never an excuse not to communicate with the people you work with.  Timely communication is important in everything you do.”

“None of us is as dumb as all of us.  I learned that if you want to learn anything you don’t ask the chief engineer first.”

“I think our culture has always been one of trying to do a very difficult job and do it well.”

“When you’re aboard the shuttle and bad stuff happens, you have to work the problem as a team.  We didn’t dismiss ideas based on who offered them.  When the life of the crew and the success of the mission depend on it, leadership is finding a way forward, together.”

“I overcame a serious lack of aptitude with practice, persistence and just not giving up.  All of life is a set of personal and professional challenges.”

“I believe the one-in-a-million thing won’t happen again.  It’s like when I flew into space four months after Gabby was shot.  She was the first female elected official in the history of our country to be nearly assassinated.  So what are the odds that I blow up in the space shuttle a couple months later?  The odds went down.  That’s how I think about it.”

“Rewards in science, invention and innovation take a long time.”

“I think I was very interested in the space program as a kid, watching the first Apollo missions to the moon, and it’s something I thought that would be a lot of fun and exciting and a very worthwhile job.”

“A trip to space is a big motivator to give up some things in your personal life.”

“The benefits reaped from my missions were well worth the lingering potential for disaster, in my mind.  You evaluate the risk and the reward.  For me, it’s not really the reward for me personally, but what does it do for our country, for our space program, for society.  I think the reward is pretty incredible.”

“You look at it as a privilege.  So you really decide that you’re going to put the time in and work really hard to get to the point where you’re ready.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to fly, you know, three shuttle flights so far and this flight which I think’ll wind up being the last flight of space shuttle Endeavor and it’s been certainly a great opportunity and a privilege to get to do that.”

“Having the opportunity to command the space shuttle two times is certainly going to be the highlight of my career.”

“Having the benefit to our society, not only here in the United States but throughout the world with the amount of invention you get from having a space program, is well worth the risk that an individual like myself has to take by flying in the vehicle.”

“As Americans, we endeavor to build a better life than the generation before, and we endeavor to be a united nation.  It is in the DNA of our great country to reach for the stars and explore.  We must not stop.”

“My wife used to always say that both of us were very blessed people, very fortunate for all the success and opportunities and how we needed to be thankful.  And then something like this happens (when Gabby was shot), and it’s like, ‘Holy cow!’  That certainly changed, so you have to hope that bad things don’t happen to good people for no reason at all.”

“Now it’s time for me to move on, so I put that part of my life behind me and look ahead to other things.  I’ve got some other stuff in mind, but I know that’s going to take some time.”

“I encourage you to be the kind of people who make things happen.  We hope you continue a tradition of serving others and your community in any way you can.  We are asking you to seize this chance because second chances don’t come around very often.”

“The road ahead will bring you some unpredictable moments.  And at times it will challenge you beyond what you can imagine.”

“Be bold.  Be courageous.  Be your best.”

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