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Tim McGraw Quotes

Samuel Timothy McGraw

Tim McGraw quotes: the muscle-havin’, song singin’, millions-makin’ son-of-a-gun’s greatest quotes.

“The trouble with never is… never… never works.”

“Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again.”

“You gotta do what you’re good at.”

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”

“There ain’t no troubles that we can’t rise above, with a handful of faith and a heartful of love.”

“Everyone should have their own opinion and be able to voice it.  No matter what it is.  Of course, that does not mean your opinion is always right.  But, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.”

“Carry on, carry on, what don’t kill us makes us strong.”

“You do what you do and you pay for your sins and there’s no such thing as what might have been.”

“What are you doing son, you’re gonna drive yourself insane.  You’ll never find the sunshine, when you’re following the rain.”

“We ride and never worry ’bout the fall.  Guess that’s just the cowboy in us all.”

“What in your life allows you to give up to other people, and allows you to forgive others and accept forgiveness?”

“My mom is my hero.  She inspired me to dream when I was a kid, so anytime anyone inspires you to dream, that’s gotta be your hero.”

“I knew that I wanted to do this no matter what happened.  If I was going to be playing in a club and barely making my rent or if I was going to be, you know, playing in front of 100,000 people, I didn’t care.  I was going to be playing music.”

“I think of myself as a serious artist.  Sometimes you can get in your head too much about that and forget that you have to have fun.  I’ve been guilty in my career about that at times.  But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I didn’t want anybody else to have a hit with it!”

“When you touch and change peoples lives with a song, that’s when you’ve made it as an artist.”

“When you find a song that says something and a song that means something to you, those are always special.  You have fun songs, and you have songs that you do because you like the feel and songs that you do because you like the lyric.  But I feel a responsibility to do music, make music, that I’m proud of.”

“I feel responsible for making good music.  That’s the main thing I feel responsible for.  I don’t want to let myself down.”

“Music has brought me everything good in my life.  Anything that has happened good in my life has come from music.  It’s a treasure to me.  Whether I want to do it continually or when I want to stop doing it – it’s my savior in a lot of ways.  It brought me to a world I would have never experienced.”

“I’m always writing and if something sticks, it sticks.  I get to write with great songwriters in town.  I write a lot of stuff but it’s got to stick.”

“People always ask me, ‘Son, what does it take to reach out and touch your dreams?’  To them I always say, ‘Are you hungry?  Are you thirsty?  Is it a fire that burns you up inside?  How bad do you want it?  How bad do you need it?  Are you eating, sleeping, dreaming with that one thing on your mind?  How bad do you want it?  How bad do you need it?  Cuz if you want it all you’ve got to lay it all out on the line.'”

“We’re parents first, and once you have kids, everybody knows that you have priority lists.  Number one is your family and everything else just kind of finds its place.”

“I mean, there’s a little bit that gets out, but for the most part, the thing that makes us work, and makes our family successful, and our life successful, is when we walk home and we walk into our doors of our house, all that other stuff is left outside.  It’s not a factor.”

“I try to give as much blanket forgiveness as much as possible in my life because that’s the only way you can get past things and move forward.  But, conversely, I’d like to be forgiven.  In many ways, that’s the bigger leap, the bigger transformation and the bigger step forward.”

“And we carry on when our lives come undone.  We carry on cuz there’s promise in the morning sun.  We carry on as the dark surrenders to the dawn.  We were born to overcome… we carry on.  Beyond the picket fences and the oil wells, the happy endings and the fairy tales, is the reality of shattered lives and broken dreams.  We carry on.”

“I try to walk on the sunny side of the street.”

“I think that I am firing pretty much on all cylinders.  I’m in a good place all the way around… I feel like I’m better than ever, better than I’ve ever been.  I don’t feel like this is as good as it’s going to get… but I am better than ever.”

“I just want to be around.  I want to be around for my kids, I want to be around to see their kids, I want to be around to watch them grow up and do things.  And I feel like the best years I have are ahead of me.  I want to be ready for them.  I want to be ready for whatever life comes at me later on down the road.”

“I want to feel like I have something to prove.  I want to feel like I’m in a corner sometimes and need to fight my way out of it.”

“I think I got from finding out that Tug was my father and seeing his success – and the things that he did with his life – I think maybe unintentionally it gave me a drive and it gave me a realization that maybe I could do something with my life.”

“I feel like I’m learning all the time… and I think that I’m just now starting to get a hold on what I do.  I always want to learn but I am sure on my dying day I will feel like I left something in the bucket.”

“We’re very blessed, just very fortunate to have the things we have.”

“I ain’t as good as I’m gonna get, but I’m better than I used to be.”

“There will come a time where I’m not gonna do this anymore.  I mean, there will come a time, definitely, where I’ll turn into Elvis… I’m gonna be fat and fishin’, I guarantee you.”

“Someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.”

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